Lisandro Martinez performance for Ajax vs. Borussia Dortmund in Champions League


Lisandro Martinez had a phenomenal performance for Ajax in their 4-0 win vs. Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

Martinez was one of the best players on the pitch for Ajax as they lead Group C with 9 points. The 23 year old defender started alongside Timber as the team’s center back pairing as he closed down Erling Haaland and Dortmund.

The Argentine finished the match with five clearances, four interceptions, four tackles, completed eight out of 10 long balls and won 100% of his ground duels. In addition to have a 94% pass accuracy.


    • Yeah…but some folks never realize that. Licha’s contrubution to this Ajax defense is immense. I hope Scaloni will open his eyes to this reality and reconsider his opinion on Licha. This Kevin guy criticizes Licha for his height and that tells you he watched very few Ajax games or never watched them play.

  1. That was a schooling, he put on a clinic against one of the better teams and very talented and big Haaland, a shutout is impressive.
    He keeps playing like that and he’ll definitely be selected, NO doubt.

  2. Hope big team will at least be interested in Licha in January transfer windows. Anyway, bad news for Tagliafico. He is officially a back up now to Blind. Blind has been playing better than him. Hope Tagliafico will go somewhere this January.

    I think other than the height reason, the other reason why Scaloni does not seem to make him at least the third choice is that whenever Licha was given a chance to start, he barely impressed Scaloni. Not really a bad game like in that one Copa America game, but not spectacular unlike Cuti Romero’s debut for Argentina that made Scaloni fell in love right away. Let’s hope Licha will get more chance.

    If it is height factor only well Marquinhos also only around 2 inches taller than Licha Martinez but he is a world class. Licha is 5’10 (178 cm). Marquinhos is 6’0 (183 cm). 5’10 is the exact height of Roberto Ayala.

    • Yes I agree. Anything drastic like suddenly making Licha a starter above Otamendi might not work out immediately, and like you said unless a player completely kills it as a starter they won’t be suddenly inserted into the team by Scaloni. But it would be very sensible for Licha to become 3rd choice, which would mean minutes here and there until eventually he can start a game and who knows, if Otamendi plays very badly or gets injured he could be more ready to assume a starter role (the invisible hand effect). In my eyes the ultimate goal should be for Licha to be a starter but that would need him to become third choice first. His form can not be ignored forever

  3. Lisandro Martinez and Medina must be drafted in to the NT ASAP. Lisandro’s real test will be away at Dortmund, cos that kid Haaland is a beast.
    Why does Simeone always do that with Argentine players. De Paul is a no. 8 and not at all a no.5. Ruining him.
    Again, another CL match and another mediocre showing from Lautaro. Just not up to that level and don’t get me wrong not a guy who’ll win u a world cup. That’s why I see the emergence of Alvarez is a blessing, or at least that’s how a sane manager would think so but I guess not Scaloni.

    • Lautaro makes every team better even if he misses some chances, look at Dzeko rebirth after average Roma years, Lukaku the same, average in MU, some called him a flop, and not the same player in Chelsea so far. Lautaro creates so much spaces and shots even without scoring for the team and other attackers. Exactly these type of players win WC and trophies for you, like Giroud or Klose.

      • Yep, Lautaro also won lots of penalties inside the box. If its not all taken by Lukaku, Messi and Paredes, he’d have had much higher goal tally.

        Also, I dont remember Klose being dominant player in CL, but that has nothing to do with his quality. The same with Buffon who never win CL. If its based on CL performance, then we should rate Diego Milito higher than Crespo and Bati.

        Lautaro has scored 17 goals for Argentina within 3 years , 10 of those goals in competitive games. I’ll take that over Aguero who scored 1 goal in entire 2018 qualifier.

    • Lautaro tends to perform better for the NT and at the end of the day that’s all we should care about. For many players the opposite is true, they play better for their clubs.

  4. The whole Ajax team gave an amazing performance. Lisandro was excellent.
    Agree that Romero – Martinez is our CB pair for years to come.

  5. Otamendi-Pazella was the first choice CB. When one injured Cuti got chance. He performed very well and Scaloni had no other choice but start.
    Now, Cuti Romero- Otamendi pair is playing good but I have always felt Otamendi is a risky choice. Until he gets injured or his form lost, Otamendi will be first choice together with Cuti.
    What I want is, let Scaloni make Lisandro as first backup to CB pair, then slowly to starting pair.

    • Sacloni is having some favourite players, We got lucky with Martinez and Romero otherwise we would be left with Armani and LMQ as starting players right now. Scaloni is doing a great job with his support staff but a few excellent players are overlooked for average players like Pezzella and LMQ both should not be part of the WC squad including Armani.

  6. I said it before and will say it again, Licha is right up there with Cuti, world class potential! And this ain’t the first time, in the last 3 seasons he’s went up against the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Atalanta and never, and I mean NEVER put a foot wrong, but for some odd reason, Scaloni doesn’t rate him. Cuti and Otamendi are the starting CB pair and I’m good with that but Licha should be atleast first choice backup CB but he’s behind Pezzella and maybe even LMQ.

    • I don’t know why scaloni doesn’t rate this wonderful defender, I agreed lich is good as cuti and I said same thing before. I will never trust otamendi for 100% but I can lich because he isn’t clumsy or rushy defender
      Plus he proved against elite teams like Liverpool in the past and now one of the best strikers in world football Erling Haaland in the best club competition in the world.

    • Yaa actually i think lica was better than cuti but the best defender award from Seria A put cuti straight in (baoerdi, sensi, licha were the name before that season people were talking)

  7. Dam Lisandro really is that good! Look at his passing ability. He could even play as CDM for NT! He reminds me of Emanuel Mammana’s early days with the tackling and long passing.

  8. Scaloni is sleepin on this guy!!
    Still don’t understand why he’s not played. I would love to see him and Cuti play together. Give otamendi a break.

  9. Ajax actually has been on fire so far this season. They only conceided 2 goals in the league and scored 30+ goals. In CL, they’ve scored 11 conceided just once.

    Lisandro has played in 10 out of 12 of those games.

  10. What a steller performance Lizandro. His defensive skill and ball playing ability is one of he best( I would say better than Cuti) . Sad that Scaloni doesn’t consider him for unknown reasons.

  11. I hope Scaloni is paying attention to Lisandro Martinez. His 3rd choice CB, Pezzella was on the bench against Alaves this week. If we are to win the WC, we will be playing 7 matches and chances of our Defenders avoiding suspension is very unlikely. Our 3rd CB should be a solid defender. Pezzella has passed his prime, he was playing his best football in 2018 but Sampoali picked Rojo and Fazio over him. Pezzella is good for a 4th CB as his experience could be useful to close out matches but for our 3rd centre back , we need a young defender. Loss of pace has been one of the prime reason Pezzela has been getting a lot of yellow cards and sometime red cards, as he is unable to keep up with forwards of opposition team. L.Martinez short height (5.75 feet) seems be the only reason Scaloni has preferred Pezzella and LMQ over him so far.

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