Lucas Ocampos scores, Marcos Acuña assists for Sevilla in 1-0 win vs. Villarreal


Lucas Ocampos scored as Marcos Acuña assisted for Sevilla in their 1-0 win vs. Villarreal.

Ocampos continues his great form this season. After having been left out of the recent Argentina national team squads, it has been a redemption season for the 27 year old. He now has five goals and two assists in his last eight matches for Sevilla.

It was Marcos Acuña, who has been in the form of his career who assisted the goal. Acuña would intercept and steal the ball and send in a cross which found Ocampos who scored from close range.


  1. Next qf :


    RB’s Molina/Montiel/Foyth… Cb’s Quarta/Otamendi/Medina/Licha/Senesi…
    LB’s Acuna/Tagliafigo/?….

    DM’s Paredes/Guido/Licha/Palacios/?….
    CM’s RDP/Dominguez/?…
    AM’s Messi/Lo Celso/Dybala/Papu
    RM’s/Wingers/LM’s Di Maria/N.Gonzalez/O.Campos/A,Correa
    Strikers/Forwards Lautaro/Simeone/J.Correa/Alvarez/Soule

  2. I have a feeling that Nico Gonzales, Ocampos and Angel Correa are competing for one spot in the final 23 squad. If all 3 are still in great shape by the beginning of WC next year it would be a shame to leave out any of them. To have hardworking, fast wingers who can score, cross well but who also track back, defend and press would be important in my opinion, to function a la 2014 version of Lavezzi for us.

    • i believe the wc squad will be more or less the Copa winning team with 2-3 possible changes according to form that players will have in September of 2022. i hope things go well for all our players.

      • True. A lot can change until then, hope at least some of our core players are in great form by that time. I think Emi Martinez, Romero and especially De Paul are a must. Messi without those players would not be able to resolve everything for us alone.

        • Yes. The core will stay completely the same. There are some unknowns like Simeone, Foyth, Alario. Not sure if or when Simeone will get called up, it is unclear what Scaloni is doing with Foyth (for example he got called up recently) and no idea what happens with Alario. I am also not sure about any players that may get cut, such as Pezzella or Martinez Quarta. Maybe he wants to keep Pezzella for the experience or leadership, and not sure what will happen with other players like Lisandro, Medina, or Senesi challenging Quarta’s role. Lastly, it is safe to say that Alvarez is probably going because Scaloni stated that if he stays in this form, whether he leaves River or not, he will be considered for the wc. We may start seeing some answers to these questions after the next qualifiers if he does give chances to new players and experiments. Right now my biggest concern is a back up to Lautaro, there are no guarantees what striker is going to the wc besides him. That spot is up for grabs.

          • So if Alvarez on the pitch which will be his best posession to play for Arg or naturally forhimself as i thought of him more of striker, but i quess from your post that if back up needed for Lautaro which is more than correct then i would suggest Simeone, but i’m curious about alvarez and which is his natural posession or is he kind of multi posession player upfront that can play in versatile posession’s etc…?

    • Guys Guys Guys One thing I wanted to say A Correa is the real deal. Today he made a stunning assist. Its a real shame he doesnt get the honor he deserves in this forum and from Scaloni. Today the commentator was saying he has 51 assists in 300 games for Atleti and I know for a fact a lot of those games he played as a sub. I know Ocampos and Joaquin plays in the same position but honestly I prefer him over them. C’mon he plays with a lot of intensity and energy and can change the course of game just like that. Just some rapid movements in the penalty box and boom…goal. He defntly should be one of our impact subs.

    • Yes those hard working fast players able to create and score will be the key with ofcourse RDP and specially Arg’s current defence more less with Dibu, Cuti, Molina, Acuna, Montiel, Licha, Otamendi and maybe some one more instead of Pezzella as i do not have anything against him, but his pace is not that fast anymore unfortunatly as also Otamendi will have to keep and maintain his fitness at top level as there plenty of teams with fast young players who Arg might have toface at some point in wc etc…sometimes as defender u can cover our pace by your positioning, but i’m not sure if Pezzella can do that with needed level at Wc…as it sucks big time if only 23 men squad are allowed to the Wc as Arg will have to obviously dropp some who deserves to be there by that time etc….

    • Wow, that is intresting as i thought of that allready quite some time a go how would he fit in with Arg as right winger instead of playing in his usual left side etc…will Arg benefit from that and who would be Arg’s left winger….the competition is tuff as everyone seems to rise their level more and more as Ocampos also getting back to form and A.Correa also doing so greatly like Dybala also starting to Fire up etc…

      One thing though i think is Arg Still need a straight cover for Lautaro and personally iwould go for Simeone…

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