Tottenham and Atalanta reportedly agree on Cristian Romero fee


Tottenham and Atalanta have reportedly come to an agreement regarding the transfer of Cristian Romero.

The Argentina Copa America winner looks to be on his way out of Italy as he has been linked with a move to Tottenham since the end of the Copa America. The two clubs have reportedly agreed on a transfer of €50 million with an additional 5 million in bonuses.

It would be a transfer which would keep him at the club until 2026. In addition, if reports are to be believed, Romero has already agreed personal terms with Tottenham.

Per César Luis Merlo, the transfer is not yet finalized as Atalanta themselves have to finalize a transfer first.


  1. All Argentina major sites have apparently report d that the deal is done. Romano has not though.

    I think what happens is Atalanta have accepted the bid and Romero himself has agreed to personal terms. It has yet to be announced because Atalanta is waiting for the replacement first.

    So… I am officially a Spurs fan 🙂 Now I hope they will bid for Emi Martinez (maybe next year) and Lautaro (if Kane leaves).

  2. I don’t understand the general unhappiness here reg. Argentines joining EPL teams (beside the historical Arg. Eng issues). Even more perplexing is the insistence on playing in a CL club than a EuL club. Most clubs get to play 3-5 matches in CL and most of them are not much better than the top 5 teams in EPL. Besides th extra 3-5 matches (which you can get with EuL anyway) I don’t see the problem with Argentines playing in EPL… Let Romero play in Tot against MC and MU and Liv. and LC and prove his worth.. EPL may not be the most technical but it is certainly the most physical leauge..lateral movement within EPL for non-English players is happening every season…and a manager would be an idiot to not play Romero if he is fit and avail….Nuno is no idiot…so politics and manager ego should not be a problem with Cuti… so what is the problem?

    • 2 big problems:

      1. Atalanta is a better club (both personnel and overall performances) than Spurs…..atleast for the time being.

      2. Atalanta plays CL, and it’s not just for “3-5 matches”, because Atalanta is such a good club they are actually competitive in the CL, last season they played 8 games and were knocked out by semi-finalists Real Madrid, while the season before that they played 9 games and were *this close* to knocking out PSG.
      Then you have Spurs who couldn’t even make pass the QF in the freaking Europa league.

      3. Every single Argentine player who came to Spurs suffered a no end of injures, starting with Lamela, then Foyth and now Celso and non of these guys had any injury issues before coming to this club, which tells me that the EPL and it’s physicality isn’t suitable for some of our Argentine boys. More alarmingly other players like Nodembele, Son and Kane all had major layoff injuries during the last 2 seasons, which tells me that this s**t club doesn’t have a competent medical to take care of it’s players.

      At the end of the day I just hope that C.Romero and Celso don’t wither and die like Lamela did because those 2 are ESSENTIAL to Argentina’s chances next year.
      Atleast Foyth got out and is now playing CL, so I guess one could call that a silver lining.

      • I meant 3-5 teams (not matches) but the injury point is well taken. Playing in a good team is good experience but joining a mediocre team and bringing it into CL contention is a true test of quality and something I wish for and hope for Cuti. The same fate I hope for Buendia. Time will tell.

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