Julián Álvarez joins Manchester City from River Plate


Julián Álvarez has joined Manchester City from River Plate.

Álvarez will be joining Manchester City as an agreement has been reached. According to Fabrizio Romano, the Argentine joins the reigning Premier League champions as they will pay a fee of €18.5 million to River Plate with bonuses and taxes.

He will join on a five year contract and will remain at River Plate on loan until July. Argentina’s best young talent, the 21 year old forward has lifted the Copa America with the Argentina national team and is expected to make the World Cup team as he is currently part of the team for the World Cup qualifiers.


  1. Great news for Alvarez and for Argentina NT. I think it is a great fit for Alvarez’s play style as he would be given the freedoom to dribble around the box and exploit the channels. One potential downside is that Alvarez will probably not get a lot of minutes in his first season, but he can earn more playing time in latter seasons if he adapts to fit Pep’s system (take Cancelo as an example).

  2. I’m happy as a Arg fan and also as a City fan… if he gets the chance I’m sure he will impress Pep and Pep doesn’t abandon those who show promise… he might make him work hard but I belive getting coached by Pep is an opportunity our future striker could use… City move the ball quickly and pass Lot on the box… same as Arg does often… getting trained to such gameplay is really top level experience for our Julian…

  3. I would be very careful if I we you guys,
    Remember feran Torres
    Le roy sane.
    I see him being moved around before
    City take him in,and if doesn’t make the grade they will give him enough play time to turn a profit by selling him….I could be wrong

    • Leroy Sane is a regular at Bayern and Torres is now playing at Barcelona. Worst case scenario he’s moved to another top club where he can get more minutes. I can’t recall of any City players completely frozen who aren’t allowed to leave if necessary

    • Fabrizio Romano is one of the most trustworthy sources who has lots of inside information and I don’t think he’s ever gotten anything wrong. Clubs usually don’t announce players until they’ve completed their medical and signed the contract which he can’t do now being with the NT so it’s just a matter of time

  4. Olive my friend. i am very surpriced because everybody we was expected he stay till November. as about the money it is the bigger we could take because his contract was ending and Alvarez didn t accept the contract extention (for be able River ask for more money).

    i am sad we will lose him but anyway it is not the first or last time that we lose a valuable player. i get over it anymore. Dozens times i remember i have live this kind situation. Dozens of players like him passed from 1996 that my father take me 1st time at Monumental. at the age of 12 i start wear the River jersey and i will continue. players come and go. what remain always is the club and us the fans.

    • Yes, unfortunately it is something we have to get used to because it is impossible to retain all of the incredible players that come out of our academy during the years. The truth is I am not so concerned about him leaving in the future, I am excited to see what he can do in Europe and bring to the seleccion, I am just bummed out that if this is correct he will be missing the second half of the Libertadores. He could be really important in those games. On top of that, he will only have 4 months to adjust to his new club in which time he may get few minutes and it is right before the world cup. I would almost rather have him leave now than leave in July (so that we can adapt to playing without him before the knockouts of the Libertadores and he can simultaneously adapt to his new league with much more time). Trust me though, my mood is much happier than it is sad. I am still so happy about Gallardo staying and very excited about all of our new players that are coming in. Like you say River is still River and I am very much looking forward to the next year

  5. Man, I am really apprehensive about this transfer!! Let’s hope Pep will give him adequate time to settle. Other than highlights, I haven’t seen much of Alvarez , is he good enough to compete with whoever City signs as their main striker next season? I heard they are pushing for Haaland.

  6. Does anyone know if he has an option to extend the loan until the WC? In this case he would miss the end of the libertadores which I really want him to stay for.

    Of course I can’t predict the future but it seems like a good (yet very demanding) move. I think nobody mentioned City before because most people thought they’d get Haaland but I think Alvarez is more of a Pep forward who is versatile and complete. Since they have no other strikers he may have it easier to get minutes. I am curious to see how quickly he’ll adapt, I kind of preferred him to go to Italy or Spain since the adaptation may take less but we will see.

    • I think they paid $27m in total but $19m is what went to River. I’m not sure about the precise figures of where the rest of the money went. I am also curious what the bonuses are.

    • it is 21,4 million euros and River make it in 24,2 million dollars (in Argentina we use dollars in our transfers not euro).
      from those money River take 19,2 million dollars in pocket. the rest is taxes and a small amount of money to football academy we take Alvarez in begin.
      it is good money if you consider that his contract was ending and we could lose him for nothing.

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