Paulo Dybala scores for Juventus in 3-0 win vs. Malmo


Paulo Dybala scored for Juventus in their 3-0 win vs. Malmo.

Dybala scored his first goal of the Champions League this season in his first match, a goal which gave them the 2-0 lead. With the score at 1-0, Juventus were awarded a penalty kick and it was Dybala to take it.

The Argentine converted his chance and scored as Juventus go top of the table, ahead of Chelsea on goal difference. Dybala was also named man of the match.


  1. Coming to the games, today I watched the Leverkusen game. Both Palacios and Alario looked sharp.

    I have earlier asked the question about Palacios and felt he is like a poor man’s Lucho Gonzalez. Today he looked bringing more to the table, especially going forward, passing between the lines.

    Alario looked sharp too. He is perhaps a better choice for #9. For all that Lautaro brings to the game, we need a clinical finisher of the bench. Hoping J. Correa and Alario stays fit and grows stronger. Let’s not talk about Gaich please 🙂

  2. There is a major campaign that has started in British media and Sky sports to sensationalize English football and CR7, plus Grealish etc. First it was Gary Neville and now Owen who have started to trash Messi and promote CR and how English teams and players are much superior.

    There was a big article that came out from Marca (Madrid mouthpiece) about how English media could not participate in GOAT discussions since 2009. Now Sky is seeing opportunity to promote CR as their boy again.

    This will be an interesting media year. Everyone hates PSG, for their financial power. There will be lot of media time spent trashing Messi and hyping CR tap ins and penalties. Not sure Poch is up for the job. In 2 weeks City plays PSG. I so wish Messi to teach them a lesson in the game.

    • with all the respect but why it is important for you the english media aproval?
      why you need their praise?
      if they say that Ronaldo is better than Leo this means something?
      or just because they believe Messi is worse than Ronaldo that means that it is and the truth.
      Come on my friend. Be serious.
      i don t give a damn for english media and everybody related to them.
      f..k them all. i don t care. i advice you to do the same.

      • It annoys me that they exploit the Ronaldo Messi debate and continue it on in order to get views, attention, comments, likes, ticket sales, etc etc because it should be a foregone conclusion. But when it comes to the pressure on our players to perform in the WC I am more than happy for them to underestimate and underrate us while putting pressure on the European teams. I remember before the Copa final everyone outside of Argentina was disrespecting us and on numerous occasions I saw them saying Brazil would destroy us. Makes me laugh. Let it happen again

  3. Main concern for PSG is Mid field. Parades gini herrea were there mid ?? They are not close to any world class mid fielder that other big European teams have. Verrati and Gueye will comeback so I think parades will get less game time. Neymar do occasionally defending. But messi and mbappe not.

    • PSG played with zero midfield.. they are so bad..only Mbappe is good..neymar is a shit.. Icardi missed chances To score and impress Messi… but ..he frustrates Messi .. always offside.. all looks out of touch..

      In inter game against realmadrid .. Lautaro missed scoring opportunity..

  4. Is Paredes’ spot in P$G secure? I am not so sure, with the trio that does not press upfront they probably need a double pivot of hard tackling DMs to sweep things up, at least against strong opponents.

    Licha Martinez played well vs Sporting, I hope he has a good season. A friend of mine who is a hardcore Ajax supporter really rates Licha highly.

      • The bigger issue is not Otamendi but the fact that Licha is down the packing order even after Pazella, LMQ, and even Foyth. I think Otamendi is the transitional figure and he needs to stay there until a new center back pair is integrated fully, be it Romero – Licha or Romero-Sensi. This integration should have been started much earlier. Scaloni, I don’t know in which mind, putting his eggs on Otamendi and Pazella for the World Cup. He needs to find a young CB as soon as possible. Unfortunately, LMQ isn’t that person.

        Every coach has their own limitations that costed us in the past. I hope it’s not the “waiting for the divine touch to make a change in prayer selection ” of Scaloni in Qater 2022.

        • El torero Akhi, in all honesty I agree with you most part of your sayings , firstly I don’t think lmq is bad as people making, all the games he played for nt was more than alright. The difference otamendi and lmq is the continuity, if scaloni give five or six match in the qualifier one of lich or lmq to partner with cuti Romero, I believe we will say different things I mean in positive way.

          • Spot on! LMQ is undoubtedly a great defender. He gave us solace when Cuti was still nowhere in the NT picture. He was wonderful playing against Mexico and 2-3 other games played towards the end of pre-covid era. He might be struggling for form at the moment, but I still rate him very high. We’ll see…

          • I was very optimistic about LMQ but recently he failed to meet the expectations, especially his current performance with the Florentine. Maybe, it’s just a bad form. Hope he regains this form.

  5. I have to say I am not sold on Poch. Wont be surprised if he gets fired. You need someone like Ancelotti or Conte or similar type to manage the balance. There are some people who may have modern methods of coaching, very good at proof of concepts etc. but its a different ball game to be a champion. Poch is more the first kind. Lets see.

  6. This Messi- Neymar- Mbappe trio will never work in UCL with the midfield psg have leave alone Dimaria they all contribute almost nothing off the ball. Only Veratti is the decent midfielder psg has.
    MSN worked in 2014-15 because Barcelona had midfielders like Iniesta, Busquets, Xavi/ Rakitic and Dani alves as RB in their good days who were capable of holding and circulating the ball in the midfield fearlessly without the risk of loosing possession, Even MSN didn’t work in UCL after their midfield weakened.
    Neymar and Mbappe was anonymous in the game only messi was trying to make things happen.

  7. Messi didn’t play bad today. I wonder what happened to Naymer. He couldn’t hold the ball, pass the ball. It was Maria who missed today. If he was there, I am sure Naymer would be replaced after 60 mins.
    PSG defense is very much poor. They need to change their attitude to dribble and passing among them inside the D box. When they pass among the defenders for long time, opponents come to press them and lose the ball.

    • Neymar’s looks fat. Looks past his prime.
      Messi looked pretty sharp.
      Di Maria will probably play as a spark replacement which is exactly what we need from him next year. And he will be fresh.
      Paredes and De Paul are the guys we really need to gave stellar years to come into the WC 100% confident.

  8. 2 things I’ll point out regarding PSG:

    1. It took MSN 3 years in Barcelona to become unplayable. Mbappe is too selfish and Neymar ain’t young Neymar anymore.

    2. Poch is a poor man’s coach with the opportunity of his life to FINALLY win. I’ve said this before, he could never coach our NT because he is NOT a winner. PSG don’t even win the league last year after they’ve dominating with Emery & Tuchel – heck Tuchel wins the Champions League last year. During Poch time in Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United, Man City, even Leicester won the premiere league. Not one major title has he won! He goes to the Champions League final and the team doesn’t even perform. He is always 2nd place Emery a better coach. Poch has no excuse to win the league. No excuse.

    I hope he wins everything and makes me eat my words as Scaloni did.

  9. Messi is not a center forward that can walk right into a team and start scoring goals. The team need to be built around him to get the best out of him. It would have been best if Mbappe had transferred to Madrid. Now with Neymar, Messi and Mbappe around PSG has to play all three that do no defending whatsoever. It is looking like the classic case of too many chefs spoiling the broth. Also it takes few games for the players to build chemistry and coordination with one another, so lets hope Poch will figure something out. And it seems like Dimaria will be playing a lot less matches this season.

    • Well said, the whole team was out of sink, passing was horrendous and whenever a pass was completed, the receiver seemed to always find a way to mess it up.
      This is their 2nd game playing together and Messi didn’t even play that whole game.
      Its real football, not FIFA.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if Paredes is sacrificed in the future because Poch has Neymar, Messi, Di Maria, Mbappe, and Icardi to choose from up front and none will provide too much defensive work, so if he wants to play even just three at once he will need a heavy working midfield and a DM that actually defends to make up for that. That is my guess. Veratti and Ramos coming back will certainly help some of their other issues

  10. OM under Sampaoli is playing great football, his 3331 that he wanted to implement with the national team working so well now, false 9, false winger and 1 half centre back on 1 side, a real winger and a winger back on the other side, 3 central midfielders who can attack and defend. Really the way that he tried to implement with the national. Full of energy, high intensity of pressing and fast transition.

    • Sampaoli wasn’t given time with the NT. He was wanted by Barca once. What he did in Seville was amazing (beating RM twice) and putting a master class performance against Barcelona, although he lost that game after Barcelona switched to a counter-attack.

      The only problem with Sampaoli’s style is that it is easily dismantled by a technical team that plays counterattack (Barca, Croatia, & France).

      Bielsa/Sampaoli styles ALWAYS get destroyed by technically gifted counter-attacking teams. Don’t be surprised to see 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 losses after brilliant performances. These teams get tired due to all the pressing and all-out attacking football.

      Only Sabella, Tati, and now Scaloni have proven to adjust team & style of play to opponents

    • I hope Lautaro will be Inter no 1. penalty tacker after Lukaku (Dzeko doesnt kick them) so we can see him in action, vs Real would be good to start… (under bigger pressure against big team but still in group stages without real importance in first round, but not bad to start).

    • We would also need to examine the type of pens but overall, Icardi is 81% and Dybala is 85%. I’m not counting Paredes at 100% should be taken lightly because low numbers can change conversion rates drastically. If Paredes misses the next, he would drop to 80%, if misses the 6th, he drop further to 66%. Similar for Nico but not as misleading, at 90%, if he misses next, he’s at 80%. I do trust Nico’s numbers more than Paredes since he’s taken 2x and Dybala over nico since he’s taken +3x.

      might be missing someone obvious but i would line up:


  11. I need like 4 hattricks, 8 doubles, 5 free-kick goals this season from Dybala.
    How many of us thought he was going to be considered among the greats after he knocked out Barca in Champions League?

    Injuries set him back, but now it’s time to peak. Messi is Goku, Dybala can be our Vegita 🙂 – He can be the difference-maker for us.