Manchester City open talks for Julian Alvarez of Argentina, River Plate


Manchester City have opened talks for Julian Alvarez of the Argentina national team and of River Plate.

The Argentine looks set to join Manchester City in the Premier League. Reports began emerging on Friday that there is a four year deal that has been reached for Alvarez.

Alvarez would join City as Fabrizio Romano tweeted out saying that Manchester City are confident in signing him with it just being a matter of details, taxes and add ons to the contract.

The Manchester City board held two meetings with Julian’s agents with talks already starting. However, no release clause has been paid. There is a possibility of him joining the club and going elsewhere on loan.

River Plate will receive €16 million guaranteed plus bonuses and have also asked City to keep him on loan.


  1. Watched the full Villa and West Ham games

    1. Buendia: Like I said last time, he takes on the game. He takes ownership. He doesn’t give the ownership to Coutinho who is a bigger star. He was the man of the match. Not saying he gets everything right, but I like attitudes of Buendia, De Paul etc. much over likes of Lo Celso. If he continues, he is a good shot at the WC. Other than attitude, his pressing is very good. We need more like this, when you have a 35 year old Messi. Also, he is very good at dropping and playing the short passes to break the lines. I can see him combining with Messi.

    2. Emi Martinez: Didn’t have to do much. He has to stay in form.

    3. Lanzini: Didn’t have much of an impact in the game. Nothing to say.

    As of right now, this is what I like for our team

    Midfield pack: Guido, Paredes, De Paul, Buendia, Lo Celso, Papu, Ocampos
    Forward pack: Messi, Lautaro, Alvarez, Dybala, Di Maria

    I know some midfield names are actually wingers or forwards. But they can play deeper.

  2. We have Papu, Dybala, Lanzini and Buendia as a free role, outside Messi and ADM; unfortunately Scaloni can have 1 player only. Be wise and select a free injured player is a top priority

    • Buendia also plays in left wing too, Papu is different case he can play in any position like in his Serie A days,Dybla is very good passer in final third and his final touch is amazing. Di maria plays as wide right midfielder.

  3. Buendia scored Villa only goal and was looking pretty good. First half he looked bright. Second half he was not that lively. So far so good for Buendia under Gerrard. I won’t go too far saying he is the next big thing, but he is surely improving. Remember Gio Simeone? He was hot and now is ice cold. Hope Buendia keeps going though, time will tell.

    He played in Messi/Di Maria’s position as right winger or number 10 with free role. That position is well covered for Argentina unfortunately. Yes he can play as a midfielder too but I think he is not that defensive minded unlike Ramsey or Mcgin to play as 8.

    Aston Villa is doing very good in January transfer windows. The purchase of Coutinho and Digne is huge for them as AM and left back were their major weakness.

    Now every position looks pretty good. Maybe they need a better defender to partner the England international Mings, that’s all.

    So far Buendia has won the competition of the starting battle against Ings, the £29 million summer signing. As a result, Watkins, their best attacker moves to number 9, Coutinho replacing Watkins as a left winger and Buendia kept his right wing spot.

    Emi Martinez did not have any major saves as there was just one dangerous moment Everton created the whole game and Emi saved it.

    • Emi is having a great time at Aston Villa, his confident and reading the ball movement is excellent. Buendia need to improved his canon strike outside the box.
      Both will be just fine under Gerrard as they are the starting XI at this moment. Wonderful

      Nest show is Lanzini against Man Utd.

  4. Scaloni should select every single player on basis of merit. Inclusion of Joaquin Correa is not on merit, his shooting and passing is below average, can not take headers, dribbling is average not a starter in his club, worst selection.
    There is no competition for Lautaro Martinez in no. 9 position Scaloni is making Lautaro very comfortable by selecting pllayerf like J. Correa.
    Players like Lanzini and Buendia are most deserving ones. I want to see both of them in team squad.

  5. River are also in the market for Ezequiel Barco and valentin castellanos. brilliant move if they can capture both. Really excited especially with Santi Simon and Enzo Fernandes showing great promise. though not happy with Quintero returning. If Ghallardo get buy a young CB from the local league it would add up well.
    At Boca, if given the opportunity, Zabellos has the potential to emulate Julian Alvarez. And Luiz Vasquez has repaid the faith in him by betting 8 goals in his first season. And instead of building on this Bica have just brought back Benedetto. Boca’ a youth team is brimming with talent in all positions but instead Boca masterminded by the mindless Riquelme are chasing fake gold all over.

  6. By the way Betis is the third in La Liga right now. Guido Rodriguez is their key player and Pezzella is back from the injury and is back to the starting line up. It seems like it will not be easy to remove Pezzella from our seleccion.

    This will not help the case of Senesi as Cuti, Otamendi, Pezzella, and Lisandro Martinez are still the top 4 choices. The fifth should be LM Quarta.

  7. Meza to the helm again. But, I am not much concerned as he will likely not play after all.

    This is one of the stupidest comments i read, as if the National team call- by itself has no meaning unless the player doesn’t make the bench. It exemplifies how far we can go to find excuses after excuses to legitimize wrongdoings. Yes, I call it wrong-doing (if not injustice) to those who really deserve a National team call.

  8. I hope River will reject City’s low ball offer of €16 million and a midtable La-liga or Serie-a team will make a higher offer!! Next best thing out of Argentina does not go for such miniscule amount in today’s hyperinflated market!

    • I think it is a done deal pretty much. Moving to City after June 2022 at the earliest is not too bad. Especially if still coached by Guardiola. Maybe Guardiola can make him a real 9 there, something that we need.

  9. The case of Nicolás Domínguez in Bologna is the reverse: undisputed starter in the team led by Siniša Mihajlović, he has accumulated only 32 minutes in all of 2021 with the selected team; Nor does it integrate the payroll. Part of this situation is explained by his transformation from a midfielder with a lot of arrival in the area into a brand double 5, which forces him to compete for a position with Guido Rodríguez , perhaps the midfielder of the team that is having the best performance this season, at Betis.

    Sources from

    Nico dominguez played 69 minutes vs verona tonight
    As said before it’s more technical issues than the be claim him been injured. Nico dominguez is competing with leo and Guido as 5. Doesn’t make sense to take three players that play same position.


      According to the above article (and another that I read) it’s more to do with his serious shoulder pain that apparently requires an operation.
      Nico is a classy b-2-b player, playing as a ‘5’ is a waste of his talent, he might’ve started out as a ‘5’ in Velez but he’s evovled considerably since then and now he’s more of a De Paul / Celso type of midfielder, of which Argentine is in desperate need.

      • Scaloni decides not to call up players who are still recovering (like Messi or Cuti) or have a slight injury like Dominguez (you gan still play futbol if you have shoulder injury). He just takes fully fit players this time which is very wise because we have already qualified but at the same time he also wants the team chemistry to grow by calling up the same players.

        All 3 new additions he calls up are in a good form: Ocampos, Buendia, and MacAllister. So Scaloni being really fair actually.

  10. @cox4 and @elprincipe: A humble request unless Romance king aka Wanda admirer is trolling us, we should not give any importance to his comments. I respect you as posters.

    The other thing I noticed people calling names to certain Argentine players like Armani , Foyth and Meza etc. I can understand fun banter but people need to understand they are professional Argentine players and it doesn’t matter under your logic a certain player should be called or not, please refrain from calling names.
    I have never played professional football and from that aspect, I respect each of them.

  11. -Barco to River not fully confirmed but if reports are to be believed very possible and it is just a matter of days
    -It is still to be decided whether Julian would stay for six months or until the Libertadores ends (which would keep him at River until the World Cup)
    -There are rumors about Valentin Castellanos of New York City coming to River as an exchange with the City group in six months if Julian leaves then.
    -Man City would pay Alvarez’s wages if he were to come back on loan to River which could allow River to get even more players in

  12. Suddenly the transfer news getting hot:
    – Julian Alvarez to City
    – Ezequiel Barco to River
    – Thiago Almada to Atlanta United confirmed
    – Emi Martinez extends his contract with Villa
    – Hugo Lloris extends his contract with the Spurs
    – Adama Traore to the Spurs
    – Tanguy Ndombele close to PSG
    – Leandro Paredes wanted by the Spurs but the players is not interested
    – Nico Tagliafico wanted by Napoli
    – Mauro Icardi likely to stay at PSG
    – Almost all big European teams want Dybala who will be a free agent.

  13. 19:30 GMT: Manchester City agreement for Alvarez
    According to Ole, Manchester City have come to an agreement for the signing of River Plate youngster Julian Alvarez for a fee of around of 18m euros. There is also an agreement that the striker will stay in Argentina until June, and he could remain with River until the end of 2022, though that is yet to be decided.

    Not sure how true this is. But this will be fantastic!

  14. Alvarez to man city would be dream signing if not any loan involve, the team city have, Alvarez flourish way more than Lautaro in Inter.

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