Roberto Pereyra scores for Udinese in 3-3 draw vs. Sampdoria


Roberto Pereyra scored for Udinese in their 3-3 draw vs. Sampdoria.

Pereyra scored his second goal of the season for Udinese, his first since their opening match of the season. A low pass into the penalty area found the 30 year old as the Argentine struck it with his side foot to give Udinese the 1-0 lead.

He has featured in all seven league matches for Udinese.


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  2. Armani, Casco, Rojas, Paulo Díaz, Angileri,Santiago Simón, Enzo Pérez, De La Cruz, Palavecino, Julián Álvarez and Braian Romero starting for RIVER.

    Olive thank God Gallardo keep in bench the idiot Carrascal.

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      • he is not starting. He is in bench. Gallardo probably thinking it will be better to sub him in during game. he is not full fit for 90 minutes possibly.

    • “Olive thank God Gallardo keep in bench the idiot Carrascal“

      Well that sadly only lasted 30 minutes. And then he looked like a complete clown. He looks like a large ostrich bird when he falls every time he touches the ball. I am done with him. Probably could have scored more goals if he didn’t play. His passing accuracy was 83%. Surprised it wasn’t 30%

      • Gallardo did big mistake today. he waste 1 sub to put him in and after that idiot destroy at least 3-4 good build ups of our team to score.
        Plus after he saw his mistake Gallardo waste one more sub to put that clown out !!! honestly i am disappointed tonight because we could humiliate Bosteros and insted of that we win 2-1 ONLY !!!
        Bosteros was not existed in pitch tonight and even so they score !!!

        • I know right! Assuming Romero had to leave the pitch to injury if any of Fernandez, Zuculini, Paradela, or Rollheiser had entered for him we could have scored at least two more! This game deserves to be remembered for years but because of the scoreline five years from now it will look like a regular superclasico when in reality it should be a scoreline that bosteros look on 10 years from now and shiver. Les pegamos un baile! But at least these are the problems of being a River fan and we don’t have to worry about being 9th in the table

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