Alejandro Papu Gomez scores for Sevilla in 1-1 draw vs. FC Barcelona


Alejandro Papu Gomez scored for Sevilla in their 1-1 draw vs. FC Barcelona.

Papu Gomez scored his second goal of the season for Sevilla as he gave his team the 1-0 lead. It was a corner kick for Sevilla and a low pass into the penalty area found Gomez who hit the ball first time with his right foot and rolled it into the net.

Along with Papu Gomez, Lucas Ocampos would start the match.


  1. Actually one player that I am afraid he might lose his spot is Angel Correa (IF FIFA only allows 23 olayers). The reason is:
    1. there is no way Scaloni will not take Julian Alvarez because he deserves it and he is the best player of the local league and he is young.
    2. Other players in A Correa position received more minutes for Scaloni’s latest matches such as J. Correa. If Nico Gonzales had been fit, he would have received more minutes than A Correa too.

    Lucas Ocampos is on fire but too many players he needs to compete with such as Correa brothers, Di Maria, Nico Gonzales, Alvarez, and probably Papu (Scaloni sometimes plays him as a forward left).

    Now I just hope it is more than 23. The Copa America squad is too good, none of them deserve to be out except Marchesin and Aguero (retired).

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