On this day in 1986, Argentina won their second World Cup


On this day 35 years ago, Argentina won their second FIFA World Cup in Mexico 1986, after beating West Germany 3-2 in the final. With Diego Maradona as the leader on the pitch, and coach Carlos Bilardo commanding from the sidelines, the national team would reach eternal glory.

On June 29 of 1986, Argentina would face West Germany at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City with an attendance of 114,600, which remains to this day the second largest World Cup final attended (only behind the 1950 final, at the Estadio Maracana, Brazil).

Jose Luis Brown would score with his head to give Argentina the lead after a precise cross from Jorge Burruchaga, a cross that Germany goalkeeper Harald Schumacher was not able to intercept.

In the second half, Argentina would go on to extend the difference to two goals when Jorge Valdano found himself face to face with Germany’s goalkeeper. A class finish, opening his right foot at the last moment, placing the ball at the far post.

Argentina was up by two with 30 minutes left and it seemed that the team was heading towards a comfortable victory. The second ever World Cup finals win in the history of the national team was closer than ever. The players just needed to hold on.

But Germany would score the 1-2 at the 74’ and tied up the game at 2 at the 82’.

Fortunately, Argentina’s desperation didn’t last long as three minutes after Germans drew level, Jorge Burruchaga scored Argentina’s winning goal, following a memorable run.

Argentina’s captain and legend, Diego Maradona, lifted the trophy with immense joy. Argentina’s center-back during that tournament, Oscar Ruggeri, told many times afterwards that it was impossible to take the trophy from Maradona’s hands as he was carrying it all along the fly back to Argentina.

Oscar Ruggeri, today working on the Argentine TV, recently affirmed that the players and coaching staff from that historic team are in a Whatsapp group called “Champions 86”, where they are all still in touch.


  1. 1986 was my first WC to follow… Since then I’m a die hard Argentina fan…
    About Messi or Maradona being the best… Maradona’s achievements with club and country are very impressive…
    But still I have to say for me, Messi is the best individual Player ever… He is extremely talented…

    I have played Soccer myself. I played in the professional League of Switzerland.. I know very small and not even close to any other European League… fact is, because of that I got to see Messi two times when he was in Switzerland… He played Switzerland and Portugal back then… He was great in the match against Portugal, but vs Switzerland his performance was from another Planet… I have never seen anything like that before in live Soccer… He really is the GOAT…

    I’m praying sooooo bad for Argentina to win their National Trophy… It would be very deserved for Argentina and Messi


  2. Just to add to the discussion from the previous story about friction between countries (For example ARGENTINA & Chile) and how that translates into hatred on the pitch that goes deeper than one would think.

    2014 WC, Algeria and Germany played an intense game that went into double overtime with the Krauts winning 2-1 right when PK shootout seemed inevitable ………….but the story goes deeper than just a football game.

    Spain 1982 World Cup, Germany vs Austria were playing in the last group game when a draw or a one goal win by GRE would guarantee both countries moving into the 2nd round and eliminating both Chile and Algeria who had played the day before.
    Germany scored early and both teams JUST PASSED the ball among themselves for the rest of the game with neither even trying to do anything else.
    It was said that West Germany at the time wanted to teach the Algerians a lesson after losing to them in the first group game and many also suggested because it was a Muslim and Arab country.
    Neither the Krauts or the Austrians were penalized by FIFA (corruption galore), instead the rules were changed from that time on where all final group games would be played at the same time.

  3. Messi haters says he must win WC to be considered as greatest… But what about Ruggeri? Is he better than any Argentine players just because he won WC + 2 Copa + Confederation? He’s the only Argentina to achieved such feats 😀

    • Ruggeri is legendary. So is Messi.. the title does matter, but so does performance. To me Maradona is still a level above Messi regardless of that trophy. Just that 86 game vs England shows it.

        • When it comes to wcs, Diego is the ultimate hero, it is Diego, and then all the rest. Pele was great, but it was 1970 mainly his best wc, 1958 wc he hardly played, 1962 wc he was just good, it was Garincha the main star back then, Pele became the star in 1970 wc.

          However, what Diego did in 1986 wc, was not seen before, has not been seen up to now and i doubt that we will see such an extraordinary performance in the future. In terms of individual performance, Diego is way too far ahead than any other!

          And as for 1986 wc, which in my opinion was the best wc ever, many fellow fans in here talked about the legend Ruggeri but noone spoke about the legend Jose Luis Brown, GOD REST HIS SOUL, who scored the first goal in the final, he was injured in his shoulder, i don’t remember if his shoulder was dislocated correct me if i am wrong, but still he continued to play! Thats very rare, a true fighting spirit, this Argentina team was tough as nails!

          • It depends on your thinking pattern, but sorry Pele is the GOD if World cup trophy is the only criterion to acknowledge who is the greatest.
            You may persuade yourself by inducing some hypothesis, but this ain’t the fact.
            The debate is who is the greatest of that generation and Pele is miles above than Maradona.

    • That argument has some merit but its also questionable when you consider if HIGUAIN scored that free gift (or Palacios), then all of sudden Messi is better? Doesn’t make any sense.

      • No Messi is not better. See the performances of Maradona in the knockouts. I am not just talking about stats, just see the performances in general. Maradona was unplayable, Messi was not.

        • Yes i understand but solo performances back then were easier than today. Today’s modern futbol (formations and tactics) is 10000% more team oriented than during Maradonas era. Messi back then would also TEAR it up.

          Btw, I’m not opining on which is better, im just playing devil’s advocate.

        • Messi got more solo goals than Maradona, instead of being happy that Argentina have produce two greatest talents, you guys demean Messi, cause he hadn’t won the WC.
          Messi is unplayable in his day and he produce many unplayable matches very frequently.

      • Really good point about thee Higuain and Palacio misses. That is really what it comes down to and pretty much almost the entire difference between winning it or not. They do not change who Messi is as a player, they changed Argentina’s history and trophies as a whole

    • It is hard to ignore Pele and his greatness but he looked a lot better than he would today because football was less competitive back then. Look at their international goals, Messi is not only going to pass that record but destroy it and in modern times. I think he will do it this Copa. Actually, wouldn’t it be amazing if he did it in the final against Brazil??? Why has nobody thought of this?? God please let it happen! I just thought of this as I am writing this comment and boy am I excited. All he needs is a goal in quarters and semi’s and he could beat Pele’s record against Brazil.

  4. J.correa and Occampos is very talented alrounders but the inconsistent performance is a blow for scaloni.Besides that Locelso A.correa And Lamela also seems inconsistant.A lazy Aguro also a problem for Scaloni..

  5. Spain has announced a strong Olympics football contingent. The 22 man squad ( wil get finally trimmed to 18) has 6 players from current Euro team including Unai Simon, Pau Torres , Pedri, Oyarzabal , Eric Garcia & Olmo . Team also has Asensio , Ceballos (Arsenal) ,Merino ( Sociedad) as overage players . May be the strongest team on paper for Olympics . We are heading straight into them in group stage ( Group C ) along with Egypt & Australia. It will be a great test for Batista & his boy band .
    France team also announced & that looks average

    • ufff that is a really scary team. If only Argentina put more emphasis on getting players like Dybala into the olympics and some other Europe based u23/24 players that are missing out. Spain should be a reference point for the kind of level we want to approach

  6. Montiel,Armani and may be Tagliafico should not be in national team anymore. Foyth,Emi Buendai, Dybla,Alario should come to team as soon as possible as Argentina should gear up for World Cup now. Angel Correa,Papu Gomez,Emi Martinez and G. Rodriguez are nice revelation they should start always. Team is looking good for World Cup roster.

  7. Guido should start over Paredes.
    Current river players should never play again in this tournament including taglificao.
    Papu, Dimaria, Nico, and Celso are our wildcards. scaloni should use them wisely.
    Pezzella should not start over otamendi and Lisandro Martinez.
    Paredes only as a sub last 10 mins maybe.
    Few players are acting like a legend when they wear Argentina shirts, Paredes, and Armani.

    • yes. parades, depaul, montiel, otamendi those are always creating more paressure for others thru back/side:slow passes even which is creating paressure on GK that is why GK most of the time kicking the ball in the air. so those 4 players are not fit to be nationals materials.
      acuna has created more paressure for licha where acuna and guido did not cover opponent person. so acuna should focus defending while offensive play. licha always passing forward with skills and fast ball movements.
      my backline is

      molina(athletic), romero(Superior), licha(excellent ball player and tackling), acuna(dribler)

  8. Who else here thinks Paraguay is more Dangerous than Uruguay in Copa 2021?

    -I would rather face Uruguay again than Paraguay.
    -Columbia dont have Quadrado for QF due to suspension. Uruguay may beat Columbia.
    -Chile can rough up Brazil.
    -Paraguay (If they beat Peru) has the ability and speed to shock Brazil. (2011 anyone?)
    – Am I the only one who is Happy that Paraguay is on the other side. ?

    • I agree with you buddy. Paraguay is a very dangerous. Almiron is a menace on the wing. Somehow we scraped past them and it is great. They knocked out brazil in 2011 and in 2015. I am hoping they do us a favour again this time. And I think this Chilean time won’t be able to rough up Brazil.

  9. “It wasn’t Acuna fault. First of all very wayward pass from Armani then miscommunication. But his overall performance was solid”

    Not quite. The sequence starts with Angel Correa sending the ball back, which was correct assessment as his back is turned. Guido points out to Armani to clear the ball to Montiel on the right but instead Armani elects to collect with his stronger foot and then clear to his left to avoid the oncoming press.

    Here Acuna elects to one touch pass with his weaker right foot and misdirects the pass to Correa which is pressed really well by the Bolivian midfielder. A more conservative defender would elect to control with right and turn OUTWARDS to take on the press on his stronger foot (left) and to whats called playing the touch line so the ball is protected to his stronger side from opposition, than to force the play INWARDS to the middle where the press is coming from. This is the technical mistake.

    Its not really a big deal, but in the end its all about instincts and what Scaloni refers to as who is the more aggressive left back and who is the more balanced one. Thats why he says his decision on when to play Tagliafico and when el huevo depends on what he wants from the position.

    • i’m not sure i get it. If Scaloni wants to defend, then he’d prefer Tag but doesnt Acunas presence change the dynamics of opponents into more conservative style? With Acuna > Gomez > ADM/Nico or Messi dominating the left side, Brazil or Colombia, for example, can’t attack as much and may be forced to play more conservative.

      “the best defense is good offense” comes to mind…

      • I think it is just tactical chess at that point. You could conceivably field the most attacking unit to pin them back right at the start and maybe grab a lead too. But hypothetically imagine if before that Tite makes the first adjustment. Maybe some space is left behind the full back for a quick counter and goal. Then what do you do? You would be in a contradictory position where you need to adjust by adding more defense to plug the leak in space, but also keep your attack to search for parity.

        It is just hypothetical, but to field a XI I think is not enough to just know your players but also to have a best guess estimate of what opponent will field and do as well.

    • PSG in talks with Lazio over Joaquin Correa. Lazio value him at 45 mil. PSG would like to include Pedro Sarabia in this deal.
      Great move if this happens.
      There is also a possibility of Lisandro Martinez moving to Barcelona.

    • Hope it materializes . High time Musso plays in a bigger club which will be a true test . Also Atalanta he will be able to take the No 1 spot

  10. I really think this Brazil team is overrated. They dont ooze class unlike the Brazil of 90s & 2000s.

    Yes, they have been winning but that more due to rest of the South American team playing poor. Even we, at the time when we werent this strong, beat them not so long ago eventhough it was a friendly.

    Brazil has bettee defense and solidity. But I think we can easily defeat them. Just play the way we have done so far.

  11. Is there anyone who has seen both Maradona and Messi live in their prime who was better?skills sets and other reasons

    • You’re never going to get a non biased answer, ESPECIALLY here on Mundo.

      Besides, its really difficult to compare athletes from different eras. Today’s sport is really different than when Maradona lit up the world. Training, Diets, Physique, Tactics, etc all play key roles. All we know, is that they were head and shoulders above their peers. Aside from the physical aspect, some may say one is better because of other qualities like leadership, while other may prioritize longevity and point to messi decade+ long dominance, while others point to NT trophies, so it’s also important to agree on what is being compared. Lastly, we’re all guilty of it but our preferences tend to be towards players that “we grew up on or obsessed over at some point”. Obvious example being many younger generation in Arg LOVE Messi, while many older (or slightly older :)) LOVE maradona.

    • Who is better El Diego or La Pulga Atomica??
      I grew up with Maradona, though I was already an ARGENTINA fan but his presence elevated the team and the whole country to a whole different level. The big hair, the Puma cleats and the insane dribbling like nobody has ever seen before, whether you were an Argentina fan or not, everybody wanted to be Maradona on the pitch and then here comes the World Cup and believe me you, nobody was cheering for Brits in that game but the Brits……..everybody wanted Maradona and Argentina to win.

      Here comes Messi, smooth, silky, long hair, shy, quiet, extra humble and then the whistle blows and the absolute Monster comes out……zig zaaging his way on the pitch, taking on one 2 3 4 and more players, dribbling by them and SCORING. A kid who was not even supposed to be playing sports, nm being the BEST Player in the world but GOD had a plan for him and NOTHING was going to change that.
      Many suggested that Maradona didn’t want Messi to win the WC because then he would pass him and somehow tried to sabotage the team ……………..BULLSHIT Maradona didn’t want anything more than for ARGENTINA and MESSI to win it all.
      We’ve all been privileged to watch the two of them and I have said it many times, One Argentine is just as good as another.

    • I witnessed them both at their best. Maradona had only few years when he was at his peak unlike Messi who seems to be at his best from the age of 20 until now. But when they both are at their peak I would say it is pretty much equal skillwise. One is the best playmaker ever, the other one is the best finisher ever.

      However, what makes it different is Maradona did not need a special team or all 10 world class teammates to show his greatness. When he moved to a lowly Napoli from Barca, he immediately took Napoli to the top of serie A even when at the time his teammates were not among the world best ones. If Milan had the Dutch trio of Gullit, Basten, and Rijkaard and a bunch of Italian internationals; Inter had the German trio of Klinsmann, Brehme, and Matthaus; Napoli “only” had Careca, Alemao, and some so so Italian teammates like Fernando De Napoli or Ciro Ferrara. When winning his first Italian league trophy Maradona was the only foreigner they had I believe.

      Messi needed all world class teammates who know how to work with him to be great. I don’t think he could ever be in Maradona shoes: going to a lowly serie A team like Lecce or Verona or something and took them to the top without the addition of other superstars.

      So Maradona is the best athlete in the history of all sports when it comes to the most influential player. He led his Napoli from a team that almost got relegated before he came to a team that won the serie A just within a few years of his arrival. His year of 1985-1990 were his best years: 2 Serie A titles winning against all the giants and of course one World cup trophy where he singlehandedly was shining, and a World Cup silver medalist, where Argentina got robbed in that last penalty by the German Brehme.

      • Today we have enjoy the rivalry of Messi vs. CR7.

        In Maradona era, the serie A was much better than Spain La Liga or EPL. All the world class players were in serie A.

        Maradona was in Napoli for 6 years only. The last year of Maradona in 1991 he failed the drug test and was suspended so I count it as 5 years. The rivalries were:
        1. Maradona Napoli vs AC Milan Dutch trio in those 5 years. The result was 2-1 (Napoli won the serie A twice and Milan once).
        2. Maradona Napoli vs Inter Milan German trio. The result was 2-1. Inter only won one serie A in 5 years of Maradona
        3. Maradona Napoli vs Juventus. The result was 2-1. Juventus also won once during Maradona era.

        So in Maradona 5 years. Napoli won twice, Milan once, Inter once, Juventus once.

        So just like today Messi has a slight edge victory over CR7 in everything, back then Maradona also won against all his rivals.

        Remember guys, Argentina has the DNA of champion. Do not also forget that one time Manu Ginobili also won the gold medal in the Olympic for Argentina beating the giant US team.

    • Its tough to get a consensus .
      1) If its consistency – Messi is a outright winner. From 2005/6 till date – its like 15+years at super natural levels . Maradona’s actual peak was 1986 – 1990 . Barca term of Maradona was erratic .
      2) If its how supreme the player was at peak – Maradona does not have competition.
      86 WC – Argentina overall scored 14 goals . In this Maradona had 5 goals & 5 assists . This also includes the Goal of Century & his solo goals against Belgium. 4 goals in Knockout stage & a most critical assist for the winner when momentum had swung to Germany after 2 late goals . Less known fact for younger gen: see his game in PQF against Uruguay – its magical
      3) As a Leader – again Maradona scores much higher. He could galvanize the team & showed that both at Argentina & Napoli . 1984 season when he starts in Napoli – they were 11th in Serie A . In 6 seasons – he won 2 Serie A titles in the best league of those days. A modern analogy is like Aston Villa or Newcastle winning PL twice in a short span. Napoli never won Serie A before & after is a good reflection of what he achieved.
      4) Branding – both have their own space. Maradona comes out as the revolutionary , poor urchin kid , cocky & anti establishment . He thrived in the love of masses. Messi comes out more as a disciplined , humble , loyal, media-shy & sensible professional.

      Personally i place Maradona much above Messi ( even if hypothetically Messi wins a WC ) . If i love football & Argentina NT – its only bcos of Maradona. But then thats a personal choice & in reality Argentine fans are so fortunate to have the two best players of ages.

    • You won’t get the most appropriate reply here to suggest who is the better player and why?
      Mundo is filled with hardcore Argentine fans and Maradona have awarded them with a beautiful WC, so it is pretty obvious more votes would be inclined towards Maradona.(as Messi has not till now).
      But far as if suggestions from whole footballing world are to be concerned, you would find Messi winning massively over Maradona.

      Some key factors to decide who is the greater:
      1. Career Statistics: Maradona is nowhere near close to Messi in this department. Messi wins comfortably.
      2. Total trophies: Messi edges Maradona here too.
      But Maradona has won a WC, so it’s a tie (even if Messi has more trophies).
      Note: if World cup success is the only criterion to judge, then there is no player close to Pele.Period.
      3.Ballondor and individual honors: Messi wins comfortably, here too.
      Statistically and Logically, Messi is the greatest and that’s why he is considered by many as the G.O.A.T.
      But, if Messi wins a WC, he would be the undisputed Greatest of all time and no there won’t be any debate.

  12. Maradona in 86 had no beard. He looks healthier and younger. I had a dream about Messi lifting the world cup when he didn’t have a beard.

  13. Those photos of Maradona being lifted up with the cup in that stadium will forever be so beautiful and memorable. We miss you

  14. I feel like Maradona was head and shoulders above his teammates, he was just so special. And that in an era of bad pitches and hard tackles. Today’s players are much more protected.

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