Manuel Lanzini scores penalty for West Ham in 3-2 win vs. Chelsea


Manuel Lanzini scored a penalty for West Ham in their 3-2 win vs. Chelsea.

Lanzini scored his second goal in the Premier League this season as he converted a penalty. It was Chelsea leading 1-0 when West Ham were awarded a penalty.

The 28 year old Argentine went to Mendy’s right and hit the corner as Mendy jumped the wrong way.


  1. Nehuen Perez starting as a right back for Udinese and it seems to be the norm now. When Molina plays he is a right midfielder/winger and Perez is a more defensive right back behind him. Kind of funny, two Argentinian right backs in one club in Europe. Who would have thought.

    • Yes, Udinese switched to 4-4-2 lately from 3-5-2. Molina is a wing back, so he can play as a winger but not sure how Perez would do in terms of overlapping. My guess is that he is static and stays in his position.

    • yes, as I said here previously, I saw Molina a better player in this role than the right back. Same for Acuna, both of them have some defaults in defending but very good in pressing and can run for km, can combine in attack.

      We also have many cb used to play in a defense of 3 at club like Perez that you just mentioned, Romero, Otamendi, Medina, …etc. Others like Senesi and Lisandro can also play in a 3 men defense, we should give a try as I only see upside in this formation.

  2. Great to see that Lanzini is playing again and performing, another one in the long list of players ruined by injuries but genuinely talented. Even then, I think he falls under the same category as Buendia and Lamela, I wouldn’t expect a NT call up soon especially with the amount of 10’s we have

    • agreed that he has very little chance to come back but among the players you mentioned, none of them have Lanzini’s capacity to control the tempo, ask for the ball in the inter lines position, break the lines or alternate the play with long passing, hold the ball and resist to the pressing. a more organizer role. buendia, lamela, papu, messi, di maria are more instinctive playmaker.

      I think if this year he can play for the entire season, that could change his destiny, I see hammers a very interesting team and he is in a good spot.

  3. Lanzini is 1 of those few Argentine midfielders able to give the tempo to the game with great protection skill for resisting to pressing. I always have high opinions on him. I don’t think there is equivalent at his prime level, maybe only papu but lanzini plays a bit deeper. he is only 28, hopefully he can come back to his best level before the world cup. West Ham is a great team this year, if he stays in the starting 11 that could be a turning point of his career. He should be able to play in all kind of formation because his profile allows to.

  4. There are some rumours that Real Madrid interesting to sign gonzalo montiel after they impressed how he played against them last week. I Don’t know if it’s true or not but it’s big complement to montiel who has been good since naves got injured. So happy for ex River boys are kicking well in Europe.

  5. On serious note Seria A is the most intertaining league in Europe right now. Fiorentina, atlanta, napoli and verona are playing some great staff, fiorentina under Italiano are revolution the interest point about la viola is thier high line defence. It’s ridiculously so high and they don’t change no matter the score line and lmq is heart of it.Recommend you to watch more Seria A matchs.

    • Serie A this season is pretty insane. Just look at some of the scorelines in the past couple of werks. I only watch the premier league if it is a club with our players or a really good game like City – Liverpool. Regardless, I think my favorite right now is Serie A, not only the drama of this season but the fact that half of the clubs have an Argentinian and several are performing (Dominguez, Dybala, Simeone, Gonzalez). In fact, it is funner for me to watch a Bologna or Fiorentina than PSG at the moment, though I still watch most games to see how Messi, Di Maria, and Paredes are doing.

      • I would rather watch any other league with Arg players over private premier league and i truly hope very single Arg player will consider twice if it is worth for the money, but offcourse the teams like Westham, Tottenham, Aston Villa or another premier league team with an Arg player on their team, well Yes maybe i will watch it, but not any other, only maybe in Champions League depends how it turn out towards the end as if there only mainly English teams left then i won’t bother at all…Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 or Bundesliga and Ereddivisie of Netherlands or even Primera from Portugal as long as Penaldo is not there will do just fine as Serie a is deffinetly the best from all and if they would have not have so much economic problems i belive and wish that one day Serie A will return as King of all League’s as it once was clearly so dominant in Europe that all the best players preferred instead of maybe Barca and Real and maybe some others, but not British ! Even the days of El Diego and the Super Serie A are long gone as they simply do not have the money to fight with British, but Still it is the best for me and will allways be, though offcourse i was big fan of Barca and La Liga and Still watch La Liga, but more teams like Sevilla and Betis or Athletico and Athletic Bilbao for i have huge respect for respecting their Basque roots also other teams from La Liga are deffenetly more intresting than those British teams not having Arg players among their ranks etc…i not mean that they are bad teams, but just where would they be if they would not have had the money or foreign managers ? The answer is simple as English footballl only devellopped mostly when foreign managers went over and then moreforeign players followed and in the end came the foreign money who bought a league for their own as Premier league being an private of it is own has nothing to do with English FA, but Still they are aloud to play in FA Cup, LOL ! As money can buy anyone anything and everything too ! i just hope the teams they call as ” farmers” will beat the shit out theese mega money teams only PSG i will vote for as Messi, Di Maria and Paredes deserves to win an Championsleague together, but if not any other team maybe exept Real hopefully will win it instead of theese mega Giants with their dirty mega money behind them ! Might sound a bit revolutunary, LOL ! Though im dead serious and sick of that dirty money ruling and destroying a sport called football ! All this fuss and soap opera storie’s hyped around players is just destroying the real beautyniness from the game itself ! I wish i could watch regularly Argentina Primera, maybe one day i will, but til’ now as it been allways only Arg matters and the more Arg players in Serie A or LaLiga maybe better for them if they will get more money of it for their families and most importantly make a name for themself in europe by playing and performing regularly etc. And if not Ok comin in as sub for 30 minutes is also Ok, but great to see players like Lanzini, Lamela etc… playing again at least even a game or 2 before they hopefully not will get injured again…well, some has to suffer more than others and offcourse it is not fair, but i will alkways keep on supporting them and beliving in them, though it is hard to see them in Qatar, but never know what happens in future only i hope Arg will have a team capable to show the rest of world that everyone supporting Arg can and could and should be proud of as things stand at this very present moment as current Copa Champion and i don’t care or give a shit for those who also call a Copa as Farmers Cup, as they are those only intrest in money and gossip’s luckily not here on Mundo !

    • Yes absolutetly the truth with every word u wrote as Serie A is deffinetly much more intresting than ” PRIVATE PREMIER LEAGUE” owned by Saudi’s and CO. ! It is funny Still seeing not here on mundo, but elsewhere people ranking Penaldo and Premier League over others as they prefer them over as they say ”FARMERS” which is first of all an serious insult to others as they also clearly been allready bought by Saudi’s and CO’s money as they are arguing on that crazy big money sums only stating that others can’t simply compete with premier league clubs as they do not have the same budget like for example of team Watford who’s owners i belive are Italian’s who also own Udinese and Granada from La Liga or at least they once were etc…,not to even mentioning the OTHERS WHO ARE LOADED WITH MONEY ! but anyhow back to the point which is that theese idiots are clearly intrested in more money than football itself ! Who on earth would go to make his Mind out by saying that GOAT is not the GOAT anymore as he choosed Paris instead of Barca as they don’t know even how sad Leo was to leave his home city where his kids Grew up etc… or ST- Etienne is much worst team than any playing in premier league as all the premier league clubs have more bigger budget, LOL ! WELL, LUCKILY HERE IN MUNDO PEOPLE STILL UNDERSTAND THE REAL VALUE OF FOOTBALL WHICH IS NOT DEFFINETLY MONEY !

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