Marcelo Bielsa unlikely to continue at Leeds United next season


Marcelo Bielsa is unlikely to continue at Leeds United next season.

Bielsa became a fan favorite at the club after taking over in 2018. He has since coached the team from the Championship back into the Premier League. However, a string of poor results this season could see him not continuing next season or even the possibility of January.

According to Football Insider, Bielsa is not expected to be at the club next season. Leeds are close to relegation, sitting 16 in the table with 16 points, only three wins out of 18 matches.


  1. I find it hard to believe that Leeds would get rid of Bielsa. Hes the reason that only they got promoted but also have been able to perform at this level and get a top half finish. The reason they are so poor this season is they have had several injuries all going to key players, and the squad has little depth to respond to that. Even the starting squad is fairly average, without him last season they might have even gotten relegated at their level. Its the Bielsa system that made them what they are. They should focus on getting reinforcements in January. And they’ll feel silly they didn’t pay that little extra for De Paul

  2. I am actually surprised that the mediocre and below average players at Leeds were able to keep up with Biesla’s super demanding tactics for this long. He needs to work for a club that can actually pay for the types of players that fit his strategy!! If a team doesn’t routinely and timely phase out their aging and underperforming core players , your team will eventually end up like 2018 Argentina!!

  3. Valentino Fattore Scotta played for Sevilla in the last few minutes vs. Barca last night. He is an Argentine RB from Sevilla youth. Last night was the first time I saw him, and if I am not mistaken he wasn’t even discussed on Mundo once. Anybody knew him before?

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