Lucas Alario scores for Bayer Leverkusen in 5-1 win vs. Augsburg


Lucas Alario scored for Bayer Leverkusen in their 5-1 win vs. Augsburg.

Alario scored his first goal since September of last year for Bayer Leverkusen. The 29 year old was brought on as a substitute for Leverkusen and with the score at 4-1, would score the last goal.

A pass into the penalty area found the Argentine as Alario scored with a back heel to make it 5-1 for Leverkusen.

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  1. Among the Spurs, so far only Ndombele, Bergwjin, and Bryan Gil got offers from other teams. Others such as Delle Alli and Lo Celso who are on the transfer list have yet to receive any offer.

    I agree Lo Celso should be out of the Spurs. They don’t know how to use him.

    As for Cuti, we’ll see. He is loved by everyone so far.

    • Ndombele leaving may free up some space for him but if he doesn’t have his managers trust it may not make too much of a difference. Gio is one of our starters and almost part of our core, it is pretty concerning for us to have him not even playing at all for his club. I would love to see him in Serie A and I think he could do a job even for some of the top teams. Maybe he could push for a loan

    • This is a bit of a crazy idea but I will mention it anyway. Neal Maupay is having a good season in the premier league and perhaps he could be nationalized (has an Argentinian mother). I think last season he scored at rates way below his xg but this season it has improved significantly. He might be able to provide some depth but again, no idea how likely or plausible it is.

      Alario scored a great goal yesterday as is the topic of this article but he simply is not getting into the starting line up. After his Euros success Patrick Schick is on fire and unless he leaves Alario will be a sub with 5-10 minute cameos. I really hope Alario leaves but I don’t think it will happen, such a shame because if he were to simply get minutes anywhere he will score and get in form and it would be a massive help to our #9 issue.

      It’s funny because we have more attackers than almost any other nation on the planet, but for whatever reason all of our potential Lautaro back ups have some issue that rules them out.

      None of the Correas are a true #9
      Alario hardly plays and has injuries
      Avila also had a massive injury and has scored some goals but is not as prolific as he was before
      Icardi is Icardi, and even on the field he does not correspond at all to what Scaloni wants in a #9
      I have some doubts about Simeone because his XG is much lower than the rate he is scoring at, he may not keep that up forever (just like Ocampos didn’t keep up last seasons scoring way below his xg rate forever)
      -Aguero is retired

      Possible solutions:
      -Boye is having a good season but when he was at River his finishing was very poor. Perhaps he has changed and I may consider watching him because he is making more of a name for himself
      -nationalize Maupay?
      -consider using Alvarez as a nine. I don’t think Scaloni sees him as a nine based on how he’s played but I think he can give much more to the NT as a nine than in the positions we’ve seen him. In fact I think there are more creative players in the positions he’s played like Buendía that could perform that role better. He can add a lot more operating around the box than as a left or right winger where I don’t think he adds too much for us. The only doubt I have is that Alvarez is not the same type of 9 as Lautaro (when you compare their heatmaps) and Alvarez is something in between a 9 and a 10, so not sure if it requires a slight tactical adjustment (either way he is more of a 9 with better finishing than J Correa)

  2. Lo Celso is left out of the squad but he says he is 100% fit via IG. It is time for him to leave Tottenham.

    I regret that Romero has joined Spurs. Spurs is a mediocre club and has toxic fans.

    • I too have massive regret that cuti Romero have joind spurs. As for lo celso he doesn’t no choice but to leave spurs at any cost, to be honest I’m not big fan for conte.
      I don’t like his man manage skills and his style is good but he is winner I must admit.

  3. Nicolás Tagliafico’s pushing to join Barcelona next week. Ajax are still asking for permanent deal – while FCB only think of loan move. 🇦🇷 #FCB

    Tagliafico only wants to join Barça as soon as possible – he hopes Ajax will let him go on loan with this big chance for his career.

    Fab Romano

    — Not sure why Tagliafico chooses Barca. His game does not even fit Barca. Barca need an offensive wing back more like Acuna than him. Plus Jordi Alba is an undisputed starter.

  4. Nico Gonzalez did not score or assist for Fiorentina but had a pretty decent game, playing on his more familiar left hand side.

    Mac Allister playing much deeper today for Brigthon than he normally does, in a 4-3-1-2 formation he is on the left of the middle three.

    Licha Martinez is having a solid game so far for Ajax in a derby vs PSV.

    Let’s see if Conte gives Lo Celso any minutes.

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