Lucas Martinez Quarta scores for Fiorentina in 2-1 loss vs. Napoli


Lucas Martinez Quarta scored for Fiorentina in their 2-1 loss vs. Napoli.

Martinez Quarta scored his first goal of the season to give Fiorentina the 1-0 lead. It was a corner kick for Fiorentina as the ball fell to the Argentine who scored.

In addition to Martinez Quarta, Nicolas Gonzalez also started for Fiorentina. Both players have been called up to the Argentina national team.


      • @Olive, Aurier isn’t half good as Foyth and on top of that he is a bad-tempered guy. Coaches don’t like such players. Unai has been Juan Foyth admirer since his days at PSG and if you remember well he tried to sign with him but Poch and Spurs hijacked the deal. I think Foyth’s place in the starting XI is safe!

        • Hopefully you are right. It seems odd they would get him now with Foyth’s form but I guess they took the opportunity since he is a free agent. Foyth has also played other positions for them so he’s not competing for a singular spot

  1. The futsal final reminded me of worldcup 1990 final, referees did anything so Argentina couldn’t have a chance. No way Portugal can win without the red card. Both the red card and the denied penalty are shady.

    • I’ve been watching him closely, he’s living up to his potential, as is Palacios (was playing really well before his injury) and it’s really good to see because at 22yrs they can both take over from Celso and De Paul in few years time.

    • yes I have been watching bologna often as well. if you watch nico you will see that if ever de paul goes down then scaloni has a clear sub for the deep CM role. some seem to think someone like buendia can be a de paul sub, but in scaloni’s set up it is someone like dominguez actually.

      • Nico and Palacios are too defensive, quasi DMs, we need more attacking ones too. Rdp and Glc are way more creative than them. A relative taller hardworker but creative box to box attacking mid like Nicolas Castro could help in the future there. Scaloni type midfielder.

        • Csabalala, I think both Dominguez and Palacios have the creative spark in them, it’s just they often get played in a double pivot formations for their club with a lot of defensive responsibilities. But both can create and score, at least they did for River and Velez.

          • Yes I don’t think that they lack creativity especially Palacios who is not afforded forward positions in Bayer Levekusen that would allow to demonstrate this, but I know he has it. I think that Nico Dominguez is very much the embodiment of a box to box player but like you mention a physical creative presence could be lethal with him. From what I’ve seen from Dominguez is that he is really good in small spaces and at quick short passing to progress the ball quickly, and in the blink of an eye can find a more attacking player in a good position to launch a counter attack of their own including the final bit of creativity for a goal contribution. So him supporting a number ten or wingers with maybe a destroyer behind and another hard working midfielder sounds interesting. The issue is that both Dominguez and Palacios are used in more of ball recovery positions to slowly cycle the ball out, but from the moments I’ve seen them in forward positions I have been impressed. To summarize the long post: in conclusion yes they are used in more defensive positions but when they are told to be are very much attacking or box to box players

  2. It’s time to give game time likes lich martinez, nco dominguez Julian Alvarez , Guido Rodríguez, nico gonzalez and juan foyth vs peru if we win vs Paraguay and Uruguay .. all those I mention above are having great season so far .

  3. messi could have made 5 assists(at least 3 during the 1st half) if his guys could score. I find back the messi of the national team: a real 10 dropped deep from time to time, well connected to the central midfielders, not exiled on the right. he plays much better than vs city. I think within 1 month we will see the real messi if no injury.

    to make messi even more efficient, Pochettino should consider to bench neymar, I think the dude lost his level

    • Actually dimaria should be dropped. U can’t play all 4 dimaria Neymar mbappe messi that make psg vulnerable at back and no control. Dimaria is now can b utilize only as sub

    • Regarding Rojo let me give everyone here an insight into the conversations in Argentina that have gone largely unnoticed over here. Over the past month there has been a lot of talk about Rojo and Izquerdoz (especially Rojo) “deserving” a call up to Argentina. Many Boca fans have been saying it and the media has started to push it as well. So if I am to predict the next controversial call up on this site for Argentina it will probably be either Rojo or Izquerdoz. I am warning everyone to be prepared for it. Maybe this game will make Scaloni rethink Rojo, otherwise it seemed almost inevitable

      • I knew one of the reasons rojo went boca was the only way he can get back to nt because of Argentine media and boca fans and I read the article that scaloni was talking about saying he is following closely Izquerdoz and rojo but I don’t think that is possible for scaloni due the high quality and better defenders available for him, if he do that it will be one of the worst decisions he ever made.

  4. You guys see the river Boca match ?
    Two comments
    Why has Rojo always been an idiot?
    Alvarez had an impressive day…. Against a bad defense with a man missing.

  5. According to several posts on this site River is a dead club now. Yet I have seen nobody talking about Boca. If River is dead Boca is pulverised. And that was obvious even before the superclasico. Before the last stupid goal Boca had no shots on target. Boca are sitting in 9th. We could have easily beaten them by two more goals at least. Without the clown Carrascal that probably would have happened. Good way to mark the two year anniversary of when we also beat them with two goals and also could have won 4-0. TOMALA VOS, DAMELA A MI

    • Possibly because Boca has been crap for quite a bit now. River on the hand has been doing relatively well in South America…plus Gallardo is a good coach.

      • Fair enough, but even three years ago Boca was in the Libertadores final and two years ago in the semi final. The past six months version of Boca is shocking. They are lucky to have the reach they have to be able to sign some semi-decent players because if they had the reach of a team like Banfield or Huracan they would probably end up failing to qualify for any South American competition or even reaching halfway across the table

    • Todo lo que yo viví
      Todo lo que yo dejé
      Por seguirte a todas partes
      Nadie lo puede entender

      Porque vós sós la pasión
      Que llevo en el corazón
      Y por eso yo te aliento
      De la cuna hasta el cajón

      No me importa si ganás
      No me importa si perdés
      Ponga huevo, Millonario
      Donde estés, siempre estaré

      Boca, no chamuyes más
      La mentira se acabó
      Vós tiraste gas pimienta
      Porque sos puto y cagón

      Siempre voy descontrolado
      Vamo’ a ver al Millonario
      Vamo’ a ver al tricampeón

      Tu hinchada
      La que copa en todas partes
      Que cruzó los siete mares
      Es la que copó Japón !!!

  6. Wow alverez again!!!! Two classy goals this lad is the future surely., kudos to the river coaches he couod have been eassily been just another media hype and flop but with his hardwork and coaching he is ready to lead our future

    • in his last 5 games he has 9 goal involvements and an involvement every 48 minutes. We would be very lucky to still have him a year from now. I hope the new president/board we will have won’t sell him for 7 million or something which our current directors would probably do

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