Paulo Dybala substituted off injured for Juventus


Paulo Dybala was substituted off injured for Juventus.

Dybala was replaced for Juventus during their 1-1 draw vs. Venezia. He was taken off after only 12 minutes with a muscle problem.

According to TyC Sports, Dybala will undergo tests on Monday to see the extent of his injury. Matias Soule, the 18 year old Argentine was susbtituted on for Juventus with three minutes remaining in the match.




  1. Atletico should sack Simeone his coaching ability has become limited , outdated and boring. They way german coaches are changing the dynamics of the game he cant survive with his tactics in mordern football.

    • Yaaaa recently the espn pundit were opnly saying that he hates atletico they are boring team they play boring brand of game which should be played 30 years aago like that

    • A assist… And its all.

      Slow on the field. Not a lot of impact in the game, lose a lot of ball and cant dribble anymore.
      2 opportunity he failed (but not easy ones) …. A very random game, nothing special.

      5,5/10 in the french medias

      • Mbappe missed penalty earlier this season, also missed crucial penalty in Euro which caused France elimination. People need to make a big deal of missing a penal. CR missed his penal aswell in semifinal and final of CL 2008.

        Maradona, Messi, Higuain, Tevez & Crespo all missed at major tournaments. Aguero also missed here and there. I remember Roman who usually scores his penalties failed to score in shootout against Arsenal and ended his own great run that season.

        By that logic , Messi shouldnt ever take another penalty for Argentina since he had missed plenty including at Copa and WC. Penalty most of the time came down to luck.

        Batistuta is an exception since he had a canon for a boot. He can shoot it straight the goalie like he did against England, Greece and Jamaica and you cant stop his shot.

    • I think the red hot form of simmione has put martinez on alert that he having competition for national team spot and seeing simmione number 3 at topscorer list in Seria A, all this make martinez on alert to improve thats what we need competitions.

    • His assist will be the only thing we will remember one time again. Outside of it he didnt have a impact on the game. What time again
      The most sad is he cant dribble anymore… Cant make any different with the ball.

      He look like very old on the field and its 100% the team of Mbappe. Messi is just a player like another on the field now.

      French media are one time again disapoint by his game.

      • His confidence is extremely low and that has made his finishing even worse. He has scored one goal from around 40 attempts in Ligue-1. His freekicks are way above the post. Other than missing chances, him constantly losing possession is adding too much pressure on PSG’s mediocre defense and midfield. He will need to score some goals in order to gain his confidence back. Right now he seems to be mentally suffering than physically!! He needs to get up to speed soon or the Great Leo Messi will be a liability. Sadly!!

      • It’s not that he “can’t” dribble anymore, he just seems to be avoiding it. He it taking much less risks now and within the realm of what he does attempt to do his form and confidence aren’t letting him do it well.

        Another factor that hasn’t been discussed enough is the physicality of the French league. I think it is going to force him to change his style of play a little. It seems like a pretty sudden change for him.

        Either way Messi is Messi. It is a matter of time. It was only eight months ago that he was playing so so well for Barcelona. He just needs to overcome several barriers

    • There’s no dedicated Iniesta, Dani Avles, or Higuain who used to play 1-2 with Messi. Di Maria played a bit far apart from Messi.
      He loves quick 1-2 to break a tight defense and 4-5 players around him. Hakimi seem to drop in form, not that quick anymore, a lot of back passes.
      Few times he lost possession today as passes are far from distance. Messi used to play with short-passing, he’s not 20 years old anymore to accelerate on every long pass.

      I am happy as long as Messi is not injured.
      He had 1 assist and almost scored a few times, that’s decent enough. What else do you want to ask for?

      I love Messi’s 7th ballon d’or as it’s because of the national team football not club anymore. Hope he have another one like this.

  2. Alario doesn’t want to leave Leverkusen even if that means rotting on the bench. There should be no room for players in the national team who are okay being a backup in their clubs and add to that his never ending injuries. Lack of playing time and all the drama surrounding his life, Icardi is going down hill. He is not the same player he was at Inter, he has stopped scoring those tap-ins also. Lautaro has been going through a poor and patchy run of form since the start of this season, both with Inter and Argentina and that is why he needs competition to put pressure on himself, right now he is super complacent both at club and country. Simeone has not only maintained his awesome form, he has proved he can score all kinds of goals!!! Out of all our forwards, Giovanni Simeone is enjoying the best form right now. If he could display the same kind of performance for the national team as well then we might have just found our proper back up for our no-9 position!

  3. What we learned/confirmed from Verona vs Atalanta today:

    – Simeone needs to be called and tried as Lautaro’s back-up
    – Musso is a great option to have as a no 2 GK off the bench if ever needed

    Nice to have depth in some positions…

  4. Though Atalanta maybe the better team today, perhaps…?
    Anyhow SIMEONE has show’n again his versatility as he is not only great at scoring goals, but winning important balls for Verona as Target man and also giving great passes meaning he has that football IQ which is so important as his instinct for goal is so obvious as he is not affraid to try even from longer range his shots towards goal are very accurate and also he can clearly bully his away from his opponent etc…

  5. Dybala needs a stringent training and diet regiments to get the best out of him, Kun was in the same boat as Dybala until Pep came to town and marshalled his training and diet habits.

  6. Joachim Lôw (Ex Germany Coach): “If Messi was playing for the German national team, it would have had at least two world cups during his reign. Messi has a strict and disciplined football mentality, and any coach will notice this and this is the German mentality, but you need a player like Messi and Messi’s mentality because it made him the best player in the world.‘’

    • I believe we all agree with that statement, 2014 should have been Messi’s had it not been for the lousy luck and I stress luck because ARGENTINA was the better team during that world cup and had not been for the obvious misses by Higuain and Palacio and Messi himself, nm that was a clear PK when Neuer knock El Pipita on his ass inside the box and no call.
      The 2 COPA losses to to shitchile should have been ARG’s had it not been for lousy coaching by Tata and surprise surprise El Pipita’s misses!!

      • Fully agreed ! Arg was far superior against German’s at 2014 !
        Also those 2 Copa lossed against Chileno’s Still feels sometime’s like yesterday as German’s and Blody Chileno’s were so so lucky and as typical Arg had no luck, but luckily this year’s GREAT COPA VICTORY healed some old wounds starting allready from 1982 WC and specially 1990 against German’s again…etc…the list was just allmost neverending until THIS YEARS COPA !

        • I was talking about the final.
          One can also note that ARG came into the world cup with a shaky defense and all of a sudden they transformed into this impenetrable WALL and it was more grit than offense along side Messi’s magic/brilliance.
          Beating the so-called FEARED European countries, Switzerland, Belgium and the Dutch in a row to get to the final was no easy feat.
          Germany absolutely trashed, dismantled, destroyed and annihilated the Best team in the world LOL on their own home soil and had ONE LOUSY SHOT on goal in double extra time and it went in! Life it not fair but you get up and try and try again and that’s exactly what Messi and company did even after the media KILLED him to bits and pieces.

  7. Just MUSSO’s super double save from SIMEONE AND Lasagne kept Atalanta in the game against Dominant Verona at the moment, but there is Still plenty to play as now Pasalic hit the post for Atalanta…GREAT GAME !

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