Nahuel Molina scores for Udinese in 4-0 win vs. Cagliari


Nahuel Molina scored for Udinese in their 4-0 win vs. Cagliari.

Molina has now scored three goals in thr league this season for Udinese, his second in three matches. With Udinese leading 2-0, the ball fell to the 23 year old right back who score from the edge of the penalty area to give Udinese the 3-0 lead.

The Argentine has started in all seven of the Argentina national team’s World Cup qualifying matches.


  1. I know it is always good to go for money, but in terms of development – if I was Julian Alvarez, I would go to Ajax, Real Betis, Real Sociedad, Villareal, Sevilla, Inter Milan, & even Barca before considering Man City & Bayern. Man City is the only English team to consider unless Salah leaves Liverpool. NO OTHER English teams should even come to mind. In Bayern, I can see him replacing Muller eventually (I want to see an Argentine attacker thrive in Bayern).

    • Omg if he is going to big clubs they will make hik sit on the bench if not able to make a impact its better go to mid table teams of la liga or intermilan, but i like to see him at ajax the football school of Europ where they play the same as River press hard and counter attacks

      • Yes, in Ajax they learn total football. The greats like Dennis Bergkamp, Ibrahimovic, and Luis Suarez were developed there. If Alvarez can become a goal-scoring threat like the three I mentioned (in their prime), he will become the top 3 goal leaders for NT.

        Only if he stays injury-free, maintains good dieting & fitness, professionalism, and makes wise transfer decisions in his best interest.

  2. So the clubs who have scouted Alvarez: MU, City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Norwich, Ajax, Sahtar, Real, Barca, Atletico, Sevilla, PSG, OM, Bayern, Leverkusen, Dortmund, Milan, Inter, Juve, Fiorentina etc., Now MU, Barca and Bayern seem the most agressive. Bad choices.

  3. What a laughable writing from an english idiot ofc, if the kid was a brazilian or english so called wonderkid they would suck him for nothing. Cant play as CF or false 9 really? Yes a shitty club without real goalscorer dont need a guy like Alvarez LOL

    Btw i hope he will go to Inter, an Alvarez-Lautaro combo would be deadly in this 3-5-2, Dzeko and Sanchez are old, the latter will go after this season, and Correa as the third option.

    • Lol, you want to know what’s funny. Barca are linked with Aubameyang…. and Alexis Sanchez 😂 would be hilarious for Inter to buy Alvarez meanwhile Barca get either of the two who will command so many wages I even wonder if the club will be able to function.

      Some of the ideas in the article are true but some (such as that he has poor penalty box movement and can’t get passed his marker) are very odd. The majority of his goals come from great penalty box positioning and moving into spaces where his marker loses him and ends up looking like a fool

      There seems to be a conflict with what Barca what to do. Do they want to have players that are compatible with their current squad which is mostly shit or build a team with a new style of play for the future?

  4. Spurs fans are joke , they celebrated Liverpool draw like win . To me Spurs are low mentality club. how can they so happy a draw against ten men Liverpool without thier best defender Virgil van Dijk. Hey I’m only talking about spurs because of our best defender and one of our key midfielder plays for them otherwise I won’t give damn about them.No liar Harry winks had great game, Dale was alright. My point is, if Antonio conte can turn winks to look like a prime pirlo I think he can turn lo celso to Luka Modric. only if our boy lo celso wants to be top player, he has to step up now cose he has good
    opportunity to work with a world class manager who can finally helps to reach his full potential. no more excuses for Gio

  5. what an outstanding performace by Ledesma….he was an iron wall against Real Madrid…RM total shots 36 and 9 on goal shots and every shots resist by Ledesma clearly.
    Its very optimistic matter that our Goal Keeper pipeline is very strong day by day…we have Emi, Musso, Benitez, Ledesma, and Rossi in Boca also good to see…

  6. Terrific game between Spurs and Liverpool. Chances after chance missed by Kane and Dele Ali. If it was Lo Celso the commentators would have killed him. GLC is in the bench but doesn’t look like he is going to get any minutes

    • I think Lo Celso just returned from an injury (if I’m not wrong). Antonio Conte isn’t dumb he will realize soon he is far above Dele Alli

  7. Dele Ali just missed a sitter against Liverpool. One thing Locelso is better than most of the Spurs midfield is finishing and even then he gets played too deep or is on the bench most of the time.

  8. Juan Foyth is in Real Madrid radar as they seek Right Back, Carjwal is getting too much injured. If Real Madrid is after him he must have something in him.

    • Montiel is also on their radar and he appeared there before Foyth. According to your brillaint logic that must mean there has to be something about Montiel too? Earlier you used to dismiss him when he was still at River Plate. Either way, those are rumors for now. By the way, it’s Carvajal not Carjwal.

    • Watch out. A lot of these rumors are false. Plus player quality is not the only factor in deciding cost. Look at the value of the England national team players. Real Madrid spent 54 million on Rodrygo and meanwhile Alvarez is being talked of as a 20-25 million player

  9. Here in Mundo when I told Lautaro Martinez should move to Arsenal they were harsh on me they could not see Arsenal’s potential but now Arsenal is qualifying for CL if it were Inter in Premiere League they would not even qualify to Europa League. There is a reason why Serie A teams did not win or even not in top 4 In Champion League for last 10 years except Juventus.

    • Oh wow, aren’t you a football expert?

      “If Inter were in the Premier League they would not even qualify to Europa League”. Maybe. maybe not, totally hypothetical and speculative. Most English clubs that are successful are doing well because of money, foreign players and foreign coaches. Nothing intrinsically English about their success.

      England is not usually a good place for Argentine players. Kun, Zabaleta are exceptions.

        • Boludo, if as you claim Lautaro is physically weak, and not good in the air, then England is the last place he would succeed. Is there a room for some logic and coherence in your brain or is it too much to ask?

          I am going to lose again? LOL, so far you have been losing, time and time again, with your bizarre opinions on nearly everything.

      • Kevin, this borders on complete insanity. You can say whatever you want about Arsenal improving (they are still far below City and Liverpool). The ultimate goal should be success with the national team, not having the ability to drool over English teams. The majority of moves to the premier league for our players have failed. You say that him not having injury problems before is a rationale, well the same went for players like Lo Celso that are now injured every other day. Arsenal are most likely not going to qualify for CL. Inter may win Serie A. Plus, Lautaro has the opportunity to play with other Argentines like Correa and potentially Alvarez at Inter. We need partnerships for the NT to do well. You seem to be more focussed on the Premier league than Argentina, how about you become a fan of England since that will clearly satisfy all of your delusions and tick all the boxes (physical players, premier league players, high transfer fees). You are seriously starting to make me regret saying I don’t mind you that much. It looks like you are shooting for a new spot in the hall of fame.

        • Maybe Kevin can consider moving to Bangalore from wherever in India he lives to get some acumen (according to his own logic)?

          Wanna prove me wrong, Kevin? Let’s see if you can respond without using words like “moron”, “mediocre expert” etc.

        • Arsenal still below City and Liverpool, all teams are below them they are best team in the world right now. You are delusional it is not the players should be in same club, France and Croatia were in final in 2018 these teams did not have players playing for same club.

          • Are you too young for your memory to not be capable of extending beyond the world cup 2018? “ it is not the players should be in same club” that is one the most delusional statements I have ever heard. EVERYONE knows that one of the most helpful things for a national team is having players playing with each other in their clubs. France and Croatia did have some players playing together. Giroud and Kante with Chelsea, Umtiti and Dembele for Barcelona, Mbappe and Kimpembe with PSG, Hernandez and Griezmann for Atletico Madrid, Peresic and Brozovic for Inter, Pjaca and Mandzukic for Juventus. Its not the only factor in national team success but it is a factor. Not sure if you remember the world cup final between Argentina and Germany but they had seven Bayern Munich players. 2010 Spain team in the final had 6 Barcelona players and 3 Real Madrid players and 2 Valencia players. Many of the teams that have won world cups have had a core of players that have played together a lot for their NT or together for their clubs. Moving to Arsenal will do no good, it’s not like he’ll suddenly grow five inches and gain 40 pounds of muscle (since apparently those are his weak points). How was he supposed to know they will suddenly get better? Nothing about a top four finish or playing in the premier league will suddenly change his game. Who won the Euro final? A team with only two premier league players. Opposed to a team with 14

          • you look confused yourself, Demble never played in WC, Varane was in playing 11 not Kimpbane. It is about playing 11 not squad, there are no national team where you can not find 2 or 3 player of same country, according to your logic Germany should have already win both 2018 WC and 2021 Euro cup as most of their player were in Bayern playing for same club but they could not reach even quarter final stage.

          • Dembele played in 4 out of 7 games for France. Kimpembe was not a starter in the world cup but I am not solely talking about the world cup.

            “It is about playing 11 not squad, there are no national team where you can not find 2 or 3 player of same country”

            What are you trying to get at? All players are of the same country in the national team.

            You fail to understand my logic. I am not saying that automatically you win the world cup by having players in the same clubs. There are many factors. I can name 20. Sometimes teams win by luck. But some of the greatest national teams ever have a spine. You need to develop a spine. If every player in a NT plays for a separate club it is harder to do that and the team will play with much less fluidity. This is basic knowledge. The fact that you try to deny this is shocking. It is very clear you have never played on a team with other people. A team needs to have understanding between its members on the pitch. Look at the understanding Messi and Di Maria have. The more players that have that the better. If enough players play together in clubs its almost like a fraction of the national team is playing outside of actual designated Argentina games. You lack the basic ability to draw a conclusion by things you’ve seen. Have you ever asked yourself why we played so badly at the beginning of Copa? Everyone blamed Scaloni at first, but its because our team had no chemistry and hadn’t played together almost at all for the last two years. As time went on you could see a difference. Ask yourself what caused that difference. It’s called “playing together”. If our players share clubs chances are we will play better than if they didn’t because they will understand each other. The benefit we earn by having Lautaro and Correa in a strike partnership at Inter far outweighs the theoretical and hypothetical benefit that he will suddenly gain more muscle, when that isn’t even an issue to begin with. For the last time, I am not saying this is the most important factor in a national team to win trophies. There are many other reasons France and Croatia got to the final. They weren’t like that legendary Spain squad for example. Some national teams have created spines without most of their player’s sharing clubs, but it is because they had a golden generation that shared the pitch many years and with enough time gained great understanding of each other anyway. But to deny its importance and the benefit it gives us (plus the concept that player chemistry, partnerships, and tactical fluidity exists) is crazy

    • yes my friend it is true. in same time future is even more bright for us believe me.
      the ambitions for our future is even higher to grow our club. what make me more than happy is that we have people inside team that exept the love for our club they have big and deep knowledge of football which is the guarantee for success.
      El más grande sigue siendo RIVER PLATE
      Y será más grande aun en el mañana
      Por el juego, por las ganas y el orgullo de tener
      Una banda roja que nos cruza el alma.

    • Yes. Like Cox I am really excited. I hope that since we have one more year with Gallardo (maybe more but one for now) that we take advantage of it as much as possible and try to bring in the most ambitious signings and win as much as possible.

      Also, the shirt that we put on yesterday on the back to celebrate said “elijo seguir ganando” which is a reference to “elijo seguir estando” when Gallardo confirmed his continuity.

    • You are right…. He always provides an option but they rarely use him…. I guess he has to creat a name for himself….

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