Paulo Dybala scores for Juventus, substituted off injured


Paulo Dybala scored for Juventus but was substituted out minutes later.

Dybala started the match for Juventus as he scored off a left footed shot from outside of the penalty area to give them a 1-0 lead. However, Dybala would be substituted off just minutes later.

After scoring, Dybala looked to have gotten a muscle injury as he left the pitch in tears. He was part of the Argentina squad for the September World Cup qualifiers and with his form being what it was, would also have been included in the October squad.

Argentina play three World Cup qualifying matches in October with the first one in less than two weeks.



  1. Go to 23 squad wc 2022?? (4231)
    Gk (7) emi martinez, juan musso, geronimo rulli, franco armani, agustin marchessin, walter benitez, jeremias ledesma.
    Rb (3) : gonzalo montiel, nahuen mollina, juan fyoith
    Lb (2) ; marcos acuna, nicolas tagliafico
    Cb (8) : ottamendi, cuti romero, german pezzela, lisandro martinez, martinez quarta, leo ballerdi, marcos senessi, facundo medina
    Mdf (5): rodrigo de paul, paredes, guido rodriguez, ezequel palacios, nicolas dominguez
    Lw :(4) lo celso, papu gomez, nicolas gonzales, lucas ocampos
    Rw : (5)dimaria, angel correa, paulo dybala, julian alvarez, erik lamela
    Amdf : (2)leo messi, joachin correa
    No 9 : (4)lautari martinez, mauro icardi, sergio aguero, lucas alario.
    Total : 40. Man….to 23 man squad.


      3 RB’s : MOLINA, MONTIEL, FOYTH( also can be used as CB if needed)

      2 LB’s : ACUNA, TAGLIAFIGO( 3rd maybe not needed as LICHAcan cover as LB)

      3 CB’s : CUTI, OTAMENDI, LICHA( 4th CB if needed SENESSI as ARG NEED PACE AND CUTI AND OTAMENDI HAVE ENOUGH EXPERIENCE TO GUIDE LICHA AND MAYBE SENESSI TOO as maybe will be better to have only 11 defenders instead of 12 or even 10 perhaps, though it is a bit risky as everything at the stage of WC !

      5 MDF’s : DE PAUL, PALACIOS, DOMINQUEZ, RODRIQUEZ, PAREDES( In this part of field Arg will need for sure all those 5 name’s)




      IF ONLY 23 man squad allowed to WC then only 2 GK’s DIBU,MUSSO 3 RWB’s MOLINA, MONTIEL, FOYTH 2 LWB’s ACUNA, TAGLIAFIGO 3 CB’s CUTI, OTAMENDI, LICHA






      • DIBU
        DE PAUL. LO CELSO.


  2. Argentina with a huge win today in the rematch of the World Cup final from 2016 in the quarterfinals against Russia!!!! With the game 1-1 after full time, Argentina wins the penalty shoot out 5-4 against Russia and will set up the classic South American semifinal against Brazil on Wednesday, the 29th!!
    Argentina, the reigning World Cup Champions, will try to build off of the momentum of finishing 1st in Conmenbol for qualifying for this World Cup against the likes of Brazil and others.
    Vamos Argentina!

  3. Totenham Hotspur stats after 6 games of EPL:

    18th/20th – goals (3 goals in 6 games)
    20th – shots
    20th – chances from open play
    20th – big chances
    20th – shot creating actions
    20th – distance covered
    19th – progressive carries
    20th – successful pressure %
    19th – shots allowed

    Embarassing stats.

    Next week Spurs vs Aston Villa. If Emi will get another clean sheet, then Nuno will be sacked for sure.

    • Yet -with all due respect- you seemed to be the happiest person here when Cuti was announced to be going to Spurs and you were very disappointed when Lautaro didn’t end up there.
      I told you this right at the beginning, ‘no growth spurs’ isn’t the team one goes to if they want to get ahead in life and the team is especially bad for Argentines. Honestly look at Foyth and Lamela, playing the best football in their life when they got out of that s*** club.

      The big problem here is that Cuti and Celso are essential for the NT and I fear that having the 2 of ’em ruined will have dire consequences on Argentina.

      I guess the conclusion is: be careful what you wish for! A few of you wanted Cuti and Lautaro there with Celso because you all (understandably) wanted more Argentines to be playing together but that mentality only works if it’s for a team like Sevilla and not this s*** club.

      • Yes I was happy last night and I won’t make too early conclusion now on their career. It is too early to judge. No spurs fans hate Cuti. They all believe he is a good player. It is just the coach is very mediocre.

        He relied on Davinson and Dier because in the first 3 games they played together, the duo did not concede any goal. But that is the prove of mediocrity coaching: relying on someone you know instead of trying to improve the team by introducing a better quality.

        Scaloni is different. Before Copa Anerica started, he had his favorite in Armani, LM Quarta. Then 2 superior players joined in Cuti and Dibu. He chose the superior ones instead of the players he knows well. That is a good coaching. Nuno is mediocre.

        I supported Arsenal last night because the coach “insulted” Cuti by not playing him. It does not mean from now on I will support the opponents of the Spurs, though.

        After listening to all Nuno interview last night, right now what might happen only 3 possible scenarios:
        1. The game last night is very crucial to prove to the coach and fans that Cuti and Lo Celso have nothing to do with all those embarrassing stats and results. So Cuti will always start now
        2. The coach will be sacked.
        3. I believe if the coach is sacked, the probability of the next coach being another moron by not playing Cuti regularly is very small.

        For me Cuti in the Spurs if he plays regularly is very good for his career. No one will deny that at least this year EPL is much stronger than any other leagues. So he gets to defend the likes of Lukaku, CR7, City attackers, Salah, etc. Thats something that he will not get everywhere else where the attacks are much less dangerous week in and week out.

        So Yes I am still a Spurs fan. As long as Cuti is there… and playing

        • Normally I’d agree with you in regards to making early predictions but sadly when it comes to Spurs the writing is on the wall, I mean, again, just look at Foyth and Coco and now Celso. This s*** club is a graveyard for Argentine players and most players in general, it’s a dead end club.

          Nuno isn’t the best coach in the world but at Valencia he was very solid, but you have to remember that he was what….5th or 6th choice for Levi after so many managers said “no thank you”?
          Thus far he has shown that he is way out of his depth, not to mention that him playing Celso out of position constantly and especially after almost 2 weeks of isolation reeks of ineptness.

          Spurs fans in general are a bunch of ingrates, b**ching and moaning about Celso and how he’s “done nothing” for them when he was their MVP in his first season.
          If some of those idiots actually watched football they’d know that Gio is being constantly played out of position and not one of them wondered why he was so good for Argentina in copa just 2 months ago and why his performance for Spurs is in stark contrast to that.

          The good news is that Cuti hasn’t been officially purchased by spurs, so there is still a chance that he might go back to Atalanta.
          As for Celso, I think his contract runs out next year so I hope to dear god that he doesn’t renew and get out of dodge.
          Lastly I really hope that you guys stop hoping and wishing for more of our Argentine boys go to that ‘cul de sac’ of a club because it will do nothing but hurt the NT.

          • Actually Lo Celso and Cuti are in different a position now. Lo Celso situation is not good at all since the fans expect him to produce numbers but Lo Celso is not one of those players with big assists/goals numbers. Being the second most expensive player in their history and the fact that Pochettino chose him over the “superstar” Bruno Fernandes a couple of years ago did not help his case.

            Cuti on the other hand has much less pressure. He replaces Toby and so far the fans think that he is good at least not worse than Toby and will keep improving. I won’t be surprised if Lo Celso is out and Cuti being the person they will build the team around by the end of the season.

            What the Spurs want from Cuti is simple. They want their version of Van Dijk or Dias or Rudiger. I think that is quite a realistic achievement for Romero.

            But what the fans want for Lo Celso is too hard for Lo Celso. They want him to provide the much needed creativity, high assist number (like Eriksen’s), match Bruno Fernandes number (MU best player before CR7 came).

  4. Olive
    Marcelo will not go anywhere before January. Just the problem is that maybe he will not stay more after that so my friend we should start to accept the fact that Gallardo era is ending soon for our beloved team. So we like it or not we should start prepare ourselves for that day. this is life unfortunately.

    • Yes I know it is a big possibility to see him go January. I said that I would hate to see him go to a failing English club specifically. January is not very far away and we still have no idea what is going to happen. I am very worried because so much could change and with the elections as well. I also wonder what would happen to the league challenge if he leaves. Out of curiosity, if he were to leave January what manager would you want to replace him, or are you unsure? Personally my favorite outcome would be for Gallardo to stay until Scaloni leaves the NT to replace him, but that may be several years so it might not be possible.

      • Jorge Brito ,Matías Barreiro, Antonio Caselli, Carlos Trillo are the candidates.
        the first one probably will be the next president. He is D Onofrio s favorite.
        i don t know what relations have Brito with Gallardo. it is important to see the new project and desires of new president for the future and if it will fit with Gallardo s. the sure is everybody will waiting Gallardo s decition for his future. this is very far from clear. as about replacement if Gallardo leave then for me sure somebody from our old ex players will take the chance to be our coach. Crespo, Masche if he decide to be a coach and many others from our past players that became coaches in present are possible replacements of Gallardo. IF GALLARDO LEAVE. right now everything is in air.

  5. Spurs coach make me happy. he keep 2 of our key players healthy and fresh.
    i am just oposite of pissed. i see what happened with Dybala. make you people happy to see our players play well for their clubs and got injured before our national team games?

    Personally i am very happy to see Messi and all our key players sit on bench few days before our national team games. i am glad. i don t want to see risk of injuries 10 days before our games. i care only for my national team. not about any single club of those our players belong to.

    • This is insane logic. Without minutes players will not grow. They need to be regular in their clubs otherwise their skill will start to depreciate. With wc in 2022 November our all players need to be in rhythm even messi struggles for rhythm without game time. My biggest concern is our defense. 1.otamendi is old and little error prone and little slow for fast technical European opponents
      2.romero not getting minutes at spurs
      3.pezella is washed bt still prefer over lisandro Martinez is insane
      4.our best rb defensively is foyth bt not getting any chances

      • it is not insane with all the respect. if players playing without stop then injuries is unavetable. Messi what to grow exactly ? he will lose his skill if don t play every game? the others too.
        But anyway my point mostly is about before the national team games.
        to say it very clear. i prefer our key players 10 days before national team games to be benched in their clubs and be fresh and not tired when the national team games comes. this is the ideal from our national team point of view. not the clubs point of view. But i don t care at all about the clubs of course.
        1. yes true. Just Otamendi is experienced player and vice captain of team. it is difficult to be dropped.
        2. yes true. But this coin have two sides. in national team he is very good always and his missing of games with spurs is not effect him. not yet at least.
        3.true looks like that from outside. just Scaloni something sure he see more than us and he is doing that. we are outside and we don t have the full picture.
        4.Foyth is error prone just like Otamendi. or even worse than Ota.

      • There is no harm for Arg or anyone playing for Arg will not be dropping out of form because stopping to play or not selected by their club coaches just 10 days before THE SA WCQ’S !

        Instead there is allways a risk that someone playing for Arg NT or who been selected or will most propably be selected will actually to get injured even at the very last minute of their last Club games before SA WCQ’s is big possibility SPECIALLY at nowdays when they have to play constantly for their Club’s who on the otherhand are mostly not so keen to even release them anymore for their NT’s at SA WCQ’s for example, because most theese clubs have grown simply too big as most them are more or less CORPORATES at pretty high level allready and just wanting to get more bigger and richer to trash each others and specially the one’s who are suffering from this trend of nowdays Club football are offcourse those who do not have the money as even the big Club’s can suddenly get in to the real trouble as their owners are not only investing their money in football so they all are more or less victims of global market besides those own by those who do actually have those fortune’s at their hands literally and not just playing with virtual money etc… this will all end in a very tragic way or another for the club football of the world as it is just the matter of time when the shit will hit the fan for most of them as only those who have that real wealth at their hands will survive as it is just clearly pure business and nothing else and that make’s it a very sad thing for the game of club football globally ! There is nothing that can stop them as they will only be able to crash their self’s or each others down the way or another…

        So as this kind of dirty business that has existed in Club football which has started allredy a long time a go, well there can be only drama and more money spend to keep it’s intrest alive etc…for the purpose of making more money, offcourse naturally !

        As for me personally i could not care less about those abusers of this beautifull game and only thing that make’s me worried is those things we have allready witnessed at International football too as it is obvious that those amount’s of money around the Club Football will only harm International football as those Club’s have show’n no intrest to spend a dime or 2 for the International football and this abuse will get or has allready get out of hands specially in those parts of the world where they do not have enough money to compete with those rich bastards who want own the whole world etc…so they do not care about International football as they looked at WC or Copa or the Euro’s only for a platform to gain more money and promote certain players or talk about who will move from another club to which club and at which price of money etc…so that those behind the game with the money for looking to make more money can be satisfied and gain even more fortune’s for themself’s as at the same time everyone else more or less is just getting more poorer in the end as will happen to the the whole wide world !

        Well, luckily we Still can enjoy Arg playing International football and hopefully Arg will also succeed at it so like Cox4 said :
        ” i care only for my national team. not about any single club of those our players belong to.”

        Yes, why should we care about those teams who at theese days do not even care about anything else than Club Football !

        Well, offcourse the world can’t obviously play International football all year around so players have to play Club football too as they have allways played, but they who supposed to run things should try stop theese powerhouse Clubs to do what ever they want as the world can’t simply work that way !

  6. So in conclusion according to people’s reactions Dybala won’t make it? So frustrating, I was getting really excited to watch him play. Maybe Argentina can call him up to try and speed up his recovery? This is seriously starting to piss me off, every damn time we have games this doesn’t fail to happen. I actually remember specifically thinking a few days ago that I wouldn’t be surprised if Dybala got injured now that he is in great form

  7. Bringing on raw Bryan Gil as if that will do anything. Your goal at this point should be avoiding a goleada which you can do by bringing on Romero

  8. In one hand I am happy that Romero and Lo Celso didn’t start. I don’t want any more injuries. Don’t play.

    On the other hand, I have always said move from Atalanta to Spurs is a downgrade. Only more money and that’s it. I would have preferred hi staying at Atalanta before the WC year.

    I can care less for Spurs. Both of them should move. Barcelona still interested in Romero. Still better than spurs

    • I haven’t given up on Cuti career on the Spurs. It is too early to judge. I hope it is just a huge lesson for Nuno, if he does not get sacked, that he can NOT rely on players that he trusts only because they were excellent in friendlies.

      I mean it is totally wrong for the manager to put their confidence on the likes of Dier, Alli (only excellent in one game), or Sanchez. There is a reason why the first 2 are ignored by England for more than a year and the last one is heavily criticized in Colombia by many.

      Cuti and Lo Celso are undoubtedly KEY players for Scaloni’s Argentina who just won the Copa America and is 6th in FIFA ranking. If Nuno is not moron, he should figure this out.

      Also if I were Man City, I wouldn’t spend £150 million on the 28 year old Kane. I would rather spend that money on the likes of Haaland or Mbappe.

  9. From the Spurs forum a couple lf minutes ago:

    The club need to be doing due diligence on Marcelo Gallardo now. He is out of contract in a few months at River Plate. If you want a project manager with the right philosophy and the required man management skills, he’s the right one. This squad is one he could do well with.

  10. Daniel Levy is a very impatient man. If he can fire their best manager in last 15 years Pochettino, then he will not even think twice about grabbing Nuno’s collar and throwing his ass out of Spurs! Tottenham spent over 120 million Euros for the Argentine duo and if he fails to properly integrate them into the team then his days are numbered. Losing to their arch rivals in a humiliating manner is certainly going to be strike one for Nuno!!

    Regarding Dybala, this man doesn’t seem to catch a break!! He is supposed to be our backup for Messi but luck doesn’t seem to be on his side atm. Nevertheless, Dybala’s selection for the world cup is mostly going to depend on his Juventus form. If he fails to deliver at Juventus then there is no point taking him to the World Cup.

    It looks like Icardi might get his last shot with the national team. With Aguero and J.Correa both injured and him playing and training together with Messi and Dimaria , this is his golden chance to cement his position in the team. Unlike last time when our team was going through rebuilding process and our midfield failed to provide him any service whatsoever, this time we have a team that can deliver him ample opportunities to score. However , if Scaloni goes for Alario then a great season coupled with fantastic chemistry with Dimaria and Messi can only get him picked for the WC.

    • I am happy they’re losing. Starting a duo of Dier and Sanchez is comical. I enjoy watching this game. A couple of days ago I saw spurs fans complaining about Lo Celso and I saw one saying that Romero looks “clueless without the ball”. I may be the clueless one because I have no idea what that means. I hope Arsenal scores more

    • There will be no more decission’s for Nuno to make as it is clear that he will certainly be sacked for sure ! Hopefully he’s replacement will understand the real value of Cuti and Lo Celso or even more better if someone is willing to buy them in january away from Spurs ! In fact all theese players should leave this shinking ship of Spurs and let spurs to rebuild from their academy’s players or some other youngsters as for Levi he made a very stupid decission most propably his worst ever to not sell Kane for City as for now Kane is not worth of nothing anymore, LOL ! Lucas Moura is new play maker of Nuno’s great influence and super wise tactics , what a joke is this coach ! Even Harry Redknapp was way better as were all the previous managers before Nuno as he will be remembered the worst ever Spurs manager in Spur’s history ! This loss was very needed to PIN point the fact that how bad Nuno really is ! And so happy that Nuno have made all his changes allready so Arg players as Cuti and Lo Celso will not be part of this humiliation ! In fact tney should refuse to play under Nuno and force Levi to kick Nuno out ! 1-9 goal average from the last 3 premier league games 3-0 against Crystal Palace 0-3 against Chelsea and now at Emirates 3-1 i think it might be the worst ever record after 2003 !

  11. Dele Ali still living off the reputation of his 12 goal or whatever season. I don’t see how poor man Theo Walcott finds a place in Tottenham’s starting 11.

    I know it’s a long season but I hate Argentine players in England unless they play for Liverpool or Man City. We haven’t had an Argentine in Liverpool since Maxi Rodriguez. No other top club in England respects our players.

  12. I Can’t believe this how nuno does not start cuti and celso,this is big shameful for our arg loss match Again arsenal.wish arsenal big slap for nunoooo and Tottenham

    • How would Cuti feel now? Someone who is just as expensive as him, Ben White is a key player for Arsenal. To make it worse the ones who Nuno think deserve to start today are an England reject, Dier and the mr inconsistent Davinson Sanchez.

      I remember Di Maria got insulted for not being a starter for Madrid when they just got James Rodriguez. And he went to MU as a result.

  13. That stupid coach bench Cuti and Lo Celso again in a big match vs. Arsenal. I will be rooting for the Spurs to lose. No kidding.

    I think it is an insult to Cuti especially to be benched in such an important match. The likes of Dias or Rudiger; Van Dijk, or Varane always get the start no matter what. It is very insulting.

  14. Out: Dybala, J. Correa, Palacios (might still be called), Aguero, Marchesin

    Available again: Icardi, Ocampos, Alario.

    The list should be all the regulars plus the available again list. And maybe one midfielder to replace Palacios.

    • Why marchesin?? We have lots of option for GK now….rulli, benitez, lendsema are in pipe line…
      in midfield we can use n. domingez, guido and lo celso, both are creative deffensive and make long pass….
      i missed de paul…
      till now Argentina has a strong opponent for any team..

  15. Watching the match live its heartbreaking to see he goes off the pitch with tears he knows now he wont be in qulifiers team
    This was his best chance to break into WC squad inform yet again injured

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