Jorge Sampaoli named new Olympique Marseille coach until June 2023


Jorge Sampaoli has been named as the new coach of Olympique Marseille.

Sampaoli has officialy left Atletico Mineiro in Brazil and is now named as the new coach of the Ligue 1 side. It had been reported for several weeks but the club made the announcement on Friday. Sampaoli has signed a two and a half year deal which would keep him at the club until June 2023. His last stint in Europe was when he managed Sevilla before leaving them to manage the Argentina national team.

Speaking with the official Olympique Marseille website, here’s what he had to say:

“I have been told all my life that OM is a special place for passion. That the Vélodrome lights up when the team plays in the stadium. Marseille is a club for the people. We’re not here to hide: we’re going to play hard. When I received this proposal, I dreamed of being able to party in the city.

“In the world, there are places for calm and there are intense places. It is the latter that I want and I accepted without hesitation. This club has a soul and that is why we are here. We are ready.”

There are two Argentine players presently at the club. Leonardo Balerdi, the 22 year old defender is presently on loan from Borussia Dortmund. The other being Dario Benedetto, who was previously selected by Jorge Sampaoli for the Argentina national team.


    • Starting? Already? It’s unfortunate that he had to move so early, it’s always better for these players to play atleast a year in the primera before moving to europe. In all cases I wish him the best, he’s got talent.
      Speaking of talent I just watched Bologna-Lazio game and Nico Dominguez is just excellent, excellent reading of the game, excellent passing and a serious goal threat. The kid can become the heir to Cambiasso if he continues on this path and I think he should start instead of Palacios alongside DePaul and Paredes in the upcoming WCQ.

      • Comparison to Cambiasso is a good one although Nico himself said it once that he styles his game after Modric, Veratti and Kroos.

        I also think Scaloni should start him given that he has a lot more minutes under his belt and would be more match fit compared to Palacios.

        At the very least he’s pretty likely to be called up and included in the squad even if Scaloni does not start him.

      • Yes, he has started earlier than I expected, with the last game being on the bench for Basel. I expected him to go to the youth team but it’s good to see they want to incorporate him already. I agree with you when it comes to talents leaving early (sometimes too late). It’s about finding a balance where you know the European club will play you and try to develop you, but you still have some experience. If Basel take good care of him I can see this being a good move, if they treat him like a Balerdi or Palacios then it is bad. About Dominguez I will begin to watch him more. I remember a few months back the Swede “Svanberg” was keeping him on the bench, but it seems their coach had figured out how to play both of them in the double pivot at the same time.

  1. I have seen Ballerdi, he seems completely lost, I don’t think that he’s enjoying his time at Marseille. I hope Sampa the fool brings him back to life and saves his career.

  2. I hope jorge sampoali have successful time in Marseille.
    He has good track record bring Argentine players with him whichever club he is in. (unlike marcelo bielse)
    I don’t care what people say I still insist he came arg nt wrong and desperate time I could imagine what he would have achieve if he had come after 2018 world Cup.

    • I could imagine what the NT would have achieved if he had come after 2018 World Cup.

      In hindsight, a rag doll would have been far superior. That guy completely destroyed any chances with a squad more than capable of winning the entire tournament. Im still proud we almost beat France despite all odds and that train wreck of a coach.

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