Joaquin Correa scores twice for Lazio in 3-0 win vs. AC Milan


Joaquin Correa scored twice for Lazio in their 3-0 win vs. AC Milan.

Correa helped propel Lazio to the three points as they edge closer to a European spot. It was fifth in the place Milan away to sixth place Lazio and it was the home team who managed their 10th consecutive home win.

While Milan came close to taking an early lead, it was Correa who managed the first goal of the match. A lovely ball into the 26 year old as Correa dribble around Donnarumma and opened the scoring just two minutes into the match.

The Argentine would score his second and double Lazio’s lead early in the second half. Another ball found Correa as he evaded the challenge and his shot beat the goalkeeper.

With those two goals, Correa is now on 6 for the league season as that was his first double of the season.


  1. A little off topic…

    There is an uptick in the adoption of 3-5-2 formation these days.

    Historically, in last 20 odd years, typical formations like 4-4-2 have been common. Barcelona and Holland always preferred 4-3-3. 4-4-2 is a very standard formation, with basic principles which all professional footballers understand.

    National team coaches usually do not get too much time to prepare or train. Especially countries like ours, where we assemble players from various countries and leagues. So its common to use a formation and shape that everyone understands and you dont have to give too much instructions.

    Now, coming back to the point. Argentina is the pioneer for 3-5-2, but our players may not be well suited these days. However, now Barcelona, Atalanta, Fiorentina and some others are playing 3-5-2 often. I think this is a very good proposition for us. Mainly for 2 reasons. First, we don’t have traditional full backs. Acuna, Molina could be good options with wing backs. Plus we have good players for back 3 – Romero, Licha, Foyth/LMQ/Ota. Secondly, when you dont have players like Mascherano anymore, the midfield can be better covered. Look what is happening with Busquets in Barcelona. He does not have the legs anymore to cover the way he used to in a 4-3-3. Suddenly he is killing it with others. We have the same, not too many fast players. Could be a good proposition to play 3-5-2

    Molina–De Paul–Paredes–Lo Celso–Acuna

    Something like that.

      • i think we should utilise our world class forwards better…. We certainty hv couple of good atm, but no one at the level of messi, and with our forwards messi should be classical number 10 in the middle, and up front dybala/ aguero and lautaro… Recently it has been our best formation… We have created Chaos in opposition half….
        I would want the formation like this!!!
        lautaro- dybala/aguero
        …… Messi…….
        Tagla/Acuna-licha/ota/paz- romero/lQM- foyth/ montiel
        So in this formation acuna/tagla would go up while attacking, creating 3-4-1-2, using foyth would give de paul little bit more freedom and extra protection …
        If aguero/dybala doesn’t get the call we hv bunch of option in this position..
        ** lautaro is undisputed starter, playing on 3-5-2 formation, when Lukaku is not playing he is the main target man, behind him erikson or vidal,so suits this formation…..
        ** dybala is playing 4-4-2 formation becoming the second striker behind ronaldo under pirlo, he played very good with messi last time in this formation if i remember correctly got couple of goals too…
        ** messi always operates in this area, whichever formation he plays, still doesn’t matter, he is so good any roles fits him perfectly….
        **i’m not sure if we should call aguero,bt for world class player like him, doesn’t matter if they don’t get much game tym,they can still be match winner..we hv lot of options too for this position

        **other then this, we hv pretty good players who can adapt in this formation, regularly playing and used to 3-5-2… So atleast we won’t hv any problems….

        ** i think we r more likely to play with this formation, as recent success suggest….

        If we use 3-5-2, scolani would get more freedom while choosing players…like de maria/ angel correa/ ocompus/ nico for both side….mostly in rightside as acuna would start i think…bt for scolani tagla is a starter, he will play as left cb in this formation, which is not good…he hv no connection with acuna,will create problem for each other….if he pick one of them, thn i don’t mind with this formation….

    • i am against 3 in the back. we never played well with this formation. only loud losses and humiliations i remember. more recently against Croatia 3-0 humiliation and back in 2002 first round exit. Argentina learn to play 4-3-3 last 15 years now and i don t see why we should change that. with 3 in the back we had played in past with roster far better without even compare to our present roster and even so we failed.

      for me our problem is not the system but the time we didn t have till now because covid 19 to build our new team and find our chemistry.

      • “for me our problem is not the system but the time we didn t have till now because covid 19 to build our new team and find our chemistry”

        Maybe we should go for 4-3-1-2 formation as i suggested …. Atleast till copa…. Our most used player in that formation under scolani is in form right now, if we change armani with emi, include romero with licha or pazela, ota or Lmq as sub we r ready to go…. Bt ota with romero as cb won’t click as they are same type……

        • yes. in reality you are speaking for one form of 4-3-3 because anyway the 1 in front of 3 in middle is attacking forward.
          So this is basicly what we learn to play. i am with you on that.
          just not only till Copa. we should continue play like this beyond Copa.

      • Its is absolutely fair to be against it. I agree we have failed in the past. That is why I said, there is a uptick in adoption. There are more players who are used to 3-5-2 now. Like Molina, LMQ, Romero, Acuna (sometimes), Pezzella. So the amount of training required is less.

        Once again, an alternative solution. Because I think that is the reason we dont see some names we want to see.

  2. I think C. Romero,Marcos Senesi and J. Foyth going to be best defenders for Argentina and their clubs in next few seasons.Marcos Senesi should move to top 5 league in Europe.
    Pezella is not in good form in last few months may be as there is no talk of his contract extension as his contract is going to be expired in summer 2022 so may be he is worried about his future

  3. Curious to know – if we get into penalty shootouts during Copa – who will be our chosen 5 . Any thoughts? listing names of players who do get regular opportunity for PK in league.
    Messi – DePaul – Ocampos ( this season dont see him take PK) – Montiel – Lautaro- Nico Gonzalez

    • Paredes and dybala is also good…aguero can be there too…. I think paredes and de paul is sure to play whole match,so they should be in the 5, plus aguero or dybala who finishes the match, messi and lautaro….

      • i am anticipating Dybala & Aguero will miss spot in 23 based on current form & lack of minutes. If they make it – they are sure in PK list .
        Parades does he take PK regularly ? I have only once seen him .. actually snatching the ball from lautaro in Mexico friendly

    • Paging mr statistics @csabalala1

      Aside from Messi (79%) Kun (80%) and La Joya (84%), i think Nico has the highest followed by Paredes. I don’t think Lautaro and Ocampos do well…..maybe 50-60%.

      With all available options, i would go with Dybala, Aguero, Messi, Nico, Paredes and Lo Celso. Lo Celso isn’t statistically great but EFF it, i still think he’d step up and do well on the international stage

  4. Quite a few players are performing well in recent weeks giving Scaloni, Ayala and Samuel a luxury problem 😁

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