Nicolas Gonzalez on winning the Copa America with Argentina, Lionel Messi


Nicolas Gonzalez spoke about winning the Copa America with Argentina, what it meant for Lionel Messi, his response to the Brazilian players, Lionel Scaloni and the World Cup.

Gonzalez was a regular starter for Argentina in their Copa America winning campaign. Despite not starting the final itself, Gonzalez was often in the starting eleven, on the left side of the pitch. And while he didn’t start the final, he was present as Lionel Messi gave his speech before the match. Speaking in an interview with Ole, here is what Gonzalez revealed about Messi:

“Before the final, Messi told us that playing against them (Brazil) at the Maracaná was a miracle. And that they had the cup there for us to to win it. When be said that, more than one of us got goosebumps.

“When the match just ended, we all went to hug Messi because we knew what it meant for him. And also for Kun (Aguero), for Fideo (Angel Di Maria) and Otamendi, that have been fighting for it for so long. That it happened this way is something unique that they won’t ever forget.

“On a day to day basis, Messi was very comfortable and happy with all the boys. And this was later reflected on the pitch. You have to enjoy Messi because for the Argentine, he is everything.

“Seeing him as happy as a kid in a toy store is engraved in the head of every player.”

In addition, Gonzalez also commented on Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni:

“I’m very thankful to Scaloni. There are coaches that back you a lot and he is one of them. He backs his player to the death. He waited for me until the end. I enjoy Scaloni, he makes me play freely. There’s a lot of joy in every one of the players.”

As we posted a few days ago, there was back and forth posts between a few of the Argentina players and Richarlison of Brazil. Gonzalez even spoke about that:

“How are we going to tell the Brazilians something? Leave them alone, that they keep crying. I think the pictures of Dibu (Emiliano Martinez) and Rodrigo (De Paul) were very good. It was incredible how much I laughed when I saw them but let them talk because we are happy with (winning) the Copa America in their home.”

In regards to what and how much it cost the team to win the Copa America:

“It was very difficult to be isolated for 45 days. We all went for one objective: To win the Copa America. Every day we were focused on that, no one ever deviated away from it. Thankfully it happened but we thought a lot about our families, some became fathers and couldn’t see their kids. But we were focused in bringing joy to the people and we came back from Brazil happy.”

And finally, Gonzalez commented on the World Cup:

“The Argentine will always ask for more. We will do our best to fight until the very end at the World Cup in Qatar, just as we have been doing and how the guys before us did.”


  1. How I wished Astonvilla got Romero instead of Spurs. I hope Villa get one more Argentine and then we are all set. It goes without saying I will be watching EPL to only see our both Emi’s

  2. On a sidenote could anyone please tell me why Nicolas Burdisso was selected ahead of Zanetti and Coloccini in the starting lineup in WC 2006? What was with this player that coaches loved so much……. and why Zanetti was not picked in WC 2006 and 2010?

  3. Deals to keep an eye on :-

    – lisandro Martinez is the current hot target of real Madrid.
    – lautaro to either arsenal or atletico, possibility not disregarded.
    – Alan velasco to English premier League.
    – Julian Alvarez to Aston villa is in progress.
    – Bruno amione could see senior games in Hellas Verona.

  4. Julian Alvarez, farias, Almada being target by MLS clubs. This is disgrace, the afa should ban MLS as
    destination of possible transfers for Argentine players. At least from primera division.

    Else Argentine players can join it from Europe as they wish. It’s retirement league for sure.

  5. – Lautaro valenti to Parma done.
    – Nehuen Perez is going to be the 5th centre back for atletico this season.
    – Christian pavon will arrive in Marseille within two weeks.
    – Dario sarmiento joins girona on loan from Man city.

    And lastly our boy Matias soule has slowly but surely convinced Allegri of his potential.
    He had already bagged an assist in the current ongoing match against Monza.

  6. Really irritating to see MLS chasing our talents & local clubs entertaining such retirement clubs. After julian alvarez rejecting orlando city, they r now chasing facundo farias.

  7. According to La Pagina Millonaria (A River Plate website that is pretty reliable in my opinion) Lucas Alario is wanted by Udinese. There are good and bads to this. But I just want to see him leave Leverkusen. I feel bad for him because he is way too good to be on the bench for that type of club and now Schick has got all of the attention from the Euros and it will remain the same for him.

  8. News update:

    1. According to Cesar Luis Merlo, the TYC sports reporter, considered as tier 1 source, Romero to Hotspur is a done deal.

    The reason why it is not announced yet is because of Atalanta want to have the replacement first before completing the deal.

    There are 2 other credible sources also reporting that the deal is done.

    Fabrizio Romano in his twitch said that the deal is very close already. Hotspur offering €50 plus add ons and Atalanta want around €55. Romero himself pushing Atalanta to accept the deal.

    2. For Emi Martinez fans: Aston Villa has accepted the bid of €100 million for Jack Grealish from Manchester City. It seems like Buendia is the direct replacement of Grealish for Villa. Villa now is close to agreeing deal for the Jamaican Leon Bailey of Bayer Leverkusen to replace Jack Grealish.

    3. Manchester City will bid Harry Kane for more than £150 million after they get Jack Grealish. Totenham is preparing to lose him if that is the case. Hotpur main target if they lose Kane? Dusan Vlahovic and…. Lautaro Martinez!

    • Kane leaving Spurs for 150 m is good for them if they can use this money wisely. Spurs will need another quality cb beside Romero and a good right back to be competitive at defence. Vlahovic will be easier deal to pull off.

      • Hotspur said they want a veteran alongside Romero instead of a youngster. They like Zouma of Chelsea and Milenkovic (Fiorentina, another young defender). Man I really hope Kane won’t leave the Spurs. I want Romero to take the Spurs to the top. Kane would help him doing that.

        As for Lautaro, I read Inter said that his value is around €80 million and that they only want cash not player exchange. So far Arsenal want him. Hotspur will only target him if Kane leaves the team. It seems like all non EPL teams will put all their players for sale this season. I also read that Real Madrid put almost all their players for sale except few of their pillars. Barca also doing the same. Everyone is for sale but few.

    • > Hotpur main target if they lose Kane? Dusan Vlahovic and…. Lautaro Martinez!

      Mamoun El Pipita – This rumour can’t be good for your blood pressure 🙂

      • No worries Chori, considering all the COVID deaths that I’ve witnessed, Lautaro going to Spurs isn’t the end of the world (but maybe of his career). Besides Argentina WON copa, best year for Argentine football EVER!

  9. Sergio Aguero has undergone stem cell treatment to regenerate cartilage in both his knees.In the 2020/21 season, Aguero missed 24 matches through a left knee injury, which ultimately forced him to undergo surgery.

    Aguero isn’t the first athlete to have such a treatment either, and he’ll be following in the footsteps of Pau Gasol, Rafa Nadal, Carles Puyol, Martin Odegaard and Erik Lamela.

    • That’s great! Maybe that had something to do with limited minutes in Copa too. I cant get enough of Kun, I hope it works and prolongs his career for 2-4 more years! I seriously can’t wait to see him and Messi link up this season..another source says he’ll be ready by Aug.

  10. News update of Cristian Romero.

    From 2 tier 1 very credible sources: Romano and Di Marzio.

    Totenham have officially increased their bid to somewhere more than €50 million and according to Di Marzio, that is “enough” for Atalanta (if there is still a difference only less than €4 million euro only). According to Romano, Atalanta still have yet to accept the bid although it is already within the range price of Romero. Why?

    According to Di Marzio, the reason behind Atalanta delaying it to accept the bid is because they want to find a replacement first for Romero (play it safe). 2 players they want to replace Romero are Tomiyasu or Bologna, who is also wanted by the Hotspur and Demiral of Juventus.

    Then according to Romano, Hotspur is not happy that Atalanta is in waiting mode. Hotspur want it quick especially the player is supposed to return from his holiday to Italy in a couple of days. Hotspur keep pushing but Atalanta still want to delay.

    Romero himself, according to Romano has confirmed that he will do anything possible to join the Hotspur. He is dying to move to Totenham.


    For me it is 90% likely now. It is just a matter of time. I won’t be surprised if Romano will announce the deal this week.

  11. Lautaro Martinez should move to Arsenal and his price has been fallen significantly,in Inter Lulaku is making life easier for him as Lulaku drags all defenders in Arsenal he will face pressure to perform as sole striker. Arsenal move is best for him and Barcelona, Real Madrid kinds of team where he wants to go already have better striker than him so Arsenal move is best for him. He is very inconsistent and looks lost in pitch sometime Serie A is comparatively easier than Premier league.

    • EPL big teams literrally the only ones in the world (other than PSG and Bayern) who have the money to buy players. If they are smart, they have to take advantage of this because the fans are allowed to be back to the stadium so in a year or so other teams from other leagues will have the money too just like them now.

    • Even though its clear that you’re not an Argentina fan, probably a very dedicated troll but if there’s anyone else that falls into your clownish beliefs that Lauti should move to Arsenal should look at what that club did to players like Auba and Willian not only physically but also mentally,
      its a dead club and no one wants anything to do with their players and no argentine should look in their direction

      • I am tired to answer fools like you, Auba was 2019 Premiere League golden boot and William mostly played in Chelsea, he came to Arsenal very late.If players does not perform does not mean club is responsible. Griezaman at first did not perform at Barça, Eden Hazard not good at Madrid. Man City let Aguero leave that does not mean City is rough club. But fools like you does not know football and believes their idiotic beliefs. Lautaro should play in competitive league.

        • you wouldn’t have to answer “people like me” if you’d take your laughable opinions somewhere else, let’s not forget your Foyth arse kissing, no big player would touch arsenal at this point, its equivalent to saying Lautaro should join Brighton for the sake of playing in prem, Arsenal have no plan no project and when you compare Barcelona, Real and City to them and their players having problems yet all of those clubs that you mentioned prevailed without them. You’d be able to see the difference between them and Arsenal but then again its you.

          • You are a complete idiot,Foyth was phenomenal in Europa League and you will see him soon in Argentina team again but people like you always remains asshole can not compare Arsenal to Brighton. Arsenal were 7th in league there are many good players Partey,Pepe,Auba,Gabriel,Ben White. Right Now Barcelona is in more bad condition than Arsenal but still Aguero, Depay,Garcia came it is hilarious to listen no big player will touch Arsenal. Go and learn about football you fool.

    • I swear you must be doing this at purpose at this point. It seems that you purposely try to have an opposite opinion than everyone on everything. This goes up in the leaderboard for one of your dumbest comments

      • Lautaro wasted many chances in Copa even open net but you are blind to them. He needs to be sole strike so that he can up his game.

        • Who said I was blind to them? That is exactly my point — he was poor for Argentina precisely BECAUSE he was playing as a solo striker. It’s been tested and very clearly it does not work very well for him. He does best feeding off of another striker in a partnership which he will not be able to do in Arsenal unless they change the system.

          “in Arsenal he will face pressure to perform as sole striker … He is very inconsistent and looks lost in pitch sometime Serie A is comparatively easier than Premier league”

          Right, because there is nothing better than sending an inconsistent striker who will not fit the system to a more difficult league and to a cesspool of a club where he will be castigated by the toxic fans and media almost immediately. It is a recipe for disaster in literally every way. Not to mention that Arsenal is not good for Argentinians and there is no Argentinians there already that he can form chemistry with. This will undoubtedly cause the very inconsistency you don’t like to grow and he will receive multiple times the amount of hate for that

          • It looks like you are already sure Lautaro will not perform in Arsenal, yeah fan and media are toxic but if performs he will be good.

    • Gotta agree with Olive. Arsenal is the last place i would like to see Toro at. Atletico would be great. seems like a great fit to take over from Suarez.

  12. Ezeql Barco is one of Args. best youth player in Olimpics. I m sure Scaloni give him a good opportunity to play with Senior team I think he is a player who can drag the ball well at his feet easily. it’s something missing in Args midfield. He can create short and long passes with almost good accuracy and he is technically good also..I think he is closing to Senior team with a sub for locelso..Under Scaloni Barco and Delavega can easiily grow with thr full potential.

    • i certainly wouldn’t mind him getting called up but there are players in front of him right now…

      At ATL UTD, he hasn’t been bad but he’s far from the crown jewel that everyone expected. There is still hope of dream transfer to Euro but this year HAS TO BE IT. Golden boy better light up the stage this season, prove he was worth ATLs record transfer fee and hopefully Sevilla comes knocking 🙂

      > Under Scaloni Barco and Delavega can easily grow with thr full potential.

      I can’t agree with this statement. Scaloni isn’t really the guy to develop talent.

      • Nt Coached by several big names in Arg. Scaloni is different from all those coaches. He brings best out of Messi by coordinating young and seniors very easily. He developed so many younsters into a w.class NT material.Example is Montiel s comeback foam in Copa final. Before final he is iin near to out from Nt. but scaloni confident to gave him one more chance in final. His rotation and motivation is apreciable..

        • > He brings best out of Messi by coordinating young and seniors very easily.

          Coordinating is not same as developing talent.

          > He developed so many youngsters into a w.class NT material.

          Like who?
          Nico played terrible for an “attacker”.
          Molina improved via Udines and was hit or miss during copa.
          Lisandro didn’t get any minutes.
          Toro already tearing it up and didnt have a good tournament.
          Romero, De Paul, Lo Celso were all fire outside of NT.
          Palacios stagnate via club.
          A Correa didn’t get any minutes.
          J Correa didn’t play well.

          Besides, many might disagree but i thought from an overall standpoint, we were pretty horrific attacking wise. Do you remember the team playing like dog shit after 15 minutes?

          > Example is Montiel s comeback foam in Copa final. Before final he is iin near to out from Nt

          That’s Montiel and River shining that day and a mixed bag of good and bad games doesn’t help his case.

          > His rotation and motivation is apreciable..

          Agreed, there is merritt to giving players chances. I just don’t see Scaloni improving a guy like Barco, compared to someone like Bielsa or Simeone.

          • I agree with your points chori. I think that our players should rely more on their clubs to improve than Scaloni. That starts with not going to the mls 🙃. And our next qualifiers are against Venezuela and Bolivia, which I think we should take advantage of to challenge ourselves to attack the entire game and score as many goals. Maybe it will encourage us to be more freescoring in more difficult games. (They are also prime games to try out Buendía and maybe give Dybala minutes). And about the rotation the only player in the copa squad that did not play across the qualifiers and Copa was Musso (although there is also Palomino and Buendía who did not make copa squad but didn’t play in qualifiers either)

  13. Julian Alvarez to MLS potentially. An incredibly sad trend of our young players going to shit leagues and while they may be good there they will not likely be world class playing in mls

    • Good news: Diario Ole says that the bid was denied because the amount was too little and Alvarez himself wants to stay at River and move to a better league eventually. Someone with a brain! It was only ever a bid from Orlando, no talks.

  14. Yes indeed it will never get ! And that is why all this fuss n’ fight from theese Varzilians lead by greatestdiverevericharlison or what ever his name is or will be in da future !
    Theese Varzilians are so affraid now that all this fuss n’ fight is coming at straight from da their fear because our beloved Albiceleste achieved to beat them second time in competive game at Maracana as also Uruguay has done once before and wow in what a fashion and style we did it ! After draught of 28 year’s we won rightfully our Copa as also finally at same time our drought of 28 year’s just simply vanished away and also blew the Varzilians out their cocky mind’s which arenow so scared from our beloved Albiceleste and even more scared because our youth’s b team allmost beat the Spanish who had 6 players from da this year’s euros besides their other great players and that is why they are now even more scared than after what happened in at mighty Maracana and this scare will not be easy for them to washbit away and i’m sure we will most propably see even more provosal behavior from theese cocky minded Varzilians !

    • Agreed, to stoop down to the level of making fun of the olympic team given all of the conditions you mentioned a couple of weeks after losing the copa on home soil is some level of audacity and arrogance. Clearly it still hurts them and they need to make themselves feel better in some way haha

  15. I know some may disagree with me, But I really think Erik Lamela is a very underrated player.
    I am hoping he has a good club season that catches the eyes of the AFA and brings him back to the team.

    • He is a good player, but his bad fitness record kills him. The same is true for Manu Lanzini. Imagine these two having the fitness of Inaki Willams (played four full seasons for his club without missing a single game).

      • yeah…his injuries messed him up. Dude needs to lay off deep fried fish and chips :).Maybe a change in diet and physical demands may help him stay injury free at Sevilla???

        Regardless, i still would have included him 100% for copa as a late sub to help close the game. Lamela is a rabid dog, bullies players, total nightmare to play against, especially in the last 15 to 20 mins.

        • This is a small sample size to prove anything, but I remember Ocampos and Acuna were injured at one point and recovered way faster than expected at Sevilla. Hopefully that is a good sign for Lamela regarding Sevilla’s doctors. I also think he is very talented but it is a shame how his career went when you look at how much potential he once had. He did have good moments but struggled to sustain it for a long enough time. At least La Liga is less physical and maybe he will have less injuries than at Tottenham, but even then he is 29 and this move came a few years too late, so we will see if it is possible for him to get back into it and revive his career

    • Coco is not underrated at all, it’s his never ending injuries that hampered him and this seems to be a trend with players at Spurs (argentine or otherwise). I honestly don’t know what the hell their medical staff is doing in there or what they’re getting paid for.

  16. Has Brazil football just sunk to new low? from 7-1 & 3-0 lost at home to losing to arch rival in final at home , now they’re satisfied just by progressing from group stage in youth tournament? 😀

    Nico might not score in the tournament, but he’s given a task to tire opponent defence while also doing defensive work when off the ball. He did that successfully , especially when he helped to open the scoring against Ecuador. Hopefully he could recover his goalscoring form like Lautaro finally did.

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