Maxi Meza of Monterrey called up to the Argentina national team


Maxi Meza of Monterrey has been called up to the Argentina national team.

Meza is in the team following the injury to Joaquin Correa. The official Argentina Twitter account posted on Friday announcing that the 29 year old has been called up for the World Cup qualifying matches.

The last time Meza played and was called-up to the Argentina national team was back in June 2018 where he played in a 2-0 win vs. Mexico.


  1. I don’t know the motive behind the called up like Meza; did N/T is lacking the players. Much better to bring the young players and give them chance to show off. Joke mode in

  2. The most disgraceful decision by Scaloni. He is complete shit by any playing standard. I have never been pissed off like today.

    On a lighter note at least, Julian Alvarez is guaranteed to play for top European club after the worldcup. It has been confirmed by Fabrizio Romano that Man City and River plate are at advanced talk to sign Julian.

  3. meza is too good to out Argentina from the wc.hahahaha useless player, useless coach.and supporter think they are world class.Argentina’s unbeaten run is nothing but a fluke.if they meet with any strong European team Argentina will vainshed hahaha.

    • 2006 Brazil France 0:1, 2010 Brazil Holland 1:2, 2014 Brazil Germany 1:7 LOL, Brazil Holland 0:3, 2018 Brazil Belgium 1:2 if we are talking about performances against the european teams, it will be the same thiss year too.

    • Your bum still hurts from July 10th Eh? Win whatever you want. You will never win a WC at home and you will always be losers in your own “Sacred” Stadium. They should tear that thing down, Its nothing but bad luck and memories for you guys. They will never hoist a trophy in Argentina

    • Brasil, decime que se siente
      Tener en casa a tu papá
      Te juro que aunque pasen los años
      Nunca nos vamos a olvidar
      Que el Diego los gambeteó
      Que el Cani los vacunó
      Que están llorando
      De Italia hasta hoy
      A Messi lo vas a ver
      La Copa nos va a traer
      Maradona es más grande que Pelé

  4. Every Argentine coach always wrong player selection at crucial moment, i don’t why they are doing like this, 2014 sabella wcf changed very important player at the wrong time. Lavezzi off then Aguero nothing to do, 2018 same mistake sampaoil, right now scoloni same situation create. 2022 world cup nothing better hope, because always team management choose there own like player.
    Why meza,armani, andreda,pazella,.
    They are more quality player then lanzini, benitez,gio Simone, sensei, rulli.

  5. At this point, I am not going to use my energy to get frustrated or mad about it. It would have been more exciting for Simeone or Lanzini to be called up but at the end of the day Meza most likely won’t play and we also have Buendia and Alvarez looking for minutes. We can’t play 10 attackers over the course of 2 games anyway.

  6. Even though I am quite shocked with Meza’s callup , anyone following Mexican league, could you tell us how is he performing there? Guido used to play in Mexican league and after he got picked in the national team, he was bought by Betis and since then he hasn’t looked back!

    Nevertheless, at this rate I won’t be surprised if Rojo, overrated and always with potential to become world class at 27 yrs of age aka Pavon and former favorite of Mundo Pity Martinez get selected!!

    • The match is about 6 days from now. I don’t think there will be anymore replacements, it there is so then someone from the local league as a sparring partner only I guess.

  7. Manchester City board had two meetings with Julián Álvarez agents. Talks have started – but release clause hasn’t been paid, it’s not done yet. 🔵🇦🇷 #MCFC

    Julián won’t join City in January – but they’d look for a loan. Man United never opened talks to sign Álvarez in January.

    Fab Romano

    • City is one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Ferran Torres has left them but the competition is way too many there. Julian Alvarez should consider a smaller club. I don’t think he is a starter guarantee for City.

      It is a different story if City signs him and then loan him somewhere. Let’s hope that will be the case.

      • Yeah for Julian I prefer a stepping stone club where he can get minutes, experience, and start scoring a lot in La Liga or Serie A. It would be better for him to join a large club like this after. I do think City would be planning to send him on loan after not to mention him staying at River for longer. The big thing to consider though is – City don’t have a #9, there is a lot of competition on the wings where Torres played but not at #9

        • It seems like almost a deal done. City will allow Julian Alvarez to stay in River until the World Cup. So that’s pretty good news then, at least for sure Julian Alvarez will get to play by staying at River.

  8. Meza will not be in the WC squad. We have a lot of injuries, We are already qualified for the WC. Who cares about some meaningless winning streak? Meza played awful but we were also a team in turmoil with a clueless coach. This team has direction and a culture now. Argentina will still field a competitive team as always. I agree that Senesi should be tried, I like Lanzini but honestly do not think he can stay healthy through a premier league season and into the next WC (However I hope he does) Nothing wrong with trying a few different players…Injuries happen and now is the perfect time to see if some fringe players can fit into the system, I trust Scaloni…He has built a championship winning team and now that we are qualified he is seeing if someone on the fringe can make a breakthrough and find a spot on the bench…Looking at you Buendia. Trust in the process. #LaScaloneta

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