Lionel Messi scores two outside of the box goals for FC Barcelona in 5-1 win vs. Alaves


Lionel Messi scored two goals from outside of the penalty area for FC Barcelona in their 5-1 win vs. Alaves.

Messi was as dangerous as he has ever been as he scored twice and had one goal disallowed. With Barcelona leading 1-0, Messi scored to make it 2-0 but the goal was disallowed for offside. However, Messi was sure to get a goal.

The Argentine would receive the ball from outside of the penalty area and his shot would hit the post and in to give Barcelona the 2-0 lead. A thunderous shot by the captain which curls around the defenders and beats the goalkeeper.

He was not done just yet. Once more he would receive the ball from outside of the penalty area, he’s run towards the center and lift off his shot which would go into the top corner of the goal to make it 4-1 for Barcelona.


  1. I have a feeling that Scaloni is going to start Pezzella and Quarta in the next game (Otamendi is suspended) even though Romero deserves it more than Pezzella. He is probably going to do it for the sake of continuity and also since those two seem to be playing together on a regular basis.

      • IMO our main CBs should be Romero, Senesi, Quarta and Pezzella. One experienced leader and three really solid youngsters in good form. We only have 4 matches before Copa starts and we need to try out our top performing CBs and GK. All other positions are sorted more or less. We don’t have time for the continuity excuse anymore

  2. In case anyone is concerned about the “rumors” that Emi Martínez might play for England… I will tell you that it will not happen. In fact, they aren’t even rumors. It was 3 pundits on a radio show praising Emi for his top performance against Brighton.
    Here is the dialog:

    “He’s one of the signings of the summer, certainly,” Arsenal legend Parlour said on the radio station.

    “Villa have an excellent goalkeeper. He has kept them in games when he has been up against it.

    “He’s been sensational. He had that spell at Arsenal right at the end when Leno got injured against Brighton and he’s proved that he is a top-class goalkeeper.

    “If he’s been at Arsenal for ten years, then I suppose he is eligible – I am not saying he will – to play for England?”

    “I think he would get in the England team,”

    “100 per cent he would be in the England team,”

    More importantly, Emi has claimed again and again that part of the reason he moved to Aston Villa is to get minutes as a starter in order to get recognized and become the #1 of ARGENTINA NT. He doesn’t want to play elsewhere, his main goal is to be the main goalkeeper of Argentina, which he will be.

    • LMQ is developing good.He is good contender for CB role. LMQ, C. Romero, Medina, Foyth all young CBs are looking good there is good competition for Otamendi and Pezella.

    • His ball playing abilities are unusually high for a CB, so much so that he may make for a fine midfielder but his defensive abilities are nothing to sneeze at either, he’s very good at reading the game and has a cool head on his shoulder (apart from the very occasional mishap). In any case he’s a damn good CB and I am glad that Argentina has him.

      • Lmq is fantastic footballer talking about his defending sampadoria was attacked 2 v 1
        He readed so well he stop with his back heel and same time he came out with the ball long pass to valhavic almost leads a penalty..
        I’m glad he doing well. now he must start in fiorentina point view I also agree his ball skills too good to be defender easily can be very good defensive midfielder.

  3. The Redcoats want an ARGENTINE as their NT goalkeeper! what’s the world coming too lol.

    Messi was in the mood to score 10 last night and wouldn’t have said no if given the opportunity………watching him as its been for what seems like forever is a beautiful thing, a drug, a song that never gets old…etc

  4. If England chooses Emi Martinez he will be ahead of Pope, Pickford and Henderson all these three England goalkeeper are great goalkeeper I would prefer Pope he is the best among three but Emi Martinez is above all of them he is on another level.

  5. There is a rumour going around about England NT trying to call up Emi Martinez for their National team but most likely this wont happen because England National team has more competition in GK department with likes of Dean henderson, Nick Pope etc. and menawhile in Argentine NT he has only Armani and Andrada as Martinez competition so hoepfully Scaloni gives more chances to Martniez and Musso in Starting lineup of NT in the future otherwise they could end up playing for other NT in the future and Argentina NT could be stuck with Armani and Andarada(No offence to them but the age is not on their side even though they are decent Goal keepers) for forseeable future if that happens.

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