Argentina fall 3-0 to Japan in Olympic preparation


Argentina fell 3-0 to Japan in their second of two games as their preparation for the Olympics continue.

Despite winning 1-0 on Friday in their first match, Fernando Batista’s team lost 3-0 on Monday in a less than stellar performance. Here was the starting eleven for the team:

Jeremias Ledesma
Kevin Mac Allister
Nehuen Perez
Nazareno Colombo
Alexandro Bernabei
Hernan De La Fuente
Santiago Ascacibar
Santiago Colombatto
Lucas Gonzalez
Juan Brunetta
Adolfo Gaich

Fernando Batista made a few changes from the first match. And while it wasn’t the best of performances, it should be noted that Batista only had this team for less than one week. There were only two substitutions made during the match. The first was Benjamin Rollheiser for Juan Brunetta while Enzo Cabrera was brought on for Adolfo Gaich.


  1. Joggi Loew and his team is finished, they will quit in group stage again, mark my words. Hungary is not bad at all, firstly at home, and France and even Portugal are definitely stonger. Bayern will lose without Lewandowski too.

    • I watch most European qualifications road to Qatar
      The team impressed me most is Italy man they look well balanced also playing attacking football.
      England looks alright but always overhyped
      Portugal and France looks strong on the paper
      Spain look decent under very good manager luis Enrique
      The Netherlands has sh… manager Frank de boer.
      Germany always Germany they come a live in big tournament.

    • Something I noticed after the World Cup is a lot of people making fun of Argentina and saying that we’ve had a “demise” which at the point was true to an extent; but I heard few people give Germany the same kind of treatment despite being last in their group and being champions as opposed to our second place. Currently they have good players but it doesn’t seem to be working. All of the credit to North Macedonia though as they very surprisingly qualified for the Euros and I can imagine their people are immensely proud to have beat Germany

  2. Good evening everyone. Am Lukmon by name from Nigeria here in west African the most problems of football team in Argentina from higher level to low teams is from AFA. By electing wrong managers,Technical adviser and wrong coaches. Trust me .. Argentina has well talented players from all levels of football. But lack of good and phycologists manager that can understand and blend those boys together , e.g manager like Jorge perkman , late coach sabella this men knw how to blend and bring out the best from this boys. Also at the AFA seat people that has passion, love and desire for football should be the one to govern the AFA not by the politics.

    • I completely agree, a big showing problem with this is our constant failure at many levels to call up all of the best players and keep politics out of the way, something that angers me a lot in particular. It doesn’t happen to several other countries and it is completely avoidable but it happens to us

  3. Only 12 weeks till start of Copa. Given the crazy covid situation in Brazil and the fact that only Chile is on track with vaccines, let’s hope the Copa goes ahead. If so, it will probably be without or with a small audience.

  4. all the world played football for wc qualifyers exept Conmebol.
    what a shame. what an asholes. the “travel restrictions ” is for Conmebol only as i see.
    even in Africa they play football. so i guess we are the worst than all because the only place in world the national teams didn t play is South america.

    in South america we are a joke.

    • My friend we could have played qualifiers as well, with local players. But it was Brazil that didn’t agree with this and because Brazil runs conmebol the south american qualifiers were postponed eventually.

      • i know my friend. Brasil just doing their business. i can t blame them because they are looking their interests. i blame Conmebol and with them i am ungry. i am sick and tired with those puppets.

        • It gone Brazil way for sure. If you think about the situation. They are more then happy with postponing the fixtures. I can guarantee if Brazil wanted then that puppet would have convinced FIFA somehow.

    • It’s a slap in the face indeed… If all others can play their qualifiers, why can’t we? Especially when we have a tournament coming up in June

    • I was saying same thing other day here. It’s sickening to see them play but our team can’t. CONMBOEL only show roughness and toughness with Argentina. Idiots cannot do anything in that matter. Shame!!!

    • Isn’t it due covid spiking like crazy in Brazil and Argentina while many Euro countries covid starting to decline or least statistically more in control than SA? Asia fairly low and Africa didnt seem to be hit as hard. I mean Brazil has one the highest rates in the world right now, they the text book definition of “shit show” and there are no signs of improvement.

      • I don’t know if the situation of the general population should decide what happens to the footballers.. they would be in very controlled environments and there would be many protocols to ensure that they leave just the way they came. But I guess the government is also partly a factor and they will not care if it is for football or not.

        • I’m probably taking out of my arse but I’d assume the basis for decisions like these are technical. FIFA probably pointed to some covid issue / guideline Conmebol couldn’t meet or agree to and used that for grounds to prevent games or allow clubs power to deny players.

          • True, I am sure they were happy to point at whatever thing so we wouldn’t have qualifiers. Hope that the situation begins to alleviate soon with the vaccine

          • Yeah shame too because we’re at the cusp of things turning around. Im not sure about Brazil or Argentina but I know Chile started to vaccinate like crazy and swiftly. Unfortunately a second wave has hit them but things should get better for them very soon as well as Arg and the rest of SA.

  5. Copa Squad (23 man) 4-3-3
    1. E. Martinez.
    2. A. Marchessin.
    3. F. Armani.

    Df :1. Foyth. 2. Ottamendi.3. Pezella.4.tagliafico.5. Montiel. 6. LMQ.7. C.romero. 8. Acuna.
    Mdf : 1. Paredes. 2. De paul. 3. Lo celso. 4. Guido rodrigues. 5. Ezequel palacios.
    Fw : 1. Messi. 2. Lautaro m. 3. Nico gonzales. 4. Dybala. 5. Aguero. 6. Ocampos. 7. Dimaria.

    Olympic squad (20 man) 4-2-3-1
    1. JUAN MUSSO.
    2. Blazquez
    Df: 1. Mollina. 2. Ballerdi. 3. Senesi. 4. F. Medina. 5. De lafunte. 6. Nahuen perez. 7. F. Ortega.

    Mdf: : 1. Lisandro martinez. 2. Nico dominguez. 3. E.BUENDIA. 4. Alex mccalister. 5. M. VARGAS.
    6. Ascacibar. 7. Zaracho. 8. Valenzuela
    Fw 1. Adolfo gaich. 2. Ezequel ponce. 3. Julian alvarez.
    Vamos argentina

  6. Our hopes for Olympic gold took a hit. Several times it has been discussed that our future is not so bright as in earlier generations. No Argentines in future top 10 stars in recent lists. Fingers crossed for this years Copa.

    Aguero said many times he wants to end his career at Independiente.

    • Richard, I disagree with you, we have plenty of talents when it come to under 23. Players like Medina, Perez, Vera, Alvarez, Gaich, MacAllister, Licha, Senesi, Zaracho, Capaldo even Luka Romero or Barco can bring the gold medal. Compared to other teams I don’t beleive we are inferior to them. The issue is how we gonna convince the clubs? We have a very dysfunctional federation and the clubs are so greedy that they don’t believe in players development but the talent is there.

      • You have every right to disagree. Personally I think this u23 team is nowhere near our Olympic squads in 1996, 2004 or 2008. Sure, we have talented young players but most are overrated. Why are Zaracho, Vera and Alvarez still in South America? Why can’t Perez get in the Atletico team? Why is Ascacibar always on the bench? I see Senesi every week. Looks good, but cannot play with space behind him. Martinez at Ajax is however excellent just like Romero in Atalanta.

  7. Fitting finale could be aguero winning a CL this time with Man city & he peaks to form in semi & finals by scoring a goal each😍

  8. 10 YEARS!!!??? Its very hard to believe that its been 10 years, WoW time is flying by, what used to be a year now feels like few months!!

    I remember watching his 1st game with ManCity and how excited I was and I KNEW, I KNEW he was going to score and he did, twice if my memory doesn’t fail me and then scoring the goal in the dying seconds to make ManCity the EPL champs.
    I knew he was going to be impactful but a Club’s Legend, that I never pictured happening the way it happened.
    THERE is STILL time Kun, help us here on this forum and the MILLIONS of ARGENTINA fans
    around the world shake the doubt, heartbreak, anger, the agony of defeat and help the NT team WIN.

  9. I believe that Aguero joining Barcelona will not be a positive note for the NT. This will give the false impression that Aguero should be the center forward of the the NT and therefore push Martinez either on the bench or on the side. Although I would love to see a very good understanding between Messi and Aguero but Martinez in my opinion deserves the spot. I hope that Scaloni and his team realize that Martinez is our future.

      • Lautaro: 14 goals from open play, 8 assists in 1844 minutes in Serie A

        Lukaku: 14 goals from open play, 7 assists in 2045 minutes in Serie A

        Tbh he should have a few more, he messed up some big chances and went through some dry spells, and it’s clear that he has some things to work on, but all in all he’s having a pretty great season. Lukaku is a top striker in his prime (almost 28) while Martínez is 23. The fact that he matches Lukaku’s goal involvement stats speaks volumes. He’s also a big match player and has proved himself in the Argentine shirt (10 goals in 19 matches). I agree that he deserves the spot as our main striker

        As for Aguero… He hasn’t played much this season… 5 full matches worth of minutes. He needs to regain fitness levels and form and regular game time. If he does, and ends up sharing club with Messi, I think it would be great. But for NT I think he would be the most useful coming off the bench for Lautaro

  10. I said this a couple of days ago with links to sources but and it said that my comment was awaiting moderation, maybe because of the links so no sources this time:

    According to British media (sky sports) Nico Gonzalez is linked to Spurs (as Bale has already claimed he wants to return to Madrid in the summer). Bale plays more on the Right and Nico plays more on the left, but he is versatile for a front line so I am sure it would work. They would probably be able to shift things around. Would be amazing to see. Even if it is not Tottenham I am sure he will get a big move this summer.

  11. Manchester City have officially confirmed that Sergio Aguero will leave the club at the end of the season.

    He has been with them for 10 years and scored 257 goals in 384 appearances, the highest scoring foreigner in the league’s history. They will put a statue of Aguero outside the stadium

    • I just saw this on the news, will be weird. He will probably go to barcelona and will be nice if Messi stays or even better if both go to PSG (not sure if they can pull a move for both, they will probably sell Icardi)

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