Lautaro Martinez scores twice for Inter in 4-0 win vs. Cagliari


Lautaro Martinez scored twice for Inter in their 4-0 win vs. Cagliari.

Martinez has now scored in his last four match, managing five goals in those four games. The 24 year old scored two different types of goals in the win as Inter were awarded a corner kick, the cross into the penalty area and Lautaro would score a header to give Inter the 1-0 lead.

Inter were awarded a penalty before half time and it was Lautaro who took it. His penalty was saved as the goalkeeper went the right way and stopped it.

The Argentine would make it 4-0 as he received the ball inside the penalty area, he would chest it down and score. Lautaro is on 10 goals in the league this season.


  1. “Otamendi assaulted and robbed at home after match vs Famalicão; player was punched, immobilized with a belt around his neck; robbers took money and jewelry”


  2. The way real madrid is playing , psg got very slim chance to advance i have watched real vs Atletico . Right now real have best midfield in the world modric , kroos and casemiro are back to their best Benzema and lewandowski are the 2 best strikers in the world, vinicious is in red hot form even alaba ,militao and courtious look very solid mendy and carvajal is in good form as well the only problem they have is RW.

  3. If rumors is true that kun gonna retire that’s unfortunate for him but I’m so happy for Argentina.. his selection always denied promising young players time on national team… and I read that people want him on world cup roster. Lol.. picking him is like carrying 4 goalies… no sense whatsoever..

  4. This time around RM cannot just man mark Messi and stop the whole team. They will have mbappe and neymar( if he is serious) to utilze the open space. After iniesta left, RM just had to triple Messi and they would have stop him. Also Verrati fitness is crucial.

  5. PSG and Poch should be glad they didn’t draw Liverpool or Bayern. Madrid is beatable but they will need Messi back in form and Ramos back in the team. I don’t think Mbappe alone or even with Neymar they will be able to take on Madrid, if Messi is not back to his usual game.

    Also Lautaro back in form is great news for Inter!

  6. I found the psg players especially di maria really want to help Messi and try to pass him the ball at any price, sometimes not the most optimal solution and even put him in difficult situations. Unfortunately passing him the ball is not the solution, as long as PSG plays deep for counter attack, we will see the same Messi over and over again because each time he has the ball he got to make a run by himself for 30m or to resist to pressing of 2-3 defenders if he doesn’t give the ball quickly enough.

    • I’ve noticed that Mbappe has begun passing the ball to Messi a ton more than he did in the beginning. Despite Messi’s below par form this connection between the two has led to good goals. Mbappe even gave Messi the penalty in the last CL game to improve his confidence.

      • The only player that seems to dislike Messi from his body language is Hakimi.

        Mbappe , I think he love Messi but he’s young and full of ambition and you cant blame him for that. So sometimes you’d see him trying to do things on his own (Messi did that aswell back in the day with plenty of solo goals). However , Mbappe seems to realize that the more his teamwork with Messi is improving, the bigger chance he’d win CL & scores plenty.

  7. I wonder how UEFA botched it!!!
    I just look for how many Argentines will make to next round.
    May be Messi has a goal or two left to be scored at Bernabeu

    On other news Aguero set to announce retirement on a ceremony set up for him on Wednesday!!! Sad end to a great striker

    • No more away goal rules though.

      As for Kun, I wish he could be part of the 2022 WC squad but I’m glad to see him lifted the Copa America alongside Messi and Di Maria. Plus, his last goal was against Real Madrid.

      • Not sure if this new retirement rumor is trustworthhy but either way nobody can deny how horrible of a year Kun has had. No game time at City despite being a legend, left the club after losing a CL final with almost no involvement in that, did win the Copa America but was on the bench, went to Barcelona because he wanted to be with Messi and then Messi leaves so Kun is left in a disfunctional team, gets injured again and has to wait over 10 weeks to make his first appearance, and shortly after that has a heart problem and has 3 months minimum to recover and might even retire. I feel sorry for him. Such an anticlimatic end to such a legendary player. I hope he has some sort of comeback but its been setback after setback

  8. Formation (4231)..My 23 Man Squad..
    GK : Dibu Martinez, Juan Musso, Sergio Romero.
    RB : Nahuel Mollina, Gonzalo Montiel.
    LB: Marcos Acuna, Nicolas Tagliafico.
    CB : Cuti Romero, Ottamendi, Lisandro Martinez, German Pezella.
    DM : Paredes, Guido Rodriguez.
    B2B: De Paul, Ezequel Palacios
    RW: Angel Dimaria, Angel Correa.
    LW: Lo Celso, Alejandro Gomez.
    CM: Leo Messi, Paulo Dybala.
    CF: Lautaro Martinez, Joachin Correa.
    If 28 man
    1. Nico Gonzalez
    2. Giovani simeone.
    3. Julian Alvarez
    4. Nico Dominguez.
    5. Lucas Martinez Quarta.

  9. Lautaro Martinez and G. Simione are good for compete the no 9 position. Argentina attack will shine again at left wing either A. Correa, Papu Gomez, Nico Gonzalez or Ocampus should be tried. J. Correa is more like second striker than a winger.

  10. After years of injuries Maxi Romero (PSV) gave the most incredible assist of the year. Like Zlatan in his prime. Amazing.

  11. The sudden rise of simmione has put lautaro on alert,This is what competition can do for you it will get the best out of you. Hope lautaro perform at champions legue also

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