Lautaro Martinez scores for Inter in 3-1 win vs. Lazio


Lautaro Martinez scored for Inter in their 3-1 win vs. Lazio.

Martinez was fouled inside the penalty area in the first half and after some controversy, the decision was a penalty for Inter. It wasn’t Lautaro who took the penalty but it still lead to Inter taking the 1-0 lead.

The Argentine would make it 3-1 after a great run by goalscorer Lukaku who played the ball into Lautaro for the open net. He is now on 11 goals and five assists as Inter lead the league.


  1. ——————–Lautaro——Messi
    Gonzalez–Lo Celso–Paredes–De Paul–Montiel

    Honestly this team could be insane about the actual level of the players. It could be a good team with great balance between attack and defense… and between Right Side and Left side.

      • Oh my god You always repeat the same shit.

        You never see Senesis play so why you talk ? he is the best defender of his league and all the big clubs from Italy look form him for the next year. So judge only players you know if not you have no credibility.

        For Montiel we have no other right back ! Foyth dont play regulary in Villareal. Now he is injury but before it he was very weak. And is not a Right back he cant support the offense like Modern Right back have to do.

      • What do you mean Montiel should not be there? He can attack and is defensively good. And what do you mean no clubs want him? I can name 6 clubs that have wanted him, it’s River’s fault for making him difficult to buy. By wanting Montiel in the starting lineup is by no means overrating him, it’s not like I am saying to play him ahead of Kimmich or Wan Bissaka or Hakimi. It’s funny to see people like you that have never seen these players play keep on repeating nonsense about them like a broken record

        • Scaloni is using a number of different formations, 4-3-2-1, 4-3-3, 4-4-1-1, etc, mostly with 4 at the back. Messi will roam regardless of the formation but you gotta ask yourself whether implementing a 3 at the back is worth the time, effort and risk. I personally think at the NT level you have to stick to the basics and go from there. Coaches don’t have the luxury of time. I could be wrong…

  2. – Majestic weekend performances by Messi ,Emi Martinez, Emi Buendia.
    – Good performances in weekend by LMQ , Lautaro , ACorrea , Alario, Parades , Icardi, CRomero, Senesi , Tagliafico, Guido Rodriguez.
    – Avg ones i guess by Medina, Pezella, Foyth, Depaul, Molina, JCorrea , Escalante, Benitez, Dominguez, Gio Simeone
    – Weak ones by Musso , Lamela , Balerdi , Asacibar
    Gaich in sub bench at Benevento & hope that changes in coming weeks with some quality minutes. NEVERKUSEN tried almost everyone except Palacios. Dumb coach as ever.

    I personally saw Fiorentina game & was impressed by LMQ. Came a long way from Roma debacle & looks very confident now & that too in not a familiar position. Ball play is brilliant & movement also good. I still feel aerially he can be dominated by powerful CFs. But overall he clearly is a NT CB starter. Wishlist is LMQ + Romero . But guess like enganche said it will be LMQ+ Pezella from a familiarity standpoint which is also ok.
    Also watched 2nd half of Udinese game to see Molina more. Looking at him as a backup to Montiel for RB. Molina playsas a Right wing back & not RB as Udinese defends with 3 CBs . His runs are good , has pace & never cross shy. So he will have a positive impact on the attack part. Defense part i think he is not v strong & maybe a Foyth wld be better bet as RB backup. But would want to see him in NT squad soon atleast as a sub. Dont know why Udinese coach Gotti doesnt start Molina. He looks better than larsen.

    Didnt see Inter -Lazio match – anyone had any observations on J Correa especially in context of left wing not having NicoG & Ocampos for march games

      • Obviously, what do you expect to be a back up to Armani? Sergio Romero or Ospina? Nobody has ever argued that River is a premier league club. Again talking about what you have no idea about, when bologna played he actually played quite well for the Argentinian level and saved a penalty, but of course you are not capable of understanding that because you only look at surface level stats and completely missed my point which for the most part agrees with yours, that if some consider that of all keepers Bologna might perform ahead of Armani that Armani should not be in the national team in comparison to Martinez.