Lucas Ocampos scores for Sevilla, Papu Gomez assists in 2-1 win vs. Granada


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 2-1 win vs. Granada.

A goal made in Argentina, it was Alejandro Papu Gomez combining with Ocampos for Sevilla’s second of the match. The fight for the league title race is truly coming down to the wire. A win would see Sevilla remain in fourth place but only three points away from first place Atletico Madrid.

With Sevilla leading 1-0, Alejandro Papu Gomez played a ball into the penalty area which found Ocampos who scored to double Sevilla’s lead. It was goal number five of the league season for Ocampos and his first since January.


  1. Ok I had a chance to watch the Villareal vs Barca game and I don’t think we should be so harsh on Foyth, since he’s been OUTSTANDING defensively for them throughout the season and one mistake (big as it may be) shouldn’t negate all the good work that he’s done. In saying all that the kid is still growing and I still maintain that he isn’t a fullback but rather an adequate fullback backup who is behind Montiel and Molina in the pecking order.

    Also watched the Sevilla game and man Papu is doing really well in his new CM role, not to mention that he doesn’t ignore his defensive duties and tracks back regularly. As I said before he, Guido and Palacios should be the backup midfield for Celso-Paredes-R.De Paul (CPR).
    I see that alot of you have cooled on Ocampos and I have to disagree, sure he isn’t anywhere near as prolific as last season but the guy brings so much to the table and is an absolute nuisance to opposing teams. For me he’s ahead of Nico (who is very unreliable fitness wise) and J.Correa (lacks the defensive effort and acumen).

    • Palacios seems to be in good form and he just might force himself into the starting XI at the expense of Lo Celso. All things being equal, I would still prefer Lo Celso to start but we’ll see who’s in better shape by Copa..

    • Since i have respect to you in this forum allow me to say what disturb me from some people inside remind me that is why i am saying that now.
      for Foyth which he is completely unstable defender long ago and not only in one game you said “we should not be so harsh”. if the same things will happened to Montiel or Angileri or anyone else playing in Argentina then this players treated from the same European lust people like garbage.
      this is one of the reasons that in this forum i speak only to my friends or to those they earn my respect over the years inside here with their logic.
      Personally with your sentence “we should not be so harsh to Foyth” i agree BUT the same should be for everybody. Not only to those playing in Europe or to those we like more.


      • I have been following montiel, he is not anything special but he is ok…he has good balance in attack and defense… The problem i hv is that with him, realistically we need defensive rb in our system against very good players… So i prefer foyth,agree or not he is better thn everybody for the scolani system….and we need continuity in player selection and system, this not the time for experiment, unless someone is like armani and hv way better replacement like emi….yes, please ‘don’t be harsh with foyth’…foyth need to play regularly in rb to continue after copa…and he have to be able to box someone like jordi alba, as acuna did….in last match jordi alba put so much pressure on foyth was forced to do mistake, he was beaten time and time again by jordi…hving said that his place for copa is fixed in starting xi, i guess….It’s a shame we do not hv a worldclass rb right now…. Look at the other positions, we hv atleast one world class player or potential talent to be wc in future, in every position, or near that level sub…ah!! Bt rb is average 😑

    • Allow me to offer the alternate viewpoint on Foyth. About the critical feedback that is going on.

      If it helps understand, a great analogy is David De Gea. No one will doubt that he is a fantastic GK. But he has the habit of howlers, every now and then, may be 1-2 in a season. Sometimes very costly and at critical moments. Foyth is like that. Like it or not. Does not make him a bad player. To the contrary, my personal opinion is he is quite good and talented.

      To the point of one game, oh well, these happen once in a while. Some players are haunted for 1 in a life time. If you are doing this every day, you won’t be playing professional football 🙂

      I am not sure if he can improve the focus and/or recklessness. Hope he does, because otherwise he is an asset.

      The criticism is not harsh, its fair. He needs to take it on the chin and grow.

  2. I am glad that J.Correa has improved his finishing. I think he can be an asset for us. The problem is that for Lazio he only plays as a second striker in a 3-5-2 formation, whereas his direct competitors – Nico Gozalez and Ocampos actually play as wingers for their teams (well, Nico gets to play in a number different positions). I think because Ocampos is so tall, physical and direct and because defensive contribution is one of his strengths I think he’s more of an asset for us even if this season he is not as outstanding as last. J.Correa can play on the left wing and he has done it for us but I think a player who gets to master a certain position on a regular basis should be preferred..

  3. Joaquin Correa is a great option for us. He is better than Ocampos at this moment. Correa’s finishing is poor but every other aspect of his game is top notch. Last night, he scored two fantastic goal against Milan, great skill and great finish. I believe he is working with his finishing.

    He also clocked 33.49 km/h top speed.

    With Nico Gonzalez injured, Ocampos off form, Joaquin Correa is the right option at left wing for us.

    • I, like many others, suffer from Higuain PTSD. Attackers need to bury the few chances they get. Hopefully Correa improves his poor finishing.

      • When you can create many chances, it is ok if you miss some. It is normal and part of the game.

        In those 3 finals, we only created two chances from open play. That was biglia’s pass to Messi and Messi narrowly missed it. Another was Rojo’s cross to Palacio. This was the most easy chance and worst miss. Nobody talks about it.

        Higuain should not have missed. But all of his chances was mistake from opponents.

        Besides those, we struggled to create chances. As a result, we could not win.

        With guys like Correa, with their skills and penetrative runs, chances will be created. More chance, more goals.

        • Brilliant goals with pace & ball control. Great selection problem for Scaloni to have . finally 2 of Nico G, JCorrea, Ocampos will make final squad. I think barring injury – Nico G is guaranteed considering his performance in last WCQ. Inspite of his avg form this season, I still narrowly vote for Ocampos over Jcorrea bcos :
          1) Ocampos is v direct & that is a good variation to have in NT & we will get fouls in advanced positions due to generally weaker defenses among South American teams
          2) Ocampos can play both wings
          3) his defensive work rate looks good for a winger
          4) if acuna & papu play an active role in NT , team chemistry from Sevilla can be useful on pitch.

  4. amit, i forgot to comment on your post about Atlanta. Barcos goal was insane. Easy contender for goal of the season.

    For those that missed it, watch this GOLAZO

  5. Goalkeepers: Emi Martinez/ marchesin/ musso
    Defenders: Foyth/Montiel, Romero/Otamendi, Lisandro Martinez/Senesi, Acuna/Tagliafico
    Midfielders: Paredes/Guido, lo celso/palacios, de Paul/(Papu Gomez or dybala)
    Attackers: Messi/Di Maria, Nico Gonzalez/(Ocampos or Joaquin Correa), Lautaro/(Icardi or Agüero).

  6. It looks like Emiliano Martinez and C. Romero are blessing to Argentina side. Want to see them in playing 11.

  7. First open play goal of the season right?
    Everyone talks about Barca atleti real but then you look at the table and you see Sevilla surprisingly in there. Now that I think about it I would like for Sevilla to win

    • Some very interesting match ups coming on La Liga . Barca vs Atleti on May 8th / Real Madrid vs Sevilla on May 10th ( Real play Chelsea on May 6th 2nd leg CL . Hoping Chelsea give them a tough time ) . Actually any of the four can win & personally hoping Atleti’s bad luck dosent catch up with them. Will be nice for Simeone to win one – though feel the same for Messi, Ocampos, Acuna & Papu.
      Papu has really started settling in Sevilla now. Awesome to see that left flank of Sevilla which created both goals. Acuna seriously can dislodge Tagli

      • There is also Sevilla – Villarreal on the 16th. That and the Real Madrid game are make it or break it for Sevilla. If they win every game they have I can honestly see them winning the title for sure, but it’s a tough ask

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