Argentina possible opponents for 2020 Olympic games


The qualification phase is done and we now know which 16 teams will be competing in the men’s football tournament at the Olympics in July and August.

If Argentina are to win their third gold medal in football at the Olympics, they will have to battle 15 other teams with the draw being held next month. In addition to Argentina, Brazil were the other South American country who qualified from the region. Hosts Japan earned an automatic birth.

Along with Argentina, Brazil and Japan, it’s four teams from Europe, one from Oceania, three from Africa, three from Asia (Australia included in the region) and two from North America. Here are the 16 teams that will be battling for gold.

Japan (hosts)
France (UEFA)
Germany (UEFA)
Romania (UEFA)
Spain (UEFA
New Zealand (OFC)
Egypt (CAF)
Ivory Coast (CAF)
South Africa (CAF)
Australia (AFC)
Saudi Arabia (AFC)
South Korea (AFC)
Argentina (CONMEBOL)
Honduras (CONCACAF)

We will find out which group Argentina will be drawn in on April 21, with the draw taking place in Switzerland. It will be four groups of four and no group can contain more than one nation from a region. That would mean that Argentina and Brazil cannot be drawn in the same group.

Argentina won their first gold medal in 2004 in Anthens where they let in zero goals. Four years later, a star studded team would win the second gold medal. That team had the likes of Lionel Messi, Juan Roman Riquelme, Javier Mascherano, Sergio Aguero, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Pablo Zabaleta, Sergio Romero and several others. Many from that team would go on to play in the final of the 2014 World Cup.


  1. Hi all,
    When is the decision made on who makes the squad? Will be interested to see who will be the over 23s. Would love to see Palacio’s and Lisandro Martinez get a tournament run. As the over 23s of course.

  2. So, we’re on an ARGENTINA NATIONAL TEAM forum talking about TWO German goalkeepers???!!

    Said it once, said it a 10000000000 times, been saying it for a YEAR NOW, IGNORE BUTTON

    • I have reported the troll twice in the past weeks through but obviously with no response… So I’m not sure if it doesn’t reach Roy this way or he ignores it

      To my understanding, Mundo used to have an ignore button (can someone confirm?) and now we clearly need it again

      If you want to help you can contact Roy on email or Twitter
      mundo . albiceleste @ Gmail . com (minus the spaces)



      Ask to ban Raj and implement an ignore button

    • Honestly speaking. Personally i can accept the fact that he loves Germans and speak for them.
      i can accept the fact that this kid have issues with France (God knows why).
      i had accept the fact about his issue with the wife of Icardi and Icardi himself.
      (i give him credit that he stopped this nonsence anymore).

      the only i can t accept is the continue of insult the farmers. those important and hard working people used like it is something kind of shame to be a farmer. i am against him about that.
      He is from India and speaking rude and insult farmers. Go figure.
      Not that he will be excused if he was from other country of course. Just go figure.

      Argentina is one farming country too. our farming products exports in all around the world.
      we are from the biggest export countrys about that products in the world.
      i am not shame. i am PROUD.
      Argentina is not Buenos aires only for example. Imagine how much idiotic is somebody from Buenos aires insult those people in the rest of country that brings him the food he is eatting.

      this is what makes me against Romance king and not any kind of football nonsence he spread here.

      • I couldn’t have said it any better my friend! Being humble, simple human being, like a farmer, is definetely something to be proud of! I am an old school guy whose beliefs are based on such ideas. On the contrary, i am against to many things related the way of life of “a modern man”, whose aims tend to completely different things, putting aside the consequencies could arise to other people and the world itself as a whole.

        Amyway, this is a big discussion and we are in a football forum, but yes i agree with you, the only thing that bothers me about this kid is that he uses the word “farmer” with such disrespectful way.

    • I was not interested to discuss about Germany Goalkeeper ability here, because of Barcelona perspective I told that Ter Stegen is highly overrated and always scramble in pressure.

  3. Neurer is not top class anymore what about 6-0 to a team like Spain who have no world class strikers and forward line. In Champion League Bayern press very hard that is why they are winning.League matches are better to judge a player as there are many matches than Champion league or other competition.

    • Go and watch the match against Spain again, and also check the rating of Neuer despite 6-0 defeat, his brilliance saved Germany from Double digit defeat. And Ter Stegen continuously performing poor for Barcelona in Champion League and Germany NT. Oblak is currently the best GK in the world where Ter Stegen is overrated, career wise no Goalkeeper match Neuer achievements.

  4. Off context: For those who watched Fernando Redondo how do you rank him compared to others midfielders in his time and today’s midfielders? I am talking about Pirlo, Xavi, Zidane, Busquets etc…

    • You cant fairly compare a #5 like Redondo with #10s like Zidane, Xavi, etc. Apple to Oranges. Redondo is popularly considered the best #5 Madrid ever fielded, and is on the short list for the Argentine NT. The closest player to him is Busquets but they have very different styles. Redondo would be a starter at Barca or Madrid today. He was incredibly well rounded, excellent defending, excellent dribbler, excellent passer.

      Most people are biased towards the present, players like Xavi, Pirlo are elevated because of recent memory while other equally good or better players from the 90s, 80s amd prior are largely forgotten.

      • Exactly! In my humble opinion, Redondo was the best and most spectacular 5 i have ever seen. He was extremely gifted in terms of technique for a 5, he had phenomenal dribbling abilities like a technically gifted 10, he was very good at defending, he had great physique, he was fast and strong, he could create great passes and he had also a powerful shot from outside the box.

        What a player he was, one of my all time favourites.

  5. Ter Sterhen has conceded only 18 goals in 22 matches with 9 clean sheets while Manuel Never has conceded 35 goals in 26 matches with only 6 clean sheet and La Liga>Bundesliga.
    Bayern is a top team so it’s goal ratio should be less than one while Barça was not in top shape lately.

    • La Liga is defensive, Sere A goalkeeper has much better stats. If you want to compare Neuer vs Ter Stegen then compare both stats in champion league, Ter Stegen no where near to Neuer. Ter Stegen bottle 3-0 lead twice in a row still barca fans rating above, shame on them. Only Oblak ahead of Neuer at moment and noone even close to both.

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