Lionel Messi scores twice for PSG in 3-2 win vs. RB Leipzig in the Champions League


Lionel Messi scored twice for PSG in their 3-2 win vs. RB Leipzig.

Messi was involved in all three goals for PSG in their Champions League win. With the score at 0-0, Messi won the ball back on the edge of the PSG penalty area as their counter attack ended in Mbappe scoring.

PSG would then fall behind as Leipzig would take a 2-1 lead. Mbappe would make a run inside the Leipzig penalty area as his pass found Messi who’s shot would be stopped by the goalkeeper and hit the post. However, the ball would roll onto the line and Messi would score to draw PSG level.

A foul inside the penalty area as Mbappe pointed to Messi to take it. Messi took the penalty and a Panenka goal gave PSG the 3-2 lead. PSG would be given another penalty as Mbappe would take it and miss.

Angel Di Maria was not part of the squad as he was suspended while Mauro Icardi did not make the bench and Leandro Paredes is out injured.


  1. For those of us who always thought Licha is of no use in our backline, please open your eyes to the reality. This guy is a monster. He is very confident and can play good passes in very tight spaces unlike the majority of our defenders. I think it’s time for Scaloni to reconsider his opinion on Licha. Stopping Halaand is a difficult task, but Licha did it comfortably.

      • Cuti is one of the best passers for the CB, even Hotspur fans admit it. He does not always do the easiest pass but most of his passing is on target. He almost had a couple of assists already for the Spurs from his long passes.

  2. PSG needs Zidane as manager (perfect coach for Messi prior to World Cup).

    Poch couldn’t win UCL, Premier league title, Cardobo Cup, not even a Community Shield (even ManU, Leicester, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City win during his coaching time at Spurs).

    Emery & Tuchel were winning games 4-0, 5-0, etc. Now all of a sudden PSG doesn’t win the league and now they are winning games by the skin of their teeth because their top guys bailing them out. Reminds me of Barcelona before the Bayern 8 goal defeat. Maybe this team gets it together when Sergio Ramos comes back.

  3. Poche did not know how to optimize Messi along with Mbappe , Neymar and Angel D Maria. While in the mid he got abundant Veratti,Parades, Daxler and Sergio Ramos at the back. He still thinking about the GK choice #1 between Navas and Donarumma. hard to compete with Liverpool and even Ajax if he doesn’t improved the strategy and team plan

  4. Pochetino is a pathetic coach, thinking Messi, 34y old, can play like when he was 20 as a right Wing !

    Messi have to be in the middle of the field to create opportunity and connect with Mbappe, not to be disconnect of the game touching 1 ball every 5 minutes at 45m of the goalkeeper

    • he is just trying to replicate his Tottenham system with the psg players, there was no reflexion and thought, empty. it hurt my eyes more and more to follow psg matches

  5. Pochettino coaching is a total disaster, psg won luckily thx to the individual talent of the 2 cracks buy collectively there was nothing. ironically few years ago many fans here wanted Pochettino to replace Scaloni. I have feeling he become worst after his ucl final with Tottenham. putting 34yo messi on the right and play him as winger is a very dumb decision

  6. Messi could have had a hattrick, but he gave his penal to Mbappe who wasted it.

    Psg still didnt look like a proper team at all. They’re going to rely heavily on Mbappe and Messi goals to bail them all the time. No creativity whatsoever plus terrible defence.

      • It was just one of the best,faultless he should be our 3rd CB if not for already built partnership between cuti and otamendi he should be our second CB.I FOLLOW the Dutch league without a doubt sensei should be the fourth CB

        • Completely agree with you on lisandro, I was hoping for long time that scaloni to partner cuti. But somehow he prefers slow Pezzella and LMQ. Hope he wakes up with this kind of performance.

  7. Messi is receiving 50% less passes than he was at Barcelona. 70% of the time PSG players look to attack from the left flank. Even after getting so little passes , Leo has been able to find himself a lot of chances to score. Had he not hit the post so many times , he would have easily scored a good number of goals by now.

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