Lionel Messi scores twice for PSG, overtakes Pele in goals


Lionel Messi scored twice for PSG in their 4-1 win vs. Club Brugge as he overtook Pele in goals.

Messi scored the third goal of the match for PSG as Mbappe used his speed to get passed a defender and played a pass in to Messi who controlled the ball and scored from the outside of the penalty area.

That goal for Messi meant he had acored 757 career goals, the same as Pele. At 3-1, PAG were awarded a penalty kick after Messi was taken down inside the penalty area. Messi took the penalty and scored to give PSG the 4-1 lead.

The Argentine’s second goal meant he overtook Pele on goals as he is now on 758, one more than Pele in his career.



  1. Did I miss or Hakimi didn’t celebrate Messi’s goal as he could be expecting Messi to pass it to him, even though he didn’t pass to Messi in their last match against Lens when Leo was in the position to score the exact goal.

      • Yeah but it kinda looked fake!! I hope I am wrong but Messi’s facial expression tells me, he has realized this guy Hakimi is holding him back. Messi losing possession has made overrated Hakimi apprehensive of passing to him even when Leo is in an excellent position.

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