Ezequiel Chimy Avila scores for Osasuna in 1-1 draw vs. Granada


Ezequiel Chimy Avila scored for Osasua in their 1-1 draw vs. Granada.

Chimy Avila with his second goal of the season as he looks to have regained his form. Avila missed most of last season due to injuries scored last week and in a second consecutive match.

Avila was on the end of a shot inside the penalty area as he controlled it and with two defenders on him, shot the ball and gave Osasuna the 1-0 lead.


  1. I have always thought that this guy is a HUGE talent but what makes me like him even more is that he is a TRUE FIGHTER on and off the pitch!

    For anyone who doesn’t know Chimy Avila’s story, i recommend him/her to find it out, the guy really deserves lots of respect!

    • I think it is a little too late for the seleccion. Too many players competing for Lautaro’s back up and Scaloni might just take 2 of them or maybe even one. I mean just 2 of (or even one of): Joaquin Correa, Julian Alvarez, Dybala, Icardi, or Alario.

  2. Leverkusen will make an official bid for Alvarez in December (though Aston Villa look the favourite to sign him).
    Stuttgart are tracking 20 year old Sarmiento striker Luciano Gondou (has 5 goals this season).

    • Aston Villa got a fresh 100 million british pound sterling after they sold Grealish. They bought Buendia before the selling of Grealish. But they spent it really bad on Ings and Bailey. Not to mention Buendia has yet to perform as well as expected. Really bad transfer windows for them. I mean with a fresh 100 british pound sterling, u can get better than Ings and Bailey. Come on.

      Hope they will get Alvarez. But if they do get Alvarez, I think Buendia place is in danger as Ings and Watkins (their current best player) upfront seem to be untouchable. Spurs is interested in Alvarez too. He will challenge Moura for the Spurs but I doubt he will be an automatic starter for the Spurs. So better Aston Villa or Leverkusen.

      • bailey bad transfer? he play i think 3 match for villa and did excellent job.. did u see bailey against everton? even yesterday after coming on the pitch he did way better than others..provide only assist of the goal

        • Bailey not too bad but u can get better players for 100 millions pound sterling than the combination of Bailey and Ings. Luis Diaz for example (the revelation of Copa America) was available. Some of City players such as Bernardo Silva, Laporte, G Jesus were also available as they were looking for cash to buy Grealish and Kane. Madrid also said during the transfer windows that almost all of their players were available. But they used the money only for Ings and Bailey. Thats not a good management.

  3. A real talent, very, VERY unlucky with those ACL injuries. Honestly I’m shocked to see him regain form because I thought (from a doctor’s perspective) that his career was over.
    I really wish him the best and hope he regains form because with Icardi’s off-field issues keeping him out of the team and Dybala and Kun’s non stop injuries, Argentina really needs the likes of Alvarez and Avila to (re)emerge and provide a solid backup (or competition) to El toro.

    • Alvarez could be 2nd in the strikers pecking order when world cup rolls around. He is a serious talent and WC is still 14 more months away!

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