Rodrigo De Paul comments on winning the Copa America, Atletico Madrid


Rodrigo De Paul, who provided the assist in the final as Argentina won the Copa America, also recently joined Atletico Madrid.

It’s been a great few weeks for De Paul. Having won the Copa America, he was linked with a move to Atletico Madrid and the former Udinese captain has left Italy and joined the reigning La Liga champions. Speaking with TyC Sports, De Paul commented about his vacation, winning the Copa America and joining Atletico Madrid. Regarding his holidays, here is what De Paul had to say:

“It was a short time but I enjoyed it with the family. I’m leaving with my batteries recharged, now with a new challenge which will be difficult but I am prepared to take on everything that’s coming.”

De Paul also spoke about winning the Copa America and how the Argentina team are as a group:

“People are happy, that’s the most important thing. The people are happy, that’s the most important thing. Little by little, we are realizing what we have achieved, we still have not realized the depths of everything that happened in this process and what we achieved. But you have to enjoy it because it wasn’t easy.

“We all love each other very much in the group, we enjoyed the 45 days where we were together. We are always in touch, not only what is seen but we’re all practically talking in some of the chats that we have. We had a good time and hopefully we get to see each other again soon.

“This belongs to everyone, those that were called and those who weren’t because they also made us stronger. I enjoyed it a lot and I’m super happy to have been able to bring joy to people.”

And finally, De Paul spoke about joining Atletico Madrid:

“We spoke with Cholo (Diego Simeone), I’ve arrived to a big team, the latest champions. The objectives and the idea is to compete to the maximum, to always try to be protagonists.

“I believe I am prepared for that, I like the challenges and it’s one of the most important of my career. With work, everything is possible. I’ll never dodge it because it’s what I love and what I like. It’s a great moment, hopefully it’s not the peak of it and there’s much more.”


  1. Varane just confirmed to Man Utd. this is where I want Cuti Romero. Romero should have gone to Madrid. Ramos and Varane gone. Romero would have been better in Real in Spain rather than Spurs at England.

  2. Any idea about these players, who are play for boca juniors…are they future NT material potentiality???
    Vicente Taborda, Gabriel Ramiro Vega, Valentín Barco, Ezequiel Almirón, Agustín Jesús Lastra

  3. Lets win WC2022. I think we have just about enough time to peak for World Cup 2022 since it is a year and half from now. I think most teams peaked way before World cup which cause them too relaxed when world cup arrive. Remember Brazil from 2018, they were favorite but could not perform in Russia. Same goes for Spain 2014, Germany 2010 etc. As for Argentina, we can still get better with good feeling after COPA win and WC will be hosted at right time.

    • Brazil was never a favorite in 2018!! But you are right almost all the European powerhouses are on the decline and if Scaloni can inject some new players and solidify couple positions we will definitely be a team to beat!!

      • Brazil were considered favorite in 2018 world cup. They were huge favorite vs Belgium as well. They stream rolled through qualifications. Next time Brazil will be favorite again after losing copa to Argentina. Remember, we barely qualified.

      • Spain won 2010 world cup. I am talking about current Spain with lot of talented players, not Spain from 100 years old. SPAIN were favorite after consecutive Euro triumphs and 2010 world cup.

  4. Per Ole Dario Sarmiento is going to spend a year on loan in Girona from the city group. I think this is good because it will be a way of dipping his feet into Europe in terms of the level of football and the fact he will be in Spain instead of England. It is a shame though that Girona failed to promote into La Liga

  5. amit

    Of course and about the sport of football everything have more or less connection some way with AFA. But what i was trying to say (with wrong way maybe because my English is not as much good to express my point well) is that AFA is not responsible for the teams we play in the Olympic tournaments. is not under AFA umbrella. Look our jerseys in every Olympic games for example. They never have AFA symbol or logo (which of 2 words is the correct i am not sure).
    They have always up the symbol or logo (?) of Argentine Olympic committee.In basketball ,hockey and some other sports we use our federation symbols. In football no.
    i hope i make you understand my point. But anyway it is not important because this is not a subject which matters in something.

    • Thanks cox4. Thats interesting to know. Bcos the team official selection list gets released with AFA logo ( like sr NT list) my assumption is that they are involved. Maybe ur right & that is why we dont manage to get the right players for such a golden global opportunity for youngsters

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