Nahuel Molina scores, gets red carded for Udinese in 4-4 draw vs. Lazio


Nahuel Molina scored and got red carded for Udinese in their 4-4 draw against Lazio.

Molina had a great first half but a disaster of a second half for Udinese. It was 2-1 Udinese when the ball was played into the penalty area and found Molina who scored. 

But Molina would not have a good second half. After having already receieved a yellow card, Molina received a second yellow as he jumped but with his elbow in the air, hit the Lazio player and received a second yellow card.


    • Some people around here have been quick to right off Messi, basically saying La Pulga is DONE, DONE! he doesn’t run anymore or that he Can’t even run, cant dribble, he is easily taken off the ball, his passing is mediocre….etc etc etc

      I don’t know about all that but I do know he was running, dribbling, passing, scoring freekicks and scoring without any issues just back in July!!! and yes there was an injury but I really don’t know what was the extent of that injury and If ARG and PSG say he is fine, otherwise neither would let him play.
      Is he old all of a sudden that he can’t run, pass and shoot anymore? Give me a Break!
      The whole team is in disarray from top to bottom, a team with all that talent goes back to one person, the coach and management and Messi after all is an outsider who is shy, quiet and knows all eyes are on him so he will never speak out against his teammates or coaches and doesn’t wanna step on any toes.

      • not wrong, I would say people should also lower the expectations on messi. He’s been in the same environment and has played the same kind of football for 20y, it’s impossible to expect him to be at his standing in a total different environment. if you want to bring the best from messi at his age, you need to build the team around him, which means slow tempo, aggressive pressing and defending high on the opponents side, which allows to have the possession. oscillating between 10, half 9, left and inner right position. pretty much what Scaloni did.

        however psg is opposite, as said thierry henry, it’s mbappe’s team, not defending high and focused on mbappes pace in counter attack, who plays far from messi. that’s impossible for leo to be brilliant like at nt or at Barca plus other fitness issues. things did get a bit better when di maria and Ramos came back in the 11 to play behind messi but neymar and Ramos just got injured again, may need more time to adjust.

  1. According to Ole, there are rumors that PSG are looking for a new club for Paredes, as he will not be very considered in 2022. If this is true I could imagine a club like Inter wanting him.

    Speaking of Inter they are entering in the race for Alvarez, and have a tool that other clubs don’t have in that there are talks of an Alvarez + Cash swap with Alexis Sanchez. It would be great for this to happen because he will play with Correa and Lautaro while we know there will always be less competition from a non-Argentinian striker for minutes.

    • I hope this will happen as Inter been allways a good place for Argentine players and with Zanetti Still at his very present there things will go fine also Inter under Inzaghi is playing great football at the moment as i would love one of Arg’s defenders and maybe an Goalie too to join them as well…

  2. Both Molina and Montiel are playing extremely good! Especially Montiel has improved a lot after moving to Seville. Julian Alvarez should also push for a move in the upcoming January transfer window. He should go for a midtable Spanish or Italian team to get a regular playing time. World cup is still over a year away and with 1 year of top class European football under his belt he will be a totally different player when the world cup arrives.

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