Doubts and returns for Argentina’s October World Cup qualifying squad


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to announce his squad for October’s matches on Monday with a few doubts and possibly some returns.

The Copa America champions will play three matches in October where they will play Paraguay away but host both Uruguay and Peru in the World Cup qualifiers. Lionel Messi is back training with PSG but a few others might still miss out.

As we reported on Sunday, Paulo Dybala had to be substituted off for Juventus and his participation and inclusion in the squad remains unclear. However, with the matches in less than two weeks, it would likely mean that he would miss out.

Joaquin Correa was substituted injured for Inter last week and was not included in the Inter squad for their 2-2 draw against Atalanta. However, according to reports in the Argentine media, he does have a chance of being included in the squad.

Mauro Icardi, who was initially going to be included in the September squad, is back from injury. Roberto Ayala, who is part of the Argentina coaching staff, stated in September that Icardi was going to be included but the injury kept him out. Icardi is back with PSG and even scoring. With Correa possibly not being fully fit and Sergio Aguero likely not included in the squad, this could be Icardi’s chance back into the Argentina national team.

Lucas Alario is also back for his club Bayer Leverkusen and he was one who missed out on the Copa America and September’s matches due to injury. Lucas Ocampos is another one who missed out on the September matches because of an injury but he is back for Sevilla.


  1. Icardi is indeed needed in the NT. Anyone who disagrees only does so for non-footballing reasons.

    In corner kicks, you need headers. Especially in WC matches! Ayala 2006, Puyol vs Germany 2010…Any other famous WC headers??

    In addition to this, what people fail to see is Icardi’s moment off the ball creating space for teammates in PSG. Did anyone see him draw two defenders for Draxler goal in stoppage time recently? Did anyone see the game before where he heading the winning goal from a cross?

    I’ve said it before and I say it again, no one who can make a difference should be left off the team. Remember Germany’s 2014 team had no space on the team for Gotze (a player that once was considered “the next great” ), yet he came off the bench to win the WC against us. Image a WC with injuries and you have a player like Icardi awaiting redemption. Football is full of these stories. Learn from the past.

  2. “Icardi should be called.Anyone who deserves should be called “.

    for once i agree with you. with the second sentence ONLY of course.
    So Icardi IS NOT DESERVE to be called because he and his manager spit his country national team in face back in 2017-2018 with the worse way. (i had posted in past many details about the statements of him and his manager in media against the national team. i am not willing to repeat myself and post the same things again).
    for all of us that we don t have short memory we don t lick now where we spit in past. we are not Icardi and his manager. we have something that they don t have. SELF RESPECT.

  3. Alario should be called.
    Lauturo Martinez is our main striker, we don’t need Icardi. Icardi should be only called if all of our strikers are injured or suspended. There is no space on our team for a guy like that.
    I’m sad about dybala, I thought this would be a golden opportunity for him and the team.

      • The way scaloni wants to play with 9 to 10 players behind the ball I don’t how icardi fits in honestly……he’s very static waiting for the ball in the box

        • I agree with him not fitting tactically.
          But what I mean is his drama. Everything is going well for us, we can’t risk including this guy Icardi in our locker room. He has already caused enough trouble for his clubs and his national team.

          • Yeah,i remember he got back he made a funny comment about how the new generation was more connected the the old guys…..messi had no idea what he meant.
            He’s just toxic and we don’t need that at the moment. We only need buendia and senesi to get incorporated into the team before the WC

  4. The injuries are concerning considering we will have three games over one week. Squad depth and bench quality would come in handy. It would be great if AFA tried to call the players up like for the Copa America to get them recovered quicker and with the team

  5. People expecting and wishing their favorites to get picked, don’t get your hopes high. Scaloni & Co have already made up their mind about 85% of the players and the reason they are picking Bundea, LMQ and L.Martinez even though they are rarely given any opportunity to play is they are the backups. If someone gets injured close to the WC then they will be the ones replacing them. Sadly for Lamela his transfer to Sevilla seems to be one season too late. Unless he has a great season, he won’t be able to make a comback . Regarding Icardi, we don’t actually have a proper backup for Lautaro , a solid no-9 and with Aguero’s contant injuries, we need competent striker on our bench and which is why Icardi is forcing his way back into the team.

    • I agree. I expect probably at most 1-2 new one only because Palacios is injured.

      Alario and Ocampos don’t deserve to be called now as they are still lacking or match fitness, nowhere near their best. Icardi will make it 100%.

      Those asking when the list is out? It is today, in a couple hours from now.

    • Yes Lamela should have left earlier but I beg to differ about his form. He is already having an incredible season and from what I’ve watched I am very impressed, he looks like a close to world class player. His ball retention is great and his passing is excellent and even when SofaScore puts him average points he more than passed the eye test for me. A simple move to Sevilla has brought him an entire level above what he was a few months ago. If he keeps progressing at this rate he will force his way into the squad

  6. Icardi, alario is ok. But we need bench strength in CB position. I believe we have better CB than LMQ and Pezzella. Scaloni should call new players in CB position. May be Senesi, Palomino etc

  7. When will be list out ? Alario will be return, I hope they will take Lamela … He Is someone who press so well.. still long way to go in qualifiers. Hopefully we won all 3. That will put us on closed to qualify . After that we can change few players. Because we don’t have any friendly….

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