Andrés D’Alessandro at 40 years old scores free kick for Internacional


Andrés D’Alessandro was brought on as a substitute at 40 years of age and scored a free kick for Internacional in their 2-0 win vs. Uniao Frederiquense.

D’Alessandro returned to Inter after playing a year for Nacional and scored a great free kick. With Inter winning 1-0, they were awarded a free kick and it was D’Alessandro who would take it and score.

The Argentine is a legend at the club, spending 12 years with them, winning several trophies, one of which was a Copa Libertadores 12 years ago. Inter currently lead the Gaucho championship.

With the Argentina national team, D’Alessandro was part of the 2004 Olympic team which won gold.


  1. The transfer windows is close in a bit more than 24 hours. It is very exciting to follow. Some of the latest news:

    – Lo Celso to Lyon is off as the player wants Villarreal instead (hope it will happen in the day)
    – Cuti Romero of the Spurs will get Rodrigo Betancur and Dejan Kulusevski as his new teammates. Gil to Valncia. Ndombele is close to Lyon. Alli and Lo Celso will also be out.
    – Emi Martinez’ Aston Villa wanted Betancur but the player chose the Spurs
    – Luis Diaz to Liverpool after being very close to joining the Spurs
    – Barca got a reinforcement in Adama Traore and is in negotiation to sign Aubameyang on loan from Arsenal.
    (Barca will get stronger for sure in the second half of the season)
    – No news yet of Tagliafico to Barca
    – Dybala’s Juventus got a huge reinforcement in Serie A top scorer, Dusan Vlahovic. It will be exciting to see the duo.
    – The Spurs offered Lo Celso to Sevilla in exchange to Diego Carlos, the highly rated defender but Sevilla rejected.
    – LM Quarta and Nico Gonzales of Fiorentina will have a new teammate replacing Vlahovic, the Brazilian Arthur Cabral.
    – Juventus replacing Betancur with Denis Zakaria.

    And many more…

    Unfortunately there is no news of Marcos Senesi wanted by anyone. Maybe he has not done enough to convince the European scouts yet.

  2. D’Alessandro my friend is one of the players that will be forever in my heart. he is connected with my childhood. i love him. he was in my team from 2000 till 2004 if i remember well. it was right after Aimar left our club to go to Europe. He is in special place in my heart because it was the era after i finish school and i went to live in Buenos aires from my birthplace Cordoba. it was the era that i never missed a game in Monumental. i was even follow team in away games. D’Alessandro, Ortega and Cardetti triple was magical. Saviola too.Coudet too. after came Gallardo ,Cavenaghi, Salas. what an era my friend. what an era. i was blessed to live those years in Monumental chants. the best years of my life. that era 1 player was left and the one that was take his place make me forget who left because of his magic.
    first time my father take me in Monumental in 1996 but from 2000 till 2011 was the best years of my life in personal level and as River plate fan level too. D’Alessandro was just the beginning of that era and till i die i will remember him with love and nostalgic.

    • My friend you are more than friend to me, not because you pulled out this special ACE card from your sleeve that is just more than incredible that u have been able to see all theese great players from your team !
      Wow ! I’m totally shocked my friend and so so happy for u to have had time to share a team with him and with so many of those great River players ! I remember well when Aimar left and came to Europe at 2001, though not hundred 100% sure if he went directly to Valencia, but if i remember right he did so as did Kempes at 1976 and scored 116 goal in 186 games in Valencia until 1984 and was my team back then in Spain until 2006 when Aimar left and i think Ayala stayed there for one more year etc,, During that era Valencia had at least 3 Argentine players as Dario Felman from 1978-1983, Juan Jose Urruti from 1983-1986 and ofcourse Kempes from 1976-1984 and then it strarted again with Argentine players arriving from 1996-…with i quess Fernando Caceceres 1996-1998, Claudio” Piojo” Lopez 1996-2000, Ariel Ortega 1997-1998, Guilermo Morigi 1997-1999, Kily Gonzalez 1999-2003, Mauricio Pellegrini 1999-2005, Robero Ayala 200-2007, Paplo” Pablito ” Aimar 2001-2006 and the next one after this great Valencia era were the one’s like Ever Banega 2008-20014 and Alejandro ” Papu ” Dominquez etc…with last one’s been Timo Costa, Pablo Piatti, Gago, Otamendi, Orban, Enzo Perez and Garay, well any how Kempes who played there a total of 8 season’s scoring 129 in 225 games and won 2 times scorer individually and won Valencia 1 cup , 1 european super cup and 1 Recopa and Piojo Lopez won them1 Copa del Rey and scored 74 goals in 157 games as Roberto Ayala played 253 games and scored 12 goals and won them 1 Uefa cup and 1 European Super cup, but when Aimar arrived at Mestalla they were singing” PABLITO AIMAR LET THE GLORY COME, AS KEMPES AND LOUSE ANOTHER KID IMMORTAL” and offcourse also won the UEFA CUP AND EUROPEAN SUPER CUP AS DID AYALA WITH HIS COMPATRIOT CB MAURICIO PELKEGRINI ! Also KILY GONZALEZ played 138 games with 14 goals and Copa del Rey and the Spanish league at 2002 if i’m correct and remember right, please anyone correct me if i’m wrong etc…

      But, back to your great post my friend which made my day so happy as at same time i’m writing to u my friend, i’m also translating everything to my son and daughter who are bombarding me with so many questions and looking at all theese River greats from utube etc… they also send all their best wishes from their hearts to you and your family and to every Argentine and to everyonebwho is or has been and Still is in love with Argentine football !

      As u said u are truly blessed even my son and daughter understand that u have lived through that magickal era of River since your dad brought u to Monumental at 1996 !

      I also went watch games with my dad, but as such kind of games u have been blessed with which makes me and my family so happy for u and your family and River family too !

      Btw, Salas been maybe thevony Chileno that i ever liked and ofcourse i knew that he had played with River too, but back in 1996 when i moved to work and live to Denmark for 7 year’s i met Chilean guy who i came to be friend with as he was friend of one Ecuadorian guy and we allways went to play football for fun with other friends as some from Ireland, Australia, Senegal and another African Countries and couple of Danes too who were all my best mates during my times in Denmark and we kind of had 1-2 games against X-Yugoslavian guys from different parts of X-Yugoslavia and offcourse they alk were like street players with skill and great physics, but somehow our multi International team managed to beat them several times, though the games were very even as played on a concrete field in a ghetto ofCopenhagen with basicly foreigners living in and that Chilean guy called Gustavo was friend of Salas and had played with him in Chile in the same team until the very end of before Salas left Chile , LoL !

      Well, i hope everything is going goid with you my friend as i’m so gratefull for your magickal post straight from hearts and souls of you and many other River’s from Monumental during that special time, wow ! I really don’t know how thank you my friend as i can only send all my best wishes to you and your family with my kids !
      Saludos Ricky

  3. Wow! Incredible indeed! I remember once a Upon time in his early River days taking or launching a rocket free kick from very long distance with such a strength that after that i will allways remember him as offcourse also from 2004 Olympic team with Arg !

    After looking back as european fan of Arg from since 1978 even i kind of liked every team from Argentina who made the headlines or every player as specially those who moved to play to Europe mostly to Serie A and Spanish Primera nowdays La Liga even some ended up in England and even France as for example Gallardo was playing with Monaco at some point of his career, though hard to remember exactly how it went and when exavtly this happened, but i do remember that he was very talented player who had just bad luck unfortunatly with his career in over all, but i quess he must have been River born/or based player once before moving to Europe, please correct me if i’m wrong etc., and thinking of 80’s and 90’s basicly only chance for me was to see Argentine team playing from Argentina’s Primera in the intercontinental cup or whatever it called nowdays and offcourse i can’t remember every Argentiinan team who played in the Final normally against European cup winner nowdays called as Champions league, but i do remember seeing River at very young age though not sure if that was whole game from Intercontinental cup or just some highlights from some sports program on TV etc…,but there must have been something about the colors of River shirt that i belive they are Still wearing that made me absolutly bananas as ever seeing an Argentine Club team from Argentina Primera after some time had passed from 1978 great first WC victory !

    Thinking about all of this and players from past River days from whom so many moved to Europe and gained legendary status, well i must say that River Still able to sold Alvarez to City and 40 year’s De’Alessandro scoring a freekick once more and having Gallardo as their coach who once was my brothers favorite player as i also admired him a lot etc..,, well it kind of feels like long neverending circle, though i’m sure River have had their difficulties as others as well in Argentina etc..,

    well Still i must say hat’s of to River and hopefully they and other Argentine teams can also have a great future etc,,,as my friend once told me that it was just mindblowing to be at Bombonera when Diego at present with that song was sanged by so many and he just said it that the feeling was something that everyone has to kind of experience by their own etc.., Rest in Peace Diego and all those past Arg NT players who have sadly passed away and will eternal peace allways be with all of you as i will never forget any of you who i have seen wearing Arg Jersey etc.. !

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