Lionel Messi wins Ligue 1 November goal of the month with PSG


Lionel Messi has won the Ligue 1 November goal of the month for his goal with PSG.

Messi scored his first league goal for PSG on November 20 in a 3-1 win vs. FC Nantes as the goal was voted the goal of the month. Messi has one goal and four assists in the league with PSG but five goals in five matches in the Champions League.


  1. Only caught very end but good to see Soule get few minutes today. Only player to pose any goal threat with a free kick and a long shot.

    Also i forgot about Romero joining Venezia so that was a great surprise to see him today.

    • It’s great to see a young Argentine getting minutes at such a big club like Juventus. It’s been a while since any of our other youngsters have been in that situation. I am talking about the “wonderkid” type of player.

      Romero has actually been doing very well at Venezia with some great games and from those I’ve watched he gives a lot of security in goal. Such a shame he wasted so many years being a 2nd/3rd choice goalie.

  2. Buendia was not involved today because of Gerrard’s tactics as he didn’t want to leak goals. He was largely successful until Salah went down soft.

    I think Buendia will start in next match as he has been better under Gerrard but time will tell if he will show his full form or not

  3. Dybala btw was taken of or walked out by himself today allready before 30 minutes or even before straight to the tunnel so if any update’s about his situation will be higly preciate it !

  4. Buendia, Lanzini and Franco Russo should be considered for national team. Recently Buendia and Lanzini are playing good, Lanzini would be perfect back up for Lo celso,Buendia is playing good under Steven Gerrard(my personal best midfielder)He should get chance.
    F. Russo should be tried let’s see what he can offer as Argentina needs good back up.

    • Disagree profoundly on all points:

      – Lanzini is an extremely injury prone player and is just beginning to show some consistency. The talent is undeniable but remains to be seen how long he can last
      – Buendia is nowhere near his Norwich form and is yet to establish himself under Gerrard and force himself in the starting eleven. So far he is a rotation player.
      – Franco Russo? Why do we need him if there are Licha Martinez, Medina, Quarta and Senesi?

      • Lanzini and Buendia are getting back to track and they are major talent. Russo is better than players you mentioned. WC roster going to be 28 player so we need them.

          • Yes Olive, as always highly peculiar and eyebrow raising opinions, nothing new. Scaloni has his core and I think any experimentation would probably involve players that are normally benched, e.g. Licha, Palacios, Nico Dominguez, Angel Correa, etc. I think he might call Simeone though because we need a back-up in the no 9 department.

          • Kevin, I have a feeling that you only know who he is because he scored a goal a few days ago! Saying he’s better than any of the mentioned players, even Quarta, is almost disrespectful. Have you even watched him play?

    • Sorry Kevin, but until Lanzini can stay fit til’ end of the season he has zero chance to get in the team and as great player he truly is i think Still he would have to a real super season to break in to Arg NT as there is lot competition and many players who might deserve to be there might get dropped in the end depending how many players are aloud by FIFA to WC at Qatar so u are saying it is 28, right ? Is that been confirmed allready and if it is, well that is great news for Arg NT instead of 23 players only…what come’s to Russo and Buendia is that they would most propably need a mega super season as kind of one where they would be selected the player of year at least by their teams respectly and so far it has not gone that great with Buendia, well i saw him coming in today against Liverpool and as Liverpool being such a dominant team at the moment it is quite hard to say which direction Buendia is going though i heard that Gerard has high expectations a lot from him in the future, but Qatar might come too early for him, well will see, but if i would have to choose Buendia over any of theese players as A.Correa. Ocampos. Papu. N.Dominquez. Palacios. N.Gonzales. Alvarez. Dybala. for who have all not played so many minutes yet for Arg NT besides N.Gonzales maybe, well for me they all truly deserve a spot for Qatar before Buendia who forsure is great player and hopefully has a lot offer and proove me wrong allready by showing it this season etc.,.also i think if i’m right so far Buendia been selected, but not given any minutes as the other players before are also fighting for their minutes, not to mention your new favourite player Licha who u suddenly rate very high calling him better than others which is insulting btw, though he has been great allready for quite long time since joining Ajax i would pretty much say in my oppininion, but that is just my oppinion and nothing else so please i will advice u not to be disrespectfull against any Arg NT player as most of them have served well, though sometimes there has been issues mostly because of injuries etc..,bad chemistry or call it what ever as we will never know why did this coach select theese players, but did not call others etc..,

      Only thing to be sure of is that Passerella left Redondo out, because he refused to cut his hair, LOL ! If u remember Redondo or perhaps seen his games from the past etc…?

    • Alvarez is wanted by several clubs, Barca, Ac Milan, Inter, Fiorentina, Ajax, Leverkusen, Atleti, Juve, Villa. It is possible that some are false rumors, I am just saying what I’ve heard. A few days ago, it was confirmed by River’s ex president that as of now there has been no formal offer. Just interest. And a few clubs sending scouts such as Barca.

          • As for me i would most propably only prefer transfer if necessary in the first place as only year to go for Qatar…but, if River will move him i hope that he will join more smaller club either in Serie A or in La Liga as he goes now to a bigger team his playing time might become limited etc…perhaps…but i quess that those small teams can’t afford him…or at least it will be more hard for them to compete with bigger clubs etc…as i’m wondering right now he would fit to play with Cholo’s son at Verona or will they be able to build up great chemistry together which could be usefull at somepoint maybe in Arg NT…if not yet in Qatar then certainly in the future ! Though i think both should be selected specially if the news from Kevin are correct that every team are allowed 28 players to WC at Qatar which btw are most propably the best words ever from Kevin so far, thumbs up !

          • To answer your question it is tricky, because the timing of Qatar is tricky with regards to Alvarez. It is only a year from now, and Scaloni basically guaranteed that he will go to the world cup even if he stays in River so long as he maintains his form. At the same time, it is good for a player like Alvarez to go to Europe to get experience against European level teams for the World Cup, but if he does he would have to leave soon because he will need time to acclimate to European football and in that time if he’s not playing he may miss the WC. That being said, it would be a very bad decision for him to leave in August or July because in that case he would not play before the WC (if he goes to a big club). Personally, I am very happy if he stays at River as a River fan, but I am not going to be distraught if he leaves so long as we sell him for enough money to get good replacements.

            The best outcomes for him and the national team maybe would be
            A) He leaves this transfer window so that he has enough time to get used to Europe and is able to get several games in before the world cup
            B) He stays at River but plays many minutes for Argentina so he has more experience against other countries and then leaves River after the WC
            C) Maybe another team could buy him but send him back on loan to River before the WC so he gets minutes and that team still ensures they have him in the future

            I think he should choose a club like Fiorentina, I have said this many times so I am repeating myself. But if Vlahovic leaves he would surely get minutes and would play with Gonzalez which is very valuable for us. If not Inter Milan is good because there is a possibility that they will swap him with Alexis Sanchez plus cash, which ensures a replacement for River but also is good for Alvarez because that guarantees that one of his competitors for minutes will be out, plus he will play with Lautaro and Correa which sounds very exciting. Ajax may be good but again, there is competition in his position there (maybe good for option B). I do not want Aston villa, Barcelona, or Bayer Leverkusen. Like you mention, mid table clubs are the best options so he can go as soon as possible and get as much experience as he can before the WC. I don’t think Hellas Verona could afford him

    • Agreed, also his teammates should try to play the ball through him or get him involded in the game a bit more when he is on the pitch, but as u said hard to see that coming from the bench as only getting a goal by sub or leaving the pitch with super performance might Open a bit more space for him in Gerard’s mind, perhaps…

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