Gio Lo Celso to be back this week for Tottenham Hotspur


Gio Lo Celso is expected to be back this week for Tottenham Hotspur.

Lo Celso haa missed Tottenham’s last three games as he has been out with a knee injury. He sustained the injury while with the Argentina national team but is expected back this week. With quotes from Football.London, speaking at a press conference, here is what Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte had to say:

“Giovani Lo Celso, like Cristian Romero, they were injured with the national team. For sure it was a pity but Giovani’s situation is much, much better than Romero.

“My expectation is to see him the day after we play against Brentford. He’s started to work, to work on the pitch. For sure Giovani is another player we need to try to exploit, to exploit him. He’s a good player and now I want to work with him.”


  1. I hope in next world cup qualifying matches we will see some changes from scaloni…
    in gk position emi is fixed but i want to get some chance to musso and to see in bentch benitez also…
    in cb pair if cuti fit then he will be first choice no doubt but senessi, licha or even medina should get chance at least few munites…
    our midfield is okay bcz we have de paul is a bull, althoug i want to see palacio or dominguez more time…both are energetic and fast…and lastly want see number 9 as a sub brain romero or chimi avilla at least…i think if these players are click and use their oppourtunity properly the Argentina team will be very strong in every position.

  2. According to ESPN, PSG will go for Christina if the golden child decides to leave!!
    Unfortunately PSG’s management and owner(s) is all about making a big splash anyway, anyhow and anywhere they can………Its the “look at me, look at me” club.
    I will never apologize for detesting Christina, he’s a piece of shit wrapped in Gold paper. He’s pathetic, insecure, a hypocrite, and a self-conceited ape and the last thing I want is for Messi to be forced to be nice to this cocksucker on and off the pitch just to make his employers happy.

    • I have stopped watching PSG league games. It just hurts the eyes to see so many good players waste their talent in a team with no game plan. There are just too many overpaid stars in PSG, they need players who just want to do the hard work so others can shine. Man City, Liverpool, Bayern and Napoli do not feature Argentines in their starting line-ups but play so much better and are often a joy to watch. Just like Ajax where Lisandro Martinez is becoming better every month. Just a matter of time before he replaces either Otamendi or Parades.

  3. Its actually feels gud to see the CR7 and his shitty fans crying all over Messis Ballon D Or achievement. Its a nice enjoyment during these tough times. 😀😁 CR7 is such a nasty sportsman. What a gigantic disspointment of an athlete.

    Meanwhile congrats to Messi for his 7th win. Hope he wins more. His talent is beyond reach for any of the other players.

  4. Walter Benitez to be called up by France. There is a serious discussion between France FA and Benitez’s family.
    Matias Soule made his Serie A debut for Juventus against Salernitana.
    Franco Carboni was on the bench for Inter. He is an 18 year old winger/wingback and a Lanus youth product.. He is the son of Ezequiel Carboni who spent most of his playing time at Catania. Franco, has been capped at u18 and u16 level for Italy but still dreams of playing for the Argentine NT.
    Few European clubs are keeping track of 17 year old Belgrano winger Ignacio Tapia.

    • many people talked about soule but a young guy without any playing time in a senior team got selected in team A seems very doggy to me, on the other hand you have a GK who has performed well for many years but not a single selection, is there something to do with the agent’s connection ? this sounds weird to me.

      • @canadienroyal I always like your comments as you are unbiased in your statements. Not a fanatic or idol worshipper. I agree with your statements, I feel like Argentina historically always leaves out players and doesn’t at least test them for 3 consecutive games with full 90 minutes. Tell me when you ever saw the following players play a full 90 minutes?: Pastore, Dybala, Lamela, Icardi.

        It took Lavezzi to be 30 years old before he was a regular on the team. Did you see how he played in Messi’s absence during Copa America Centenario before he broke his arm? How about Pastore lighting up the Copa before that and never again seen on the team?

        NT has a history of poor player management whether it’s in call-ups or during important world cup matches. I’m not suggesting shuffling 100 players for the heck of it, but there’s always 5-6 players deserving call-ups (youngsters performing well, youngsters in top 5 clubs, older players in top 3 form in their respective European leagues).

        You’re right how does Soule not get a chance whereas Maximiliano Meza, Cristian Pavon, Enzo Perez, Eduardo Salvio overplayed in 2018? Nathaniel Guzman, Franco Armani, and sorry Willy Caballero have been in GK 3, yet Walter Benetiz never called up once.

        • thanks buddy for the nice words, likewise. I think sometimes the national coach has to listen to the federations who may have connections with some players agents but not with some others and that could influence the players international career. That kind of things happened in some big selections and will keep on happening unless a real pressure from social media and fans.

          Scaloni has done great work so far, the only thing I blame is he didn’t even give s try to play dybala and keeps on ignoring Benitez.

        • Totally agreed as somehow it is allways been the thorn in Arg’s NT which needs to be taken out…Thumbs up for Scaloni, though he could call up Benitez, Soule etc…

          Or give more playing time for Licha, Dybala and others as A,Correa etc…specially now as Arg has qualified allready and most propably no friendliess at all !

  5. Don’t worry about those talking bad about Messi guys. Messi deserved it, clearly in our eyes, all that matter. Not everyone voted for Messi though, otherwise he would be in complete domination. Those talking bad about Messi are the germans where they supported Lewa, and those supporting Ronaldo. These are all normal.

    CR7 joined Juve once they were a great time, but regressed over the years as he played, similar to MU at the moment.

    Lewa apart from the German league, got nothing this year, how can he deserve better than Messi. The only thing other can win over Messi is to rely on their team. Individually, no one is near Messi once he is in form.

    Messi was wasted a lot of the years with bad management from Barca and Argentina while he still played in great form through the years

    • once the copa was won, there is no more debate. lewandowski is respectable but he was not there during the key moments of bayern in ucl. jorghino wasn’t the talisman of his teams. in my eyes, the only one can challenge messi was benzema but he won no trophy.

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