César Luis Menotti: “Lionel Messi did the impossible to become a champion”


César Luis Menotti, the general director of the Argentina national team, spoke to Super Radio Deportivo about the Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni and Lionel Messi.

Menotti will forever go down as an Argentina legend. Having coached the national team to their first ever World Cup in 1978, Menotti is seen as one of the brilliant minds to come out of Argentina. In his interview, he spoke about current coach Lionel Scaloni. Here’s what he had to say:

“If they question him that he has no experience, who has experience with the Argentina national team? The one’s that have experience are the one’s that were there. If you’re looking for experience, it would be me, Bilardo, Martino, Sabella…

“Quietly, I could have looked for another alternative but I am absolutely responsible for the decision of selection Scaloni and because of this success. I’m responsible because that is why the AFA called me.”

In addition to Scaloni, Menotti spoke about Messi and winning the Copa America:

“Messi at his best in every sense: Physically, he’s someone who always prepares, who has not had any major injuries. Emotionally, I also see him that way. Today is Messi’s best moment because I see him happy not just because of the win but because he is surrounded by people who love him.

“With the Argentina national team, Messi did the impossible to become a champion.

“Diego alive would surely have been very happy with this title. He would have surely hugged Messi and the both of them would have cried.”


  1. Man Utd fans are super hyping Varane. Most of them has not watched him play, still brining up personal facts about him to give him a mythical aura.

    What I remember about Varane is Aguero’s goal that made 4-3 against France. Aguero so easily lost both defender to nod a simple header.

    This is the problem with Man Utd. It has most spoilt and clueless fanbase. They have the worst british attributes. This is why I am very glad Romero did not end up in that place. His career would be over, no confusion about it.

    Now, Atalanta wants 60 millions for Romero. Spurs offered 50. Atalanta does not want to lower the price and Spurs does not want to increase. Spurs has already looking for alternatives like Milenkovic and others.

    • Varane will struggle at PL. He is good defender who predict the next move but he can be bully easily by strong attacker. He used to have nightmare playing against Suarez but he was good vs Messi. In PL, he will face lot of strong bully attacker with no positional sense. Varane will struggle with injuries as well. Real Madrid made good decision to sell him since he is in decline and have not thing to win. He basically won everything and going to Man United for big pay check. Meanwhile barca are keeping umtiti and lenglet, two worst defenders and they will blame Messi if they concede 8 or 9 goals.

    • I have been following the news like every hour because Romero is one of our most valuable players. According to Romano, Romero is pushing Atalanta to sell him as soon as possible to Hotspur. The coach Nuno really rates Romero highly. If the fee of €60 million to be agreed, it would be a record for an Argentina player I think.

      Hotspur already sold Toby to a Qatar club to make a room for Romero. And Atalanta already preparing for the replacement.

      Today in his twitch, Romano said that he is confident that the deal will go through. Hotspur want to partner Romero in defense with the 6’5 giant the 23 year old Milenkovic of Fiorentina, who is rated as Fiorentina best defender last season above our own, Pezzella and LM Quarta.

      In case they fail in Romero bid, Hotspur would go after 3 “so so” defenders instead: Milenkovic, Tomiyasu, and Zouma.

      Now we know how lucky we are that we have Cristian Romero! Dubbed by an Italian agent as the “Ronaldo of defender”.

      Also all Hotspur fans want Romero, they are not interested in 3 so so defenders above instead of Romero for the same amount of money €60 million.

      • I still maintain that going to a loser club like Spurs is a giant mistake and continue to hope that this move doesn’t materialize.
        Romero staying with Atalanta is the best option for now, Atalanta is a fantastic, CL competitive club while Spurs isn’t, simple as that.

  2. Julian Alvarez has some Aston Villa interest building up. Also Kounde will move to PL this season needing Sevilla to buy another CB. Maybe this is Senesi’s opportunity.

  3. We will win WC2022. As much as i liked Mascherano, i think after his retirement we are more mobile as a team. Mash is great destroyer but very mediocre passer. There is a reason why he played CB at Barca. Messi chance came from Masch in world cup final but Messi did not expect that from Masch and he missed it. I still salute Masch for this contributions to world cup final reach.

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