Cristian Romero presented as Tottenham Hotspur player


Cristian Romero has officially signed with Tottenham and has been presented as a player.

Romero is now in the Premier League. After weeks of speculation, the 23 year old Argentina Copa America winner joins from Atalanta.

Cuti will wear the number four shirt at the club where he will be playing alongside fellow Copa America winner with Argentina, Gio Lo Celso. Named as the best defender last season in Serie A, Tottenham posted a video of Romero presenting himself.

Here is what Tottenham posted as they announced Romero.


The Argentine joins on a reported 55 million dollar transfer.


  1. I just watched highlights of the Olympic final. Both two teams played horrible. Route to the final is shorter than WC, Batista would have fielded a much stronger squad, this is an easy Olympics to win.

    2004 and 2008 our squads were too strong!

  2. There you go:

    BREAKING: Inter Milan is heading towards Liquidation. The plan is to sell every player who receives a bid. Selling Lukaku isn’t the end: Lautaro Martinez, Barella, De Vrij. No-one can be certain of wearing the Inter shirt next season.

    (Source: @Corriere)

    Serie A is done

  3. Lukaku to Chelsea confirmed.

    Man these serie A teams are broke. They sell all their best players. Donnarumma, Romero, Lukaku. Then soon J. Correa, Tomiyasu, etc.
    No wonder why Lautaro wants out before things get worse there. Surprise CR7 still staying there.

  4. People stop calling league one farmer league PSg make it to the final one times an one two the semi finals once the lost because of bad luck and lyonnais want on the semi finals and Lille win the season last year and the trophees des champions last week they been buying wounderful players league one will be the one to wash mark my word

  5. Look at the extra speed Malcom offers for Brazil to win the gold medal in the extra time..
    This is what I m talking about, we need some speedy wingers to steal a winner in the later part of the game if we face such scenarios..

  6. PSG argentine dream team…GK—Sorin-Heinze-Pochettino—Di Maria-Lo Celso-Paredes-Pastore -Lavezzi—Icardi-Messi…supersub and coach Marcello Gallardo. Did i forget somebody from the last 15-20 years?

  7. As long as Messi is happy, PSG is fine. So he is going to get 700k euros per week and he will use 19 number in PSG.
    Neymar offered his number 10 but going by the reports, Messi rejected the offer politely.

  8. I hope messi complete his move to psg and win uefa champions league for psg and proved haters.
    F**k fcb I will never forgot how they treat juan roman riquelme, javier saviola and juan pablo sorin they were thier prem at that time , Literally disrespected them. Fcb were always favour dutch and Brazilian players, contrary Real Madrid used be home of Argentinians before Florentino Pérez.

    • in my eyes PSG is the easy choice for Messi. safe mode. i don t blame him. in his age he doesn t have to prove anything to anybody so why not. Just i will like to see him play in Italy (Inter or Napoli ). Or we can sell Monumental and bring him play in River 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • youre right, he doesn’t have anything to prove.

        Ligue 1 is incredibly physical, maybe even more so that Premier league. i do like that Messi is surrounded by amazing attackers so he’ll get more rest prior to world cup. We need Messi rested and on fire for Dec 18th, 2022.

      • Yes, we all know he likes River. He came so close to being ours! We will gladly send our 10 carrascal as a “present” to Europe to make room. We weren’t too bad in Independiente and Banfield’s stadiums, we can do it again 🙂

  9. In big matches Donnarumma—Kimpembe-Marquinhos-Ramos—Di Maria-Paredes-Verratti-Hakimi—Neymar-Mbappe-Messi….this will be the final solution 3-5-2, double pivot cause the lack of defensive work of magical trio. Di Maria as wing back, he has all to do it,in Sampaoli first match in 2017 against Brazil he played in the same position, we beat them. Wijnaldum is not a defensive midfielder, he will be a super sub. Messi denied the 10 number from Neymar, probably he will wear the 19 half 10 half 9…good number.

    • Pochettino is a fan of 4-2-3-1 more than 4-3-3 so I see no reason why being an Argentine himself, he can’t start DI MARIA, MESSI along with Mbappe and Neymar. Pochettino is not Pep, I won’t worry about the defense being exposed when playing those 4. He is a balanced coach. He is not a ball possessed freak. Mbappe, Neymar, Messi, and Di Maria all are excellent at counter attack.

      I think he would tell Di Maria, Neymar, and Mbappe to defend and let Messi alone without the obligation to defend.

      • Hakimi couldnt play right back, not a defender, plus PSG dont have class left back, double pivots is needed cause magical 3, plus Di Maria and Kimpembe are too good players to not play in the starting 11 imo.

    • Messi wasnt denied the #10 as far i can tell. Neymar offered and Messi declined. Not surprising given Messi personality, he always shows respect. I read he might take #19, wore when Ronaldinho wore the 10 before his departure in 2008.

      For 4231, i would assume they need an aggressive physical ball winner in the double pivot and that’s neither Verratti or Paredes.

  10. In less than 4 weeks we will enjoy our national team again. The complete schedule of the September WC qualifier:

    September 2nd:
    Venezuela vs. ARGENTINA

    September 5th:
    Brazil vs. ARGENTINA

    September 9th:
    ARGENTINA vs. Bolivia

    I expect almost all of the copa america heroes to be back.

  11. Just waiting…Messi in PSG..!
    Haters said Messi wont be successfull in other clubs. He will show to the world what he can do. He will win almost every trophies available. He will score just like Barcelona. I hope he win atleast 1 Champions League and a Ballon D’or there..!

    Sure a WC with Argentina too…!

      • While la liga will look like farmer’s league without messi fcb are dead and who gives f**k now anyway
        I’m glad leo messi is leaving and looking fresh challenge, it’s only psg who can afford him
        Do you want him to play free or as charity it’s business mate in case you don’t know plus Messi is brand by himself french league will sell out now.
        Surely psg will win uefa champions league with messi and that’s big history by it self.

        • Bro then you don’t know the history of la liga Barcelona and Real Madrid used to be worlds two historic clubs even before Messi, Cr7, R9, Zidane , Figo, Iniesta , Xavi ……..
          Yes they can win UCL but messi can’t make their league competitive.
          Barcelona is not dead with the players like Griezmann, De jong, Dembele, Pedri, Aguero, Ansu .
          Imagine Messi playing against Barcelona at Camp nou with fans , it would be tears in his eyes.

          • Mrinal: I never say la liga is farmer’s league
            I was just counter your own words.
            It’s obvious la liga is one of the best leagues in the world if is not the best however fcb and Real are massively declining now because of financial trouble this is first time either Real or fcb can’t compete with other European super power clubs interms economics.

      • Harder to score in France than in Italy nowadays, Serie A is a party league with 3 goal/match average, in France or in Spain the same number is cca 2,5. 40 years old Ibrahimovic, Immobile, Lukaku (MU flop), Quagliarella, old CR or Higuain with record 36 goals say all. Ben Yedder scored 20 goals in last season with 10!!! penalties, he was much better in Spain btw, i dont see the 30 goals strikers in France, only absolute world class freak Mbappe is that.

      • If he wins Champions league with this team…world will remember that. Messi taking that challenge..and he believes PSG has that capacity now. Let him create a history there too.

  12. Otamendi was a failure. We thought he was just one of the Maradona puppets, but then Nuno Espirito Santo bought him from Atletico Mineiro and coached him in Otamendi only season in Valencia which resulted in the team 4th place. That one season was enough to make Otamendi world class and earned a nickname of “Messi and CR7 stopper” in that season and was drawing interests from many top clubs. The next season, Man City bought him.

    Now the same Santo will coach the already world class Cristian Romero. Let’s see what he can do.

  13. Aguero is no longer a free agent- no point talking..

    I will wish good luck to Laporta to take Barcelona on their long journey..and bring good is still hard to believe Barcelona is dependent on free agent players..

    At this moment – Laporta is the most powerful person in Barcelona..with Messi out..

  14. I made my feelings about Romero’s transfer very clear, so nothing more to add apart from me wishing him the best. Romero is WAY too good for those lily whites and I just hope that he’ll end up bringing them up instead of Spurs bringing him down, which is what usually happens with them.

    • I saw a picture of Aguero training yesterday, he did not look happy at all. I hope he can terminate the contract and go to Inter… but Lautaro also seems OK to go to EPL? What if Aguero goes to Inter and Lautaro moves somewhere?

      Well as long as Barca promises Aguero first team football, it is fine that he is staying.

  15. Messi leaving is good for both him and Barcelona..It will take Barcelona time to rebuild and scout, but that’s going to the case for any club when you lose the most important player and have an aging team..

    Would have liked Messi in EPL..lets see

  16. For me, the right place for Messi at this moment is Chelsea; however he will feel lonely there without his gangs and language problem plus maybe his fans doesn’t like London and EPL 🙂

    Paris offers more luxury and happy life

  17. From Disaster to Seria A’s best defender.

    Must read article on Can’t share the link as I copied the header from the app, website can’t be opened in Canada!!

    A small paragraph from the article, de Vrij, Milan Skriniar and Alessandro Bastoni may have played pivotal roles in Inter’s Serie A success, but it was Romero who was rightly named the league’s best defender.

  18. With all the star players around Messi’s workload will reduce to half!! Also if Icardi scores few goals of off Messi’s assist he might endup playing the world cup. Win win scenario for Albiceleste!! All I want is PSG to offload Mbappe to Madrid!!

  19. Wow, I was thinking about PSG just few days ago and all the fire power they’ll have at their disposal this season and here comes the cherry on top, the Boss of Bosses.
    Suddenly Messi doesn’t have to throw the ball and run to catch it anymore, Barcelona F**ed up and that Idiot Koeman is going to be at the wheel when his ship starts sinking……….he might not even finish the season.

    We are ARGENTINA diehards here and at least MY allegiance when it comes to football is to the sky-blue and white and NO ONE ELSE.
    To hell with Barcelona and NOT just for letting their greatest football player go and possibly the greatest ever but for other few things as well:
    Not fully supporting Messi when his bogus tax-issues came to light……..seems like anybody who ever worked in Spain has the same issue………..last I heard Shakria was on the chopping block now……….go figure.
    How Messi was treated at the beginning of last season when they tangled him around like a doll, YOU DON’T DO THAT TO MESSI.
    Hiring one idiot coach after another to run the club and in doing so shooting themselves in the ass and killing any chance they had for winning the UEFA again.
    Ridiculous signing of one player after another that came out to nothing, the signing of Coutinho ALONE financed Liverpool run to the EPL and UEFA!!
    All the behind the scenes, he said, she said about Messi that all turned out to be LIES.
    Being cheap when it came proper players, forgot his former club, but when they offered to sell Ansensio for 5 million, Barcelona answer was, can we do installments!!!!, RM came in and said we’ll pay the full amount.
    Messi will now have more than enough rest he needs to compete at club and country level without being worked to death.

    • Yes exactly spot on ! Your points are exactly pinpointed as clear as they can be ! Specially i will only be allways just intrested about our beloved Albiceleste as u said it allready so well in your post ! Not to even mention all the bullshit from Barca for blody decades since allready all the way back to DIEGO himself and all the rest of Argentine players who just got shit from Barca as RIQUELME, SORIN , SAVIOLA ETC… AND OFFCOURSE LEO HIMSELF ! So no need to cry for Barcelona anymore or should actually i rather say no need to cry for LEO anymore, but unfortunatly Still for KUN !

      Fucking Barca allways messing Argentine players !

  20. There’s plenty to like about Romero’​

    South American football expert Tim Vickery:

    “Centre-back has been a real problem position for Argentina for years and just since the start of June when he first played, Cristian Romero has been greeted as the saviour. Even with just five caps, he’s now the first defender on the team sheet for Argentina.

    “He had a few injuries during the Copa America and only played three games, but Argentina didn’t concede in those three games and had a splendid season at Atlanta, who are an attacking club. Their defence was often exposed but he came through that very well.

    “He’s combative – sometimes a little too combative – he’s 23 so there’s a lot of football ahead of him. Tottenham may be paying a little over the odds for him, but there’s plenty to like about him. He’s a real fighter.”

    That seems to be the general consensus. If he mature’s, smartens up & calms down a bit then it sounds like we have a good player on our hands.
    Doubt he will be a bad signing. Either decent 7/10 player or a good 8-9/10 player.

    • Yes indeed brilliant signing for any club he is allready and will just get better as year’s will follow ! And if it is Spurs he has chosen then let him be the one who chooses for his own career rather than someone else ! And Nuno once made a beast out Otamendi in Valencia and Romero is allready a beast so there can be that he will end up as one of the greatest CB’s of this new era to come !

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