Lucas Ocampos to miss World Cup qualifiers for Argentina


Lucas Ocampos is set to miss March’s World Cup qualifiers for Argentina following his injury while playing for Sevilla.

Ocampos had to be substituted off for Alejandro Papu Gomez following a dangerous tackle. Tests done confirmed that he has an ankle injury which will rule him out for 4-6 weeks.

Argentina play two World Cup qualifying matches next month. The first on March 25 in Argentina vs. Uruguay while the second on March 30 vs. Brazil. 


  1. FC Basel has reportedly come to terms with San Lorenzo for Matias Palacios, who will spend time on loan with an obligation to buy. He is yet to put pen to paper

  2. No South American Football telecast here in India. That’s why local players are unable to track. But any ideas or opinions about Alan Varela of Boca ? His style and calm composure is impressive. Also he looks like a deep lying playmaker although not sure about his defensive side of the game.

  3. j. Correa vs Ocampus
    With J. Correa Argentina’s attack becomes more precise or to the point unlike Ocampus. J. Correa does not provide crosses just through balls and short passes while Ocampus is provides crosses and very good in penalties.
    J. Correa is faster than Ocampus and can handle the ball better. Ocampus is more like a winger while J. Correa looks like a second striker. Tough to choose between them.J.Correa rarely gets injured so mostly available

  4. I think Nico Gonzalez will be available for Qualifiers as he always recovers earlier than expectated period.We already have J. Correa there so no need to worry against Brazil and Uruguay.

  5. Amit, i understand your point amigo but once again i will be the black sheep in here and i will explain my thoughts: Have you guys thought that this period of time regarding their recovery has been set from their teams in order to avoid playing in qualyfiers and as it is well known, the south american qualyfiers is by far the toughest in the world hence to avoid any new injury??
    Like you, me, enghance and others, their respective teams know very well the significance of those players as well and don’t be surprised seeing them ready enough to fixture on their respective teams schedules immediately after the qualifiers, something that we have witnessed many times in the past.

    The point is that both Ocampos and Gonzalez can run havoc through Brazil’s defence with their speed, physique, skills and fighting spirit and now those lucky bastards will probably face Argentina without them, without all of our big guns available and all of these barring any other future potential injuries.

    And not to mention that we play at their backyard and the calls from the referees and of course VAR will serve their own favour!

    I am so pissed man!!

    • So true my friend. Hoping some of our other players rise upto the occasion . Also varsil players will also go through CL knockouts & i am sure they will also end up getting some key player injuries in coming days.

  6. In my personal opinion, both Ocampos and Gonzalez are key players for our team, they are the main core of boosting energy and hustle to the opposition and now according to these reports they are both out which turns to be a massive blow for us.

    Moreover, is it me or something is not that clear here? Per the reports both will be out between 4 to 6 weeks but the first game of the qualifiers starts in 45 days from now which means 6 and a half weeks. Why won’t they be available then?

    • Being out for 4-6 weeks will make them not sharp for a competitive fixture. Uruguay game is on Mar 25th. So highly likely they will just come out of a long layoff & walk straight into these games. While i fully agree with you on they being our key players , in this juncture – we should look beyond them . J Correa , A Correa , Emi Buendia , A Gomez should be given opportunities to fill the injury led gaps created by Ocampos , Nico G & Dimaria. Also hopefully LoCelso , Aguero, Palacios will have played more & got into their 100% match fitness.

    • Both of them indeed very important and whoever is their replacement is not going to be the same type of explosive, physical and direct player. Based on what we saw from Scaloni I think he’s going to play J. Correa on the left.

    • No one cares about Icardi now. He is finished for Argentina. Argentina already have embrashment of riches in Center Forward area.
      Aguero, Alario,Dybla,Lautaro Martinez all are ahead of Icardi Argentina do not need traditional center forward. Only way Icardi can be selected is if there occurs lengthy injury to 2 or 3 forward player

      • Aguero is finished and it is brutal truth, Man City isn’t going to renew his contract which ends this season. Alario is farmer and bench warmer in C grade club. Lautaro is inconsistent and his form is really concern where Dybala won’t fit along side messi which leave Icardi is only best possible option as no9 for Argentina. If Aguero wasn’t picked, Icardi will be called up for sure.

        • There is no room for Icardi in the team. Aguero going to play in Barcelona, Alario is highest scorer of Leverkusen in Bundesliga, Dybla was Serie A player of the season last year, Scaloni really likes Lautaro Martinez for his work rate so no chance for Icardi unless more injury comes to haunt Argentina forward.

          • Your opinion hardly matter because Icardi was part of scaloni plan until that saga with Inter Milan after that it took a year for Icardi to come at his best. Now Icardi is the best striker for Argentina without a doubt, Aguero won’t last longer and farmer Alario not even option. Only lautaro vs Icardi for no9 position, Dybala isn’t striker.

          • Scaloni never called Icardi by the way keep dreaming there is big NO for Icardi.
            Icardi is good player but Argentina do not need him. Dybla plays as striker for Argentina when Messi is in the team like game vs Uruguay in Saudi Arabia

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