Argentina fixtures confirmed for January, February World Cup qualifiers


The fixtures have been confirmed for the January and February World Cup qualifying matches as Argentina will play twice.

Argentina, who have already qualified for the 2022 World Cup, play two World Cup qualifying matches at the start of the new year. Lionel Scaloni’s team will play their first match of 2022 away against Chile on January 27 in Calama. The match in Calama would be in the desert at an elevation of 2,260 meters. The match will be at 9:15 pm local time.

The Copa America champions will play a second match on February 1 against Colombia but at home. While the official announcement has the match played in Buenos Aires, there are strong reports that will instead be played in Cordoba. That match will be at 8:30 pm local time.


  1. Hope Medina and Foyth get called up this time. Foyth, Romero, Licha Martinez and Medina (plays on the left side of Lens 3 man defence) will be your world cup winning back line.

  2. We will have to play Chile at high altitude. They desperately need 3 points and will use all adventage they could use.

    I’m suprise they havent add special rules in which the game will go into shootout if its ties.:whistling:

    My $10 is ready to see them earning at least 1 penal after Peedal crying for a foul as usual.

  3. Seeing Engache and Kevin discuss Montiel vs Foyth, i decided to create a quick Mundo survey. Cast your vote for 1) NT Starter and 2) Future Real Madrid player 🙂

    Heres the link ” BATTLE OF THE ARGIE RBS” –

    • Haha I love the idea. The future real madrid player cracked me up. I wonder who will win. It would be nice to have other surveys for other controversial topics like Lautaro

    • Also, Montiel, Foyth, and Molina each share 13 appearances for us. They are also very close in age. No matter what our preference is we can agree that this competition and several options to choose from is great for our weakest position

    • he he you remind me my friend old good times ha ha.

      Foyth is the best RB in the world after……. 1 else.
      i miss old times ha ha 🙂

    • I voted for montiel not because he is better than foyth.
      The reason is Foyth isn’t right back especially modern day where full backs push very high on the field and montiel exactly doing that in seville and you know defensively is good too. As foyth is ball playing cb can cover right back hardly cross half way whenever he is playing villareal is like he is playing as third cb as back three and I think that is most suited position for him.

      • That’s exactly right Godin, I think his best positions (sans brain farts of course) is a right sided CB in a back three. He has the required pace to play there. But a modern fullback he ain’t. Does not overlap, stretch the play at the byline or cross.

    • It is not Montiel vs Foyth I want both in team. Both are Argentine and they are good. Right now I prefer Mollina.

    • Sevilla coach Lopetegui:

      “Lucas se ha retirado por un golpe. Se ha mareado y estamos esperando noticias. Ojalá que todo se quede en un susto”, afirmaba el guipuzcoano, quien explicaba qué le había ocurrido a los otros dos jugadores que tuvieron que salir por lesión. “Marcos (Acuña) podía jugar 30-35 minutos [contra Barcelona], pero no los ha aguantado”, mientras que su compatriota, el lateral diestro “(Gonzalo) Montiel lleva un mes de locura con la lesión de Jesús (Navas). Tiene molestias musculares y no se sabe de qué grado”…

      This is as of 3 days ago. Notice how he praised Montiel’s performances in the absence of Navas. It does not sounds too serious, they should not miss too much time hopefully.

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