River Plate president confirms Manchester City deal reached for Julián Álvarez


River Plate president Jorge Brito has confirmed that a deal has been reached with Manchester City for Julián Álvarez.

The Argentine will be joining Manchester City. Álvarez will remain on loan at River Plate until July 7 with a clause that states if River are still in the Copa Libertadores, the loan deal could be extended.

Julián Álvarez is presently with the Argentina national team.


  1. Julian Alvarez is verstile forward player won’t be problem to settle Guardiola system actually he is kinda forwards Guardiola likes which is flexibility that Julian can offer and play anywhere cross the front line.

    • By the way, it’s strange to see Emanuel Mammana on the roster again, as if it’s 2016 🙂

      Also, Tomas Pochettino is a nice addition to already promising midfield of Enzo Fernandez and Santi Simon.

    • As I said before in many time I have special feeling for River plate mainly because they are the main supplier to the nt. I really hope they remain successful club and win many Libertadores cups.

    • yes my friend. i am more than happy about that. generally this offseason our people make moves which give very big hopes for a successful 2022 for River plate family. future is bright for us.

    • Yes it is great news. I don’t mind him leaving at the end of the year because it is inevitable anyway, but I was really hoping he would stay for this next Libertadores because this feels like a good year with a sort of “super River” being formed.

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