FC Barcelona negotiating loan deal with Ajax for Nicolás Tagliafico


FC Barcelona are negotiating a loan deal with Ajax for Nicolás Tagliafico.

The Argentine continues to look for a way out of Ajax as Barcelona are a possible destination for the left back. According to Ole, the Catalan’s are trying to sign the 29 year old on a loan deal.

Nicolás Tagliafico has previously been rumored to join Napoli as they remain interested with Olympique Marseille also interested.


    • the rumor is that Scaloni is considering calling up someone from the local league (it is probably a lot easier at this point in time due to the late notice). Personally I would call up Ascacibar if I could, he is having an underrated season in Germany and is very high up statistically for tackles and pressures for midfielders in the top five leagues (95th percentile for each respectively). I think he could provide decent cover to Paredes right now.

        • I don’t exactly see him as an out and out DM, but neither is Paredes so it certainly is possible. He is much less lazy than Paredes with high tackling numbers and pressures. I am pretty confused with his situation, I think he’s getting a shoulder surgery soon and that’s why he wasn’t called up, which is a shame given his recent form and the fact that he could be given a chance this time as a result of Guido’s absence.

  1. Line up next match
    Emi MartineZ
    Molina…Ottamendi…Licha Martinez…Acuna
    De paul…..paredez
    Dimaria….dybala…..lo celso
    Buendia for dimaria
    Alvarez for lautaro
    Angel correa for lo celso
    Papu gomez for dybala

  2. Argentina have huge lacking in coaching staff.only Argentina team have dumb coach like scaloni.he would get real test of failure when he will met in wc against world class manager.

  3. I would like to see following line up in next match.
    ……………..Emi Martinez………….


    ..de paul……………..lo celso/Buendia…

    …..Dybala…………….Nico gonzalez..

    • Two concerns friend: if it’s a 4-3-3 then Dybala might struggle with an inverted winger role on the right. He is at his best through the middle, just behind a striker.

      Also, not sure how Buendia might do in a deeper midfield role. A lot of people think he would be just fine but I’ve only seen him play on the wings or as a number 10, much closer to the opponents’ goal. He might do well though in central midfield, not enough data to confirm.

      • Buendia have the ability to press and tackle. Anyway either him or lo celso both can bring balance to attack and defend.

        I didnt put too much attention on formation , my idea is Dybala will cut inside from right side.

    • That would be a great move for him, especially given that so many of our other players are there but there’s one complicating factor, that is Lo Celso played for their bitter rivals Betis. Not insurmountable but some players also don’t want to play for the rivals of their former teams.

      • I think the players who don’t like to play for their former teams’ rivals are those who grew up in the team or spent a long time with the team. Lo celso is neither of that, so I think there isn’t any barrier for him to join Sevilla now.

      • I would absolutely love Lo Celso to go to Sevilla, but I have that same doubt about him going to a rival club. Same thing with people talking about Emi Martinez going to Tottenham. We will see, it may be as Dadir says and I hope it is

  4. Benitez got his French nationality.. he will.go play with France.. but noooo.. lord Armani and Andrada is so much better… friends and family national team.. argentina could only win upcoming world cup by luck.. poor selection over and over.. Pezalla..Armani..andrada.. these players are wasting time in this squad.. lo celso is NOT CONSISTENT!!! I PREFER BUINDIA AS STARTER OVER HIM..

    • I’d take armani and andrada over him any day they have played on bigger teams won more and have been better plus he is not gonna play over lloris or magnian, and dibu or musso either way that man ain’t getting any minutes

  5. How well european team organised their fullback and they are really good to use their fullback relentlessly.Argentina is lacking this method.they are not capable to do this.taglifico is not the kind of this tactics.scaloni should solve this problem.

    • Reminder: it was Renan Lodi who allowed De Paul’s pass to reach Di Maria. On the other hand Acuña and Tagliafico when he came on completely shut down Brazil’s attack on the right.

    • News flash, the days of Marcelo and Dani Alves are past. Now you guys are left with Danilo and Alex Sandro, maybe you should consider taking a look at yourself. England have significantly better full backs than Italy yet Italy beat them.

        • As game was tilting towards right side because of Neymar so Acuna got alone in left side that is why Scaloni called Tagliafico in place of Lo celso and Acuna played full 90 minutes, he is one of the best in LB position.

          • Have to agree with Kevin here, Acuna was suffering simply because Lo Celso was exposed and a lot of space was left open. That is why Lo Celso was switched for Tagliafico instead of Acuna

          • But Argentina need his replacement.imagine if acuna injured middle stage of the wc how Argentina will adapt this situation.

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