Leandro Paredes great match, Angel Di Maria milestone for PSG in 1-0 win vs. Real Madrid


Leandro Paredes had a great match as Angel Di Maria reached a PSG milestone in their 1-0 win vs. Real Madrid.

Paredes was one of the best players on the pitch for PSG. The Argentine had 123 touches, the most out of any player in the match. He also had 106 accurrate passes, again, the most in the match.

But he also had the most accurate passes in Real Madrid’s half with 72 of them. And according to Sofa Score, he had 12 recoveries, the most out of any player.

Angel Di María played match number 285 for PSG. He joined Joël Bats in the all time rankings for the club in 13th place. He is 5 behind Éric Renaut, 10 behind Matuidi and 16 behind Cavani who is three spots ahead of him all time.


  1. Good morning to everyone. i want to say a big THANK YOU to all the Indian (and not) friends here that answer to my question about Hindi language. you make me learn things i wanted to learn and you make me understand the things i wanted to understand. so thank you all.

    • Thank you cox4..
      We are like family members here…a big fan of Argentina national football team..I am watching Argentina since 1994 wc..
      Bergkamp goal 1998
      Bekham penalty 2002
      Heart break vs Germany 2006
      Again vs Germany 2010
      Tears and tears all the way in last moments 2014
      Great goal de Maria 2018 but heart break
      Hopefully all these will be erased and I pray to god that we will have tears of joy in 2022 by reaching the glory
      Vamos albiceleste

      • @cox
        You wrote a good insightful post. It’s good that we all get to know each other here. We have been posting with each other for years now. Plus your post brought in alot of participation 😂. I learned new things about India also. I have lived in Libya, America and Argentina so I get to learn different languages.
        Btw I like how they say Argentina in Arabic. They call the country “The Argentina”
        الارجنتين= The Argentina

    • we will speak for whatever we want and we will not take your permition.
      we are speaking polite and nice. you don t have to read our posts if not interest you.
      we are a huge family from all around the world here. that is the best in this forum and a lot of people like me we are here because of that.

    • This is also coming from the guy that started freaking out and name calling because someone had a different opinion on the Covid subject, and also had another episode of name back and forth insulting a month ago, perhaps numbers could have been exchanged then to save everyone else

  2. Good morning all Mundo members from Nepal.. India and Nepal writing is same devanagari script and are quite similar and our culture too..
    There are lots and lots of Argentina fans in Nepal as in India..
    I think scaloni should think of future and drop Armani and take rulli and musso as back ups.. Messi will definitely Play well I’m Argentina colours..
    We have to target world cup Glory

  3. Watching UCL is always exciting and enlightening; not just about the players individual skill but how the best coach change and adapt the game plan accordingly. Klopp pull the 3 players and insert the new fresh player even Mane is taken Off, no matter he is the champion of African Cup. Substitute at the right time and right players.

    This need to be learn and adapt by Scaloni. Be more dare and alert to change the ‘out form’ player right on time. No compromise

  4. “We lost four players in January. Four important players for Tottenham, and we brought in only two. So even just in terms of numbers, rather than reinforce the squad, we on paper weakened it. Conte

    The way I see it Antonio conte will work away very soon.
    Here we go tottenham always been low minded club
    I’m gutted our best defender is there Romero why you went there I’m regretting so badly now that he is there.
    Lo celso never go back there .

    • And Conte has now spoken out about how challenging the window was for the club.

      Speaking to Sky Sports Italia, he said: “It’s always difficult to make comparisons, but if I had to find something similar, it would be the lack of confidence that is inevitable when you start work at a club that hasn’t won in a long time.

      “I saw some situations from the outside that could be developed, but when you get into it, you realise that something… What happened in January was not easy. We lost four players in January. Four important players for Tottenham, and we brought in only two.

      “So even just in terms of numbers, rather than reinforce the squad, we on paper weakened it.

      “Bentancur and Kulusevski are ideal prospects for Tottenham, because Tottenham are seeking young players they can develop and grow, not players who are ready. That is the issue.”

      This is the interview Antonio conte gave skysports Italy
      The full interview will come out Thursday.
      My opinion on this it it’s fact and it’s brutal to spurs

      • The Spurs will sell a lot of his players this summer. It is reported that only: Lloris; Cuti, Dier; Skipp, Bentancur; Son, and Kane are part of his plans. Everyone else is available to sell. I am not worried about Cuti performance/form with the Spurs. I just want them to add better pieces around him.

        Their transfer windows in both summer and winter had been quite disappointing. The only quality buy is Cuti. Bentancur has been OK. Others like Emerson, Gil, Kulusevski, have been questionable buys.

        • I thought it was Antonio conte’s decision to get ride of lo celso, ndombele, Gill and dele or it’s Paratici?
          The way I see is either conte contradicting himself or they misinterpreted his interview whichever way
          it’s I don’t care about spurs. My problem is cuti Romero because Tottenham is the most difficult club to play for atm way too much pressure cuse lack of success and thier fans are toxic too.

          • Conte and Paratici have different targets. Conte wanted Diaz but the player chose Liverpool. Conte want players that are ready now instead of long term project Paractici signs the likes of Gil, Kulu, or Sarr (18 years of age next summer).

            The one I am a bit excited about is this summer they for sure will add a quality defender to replace the likes of Sanchez or Davies. If they get the likes of Skriniar or De Light, or Rudiger or Bastoni or Botman, one of these would be a good partner for Cuti. Cuti needs someone like Otamendi who plays alongside him: an experienced leader in the back because Cuti himself is a bit “wild” positioning wise.

  5. can one friend from India answer me to understand something please?
    sorry if i look stupid and idiot in advance. the official language of India is Hindi language as i know. (if i know wrong please correct me). this language have english/latin letters? if yes one other language with the strange letters what language is it ? (strange letters for somebody not Asian like me of course. not that exist any kind of problem)

    • Cox, I know in India they have multiple languages, but I believe they write them out in their Hindi alphabet and English also. If u are talking about “strange letters” maybe you mean Arabic…?
      Like this:
      الارجنيتن من احسن فورق في العالم”
      If that’s what u mean then that’s Arabic ,which is used in north Africa and Persian gulf. Not in India. By the way I know Arabic too, I just wrote in Arabic that Argentina is amongst the best teams in the world.

      • No my friend. i recognize when i see Arabic or Chinese or Japanese letters.
        i am speaking about India. i recognize their different letters too when i see from the rest. i try to understand what is this language with english letters they use. They use english alphabet to write the Hindi language? i am confused.

        • There are actually 30+ languages in India. Hindi is our national language. But its maybe actively used by only 50% of the population. Basically most states ( especially not in northern part of india) within the country have distinct languages ( oral & written). So some of the bigger states geographically in eastern, western, southern part of India have languages like Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu etc which also would also individually be like 5-10% usage of overal india population. Hence it could be anyone of them & all look different.

      • it is wonerful that you know one so difficult language like Arabic.
        from what you wrote of course i recognize that it is Arabic only. nothing more ha ha. by the way ehich of what you wrote is the word Argentina? just curiosity he he

        • Bro Hindi h not officially the national language of india.Tamil is the oldest language in this whole world. Most of Indian language has derieved from Sanskrit which is also called as devnagiri.
          Ancient tamil existed before Sanskrit.

          • Chill pill maddy. I didnt mean to stir a debate on language technicalities & if u noticed i didnt say ‘official’. I myself am from downsouth & get ur context. Jus was trying to say only 40-50% people in india actively talk hindi.

          • Dont say fake facts. You r mayb tamil so u have some emotional issue but that doesn’t mean u say fake fact. Hindi is not our national language but both english and Hindi is our national language. Myself is not Hindi speaking guy bt fact is fact u tamilians cant tolerate hindi or hindi speaking people i know there were even instances that tamilians harassed people for speaking Hindi. Such a low mentality.

        • Our language speakers who doesn’t know much English will always write the English words like the sound used in the words. In the words “put” and “cut” same u is used. But different sounds. In our language we has so many symbols and words to match mostly any sounds. So with the sound we can easily write letters. We can easily imitate any Spanish speaking persons or any other with just 2 or 3 hearings.

    • As most of you know I don’t speak any Indian language or have any connection to there, but I also had that same curiosity of why I sometimes saw people speaking in what seemed to be some Indian or Southern Asian language with Latin letters.

      I went to google translate from English to Hindi and put in “Argentina is better than Brazil”, it comes up with two translations, one is: अर्जेंटीना ब्राजील से बेहतर है and the other is: arjenteena braajeel se behatar hai

      I am not an expert on the subject so anyone can correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that the traditional form of the language is the first one and the second one uses latin letters to create the same sounds, perhaps it may be used when typing on the internet with keyboards.

      I did a bit of research and turns out this is called “Roman Hindi” and used by mostly young speakers for technological reasons like I thought, which is pretty fascinating

      • @olive you just gave an example both the language r same just that sometimes people uses phone or laptop for chatting but hindi letters r not always available so they write hindi but spelled in English letters. Otherwise we don’t use english letters for hindi or any other languages. Like hindi meaning of sports is khel but for easier typing we write khel in English letters bt actual writing should be written in hindi letters even pronunciation is same.

      • In our language Malayalam “Musthishkum”is the word used for brain. Can you able to pronounce it? The trick is simple. To pronounce it we have to divide the letters, not each one but according to our language letters pronounciation of this particular word which I mentioned. That is like- “Mu” is one letter in our language. Pronounciation in English be like in the word “mum”. Here the sound of “mu”. And next is the letter “S”. Here the “S”is pronounced like half S. That is S=A+S. Here A sound should ignore. We have symbols for these half sounds. Next is “thi”. It is also one word letter in our language plus symbol. The sound is like in the word “thick”. Here the “thi” is used like in the word thick. Next is “sh”. It is used like in the word name “Schick”. The “sch” sound is used here. Next is “kum”. It is pronounced like the word Come. So now can you speak out our word Musthishkum.😁

    • You heard about South indian language called Malayalam. It’s the most difficult language to speak. Also we people from Kerala can fluently speak any sentence from any language. In Malayalam there are more than 50 letters. Even tamil telugu or hindi language speakers will get tough time to pronounce most of our words. For all sounds we have letters to write. That is the speciality of our language

      • You heard about South indian language called Malayalam. It’s the most difficult language to speak. Also we people from Kerala can fluently speak any sentence from any language. In Malayalam there are more than 50 letters. Even tamil telugu or hindi language speakers will get tough time to pronounce most of our words. For all sounds we have letters to write. That is the speciality of our language

  6. Boca is full of young talents Barco, Weigandt, Avila, Varela, Almendra, Medina, Molinas, Zeballos, Vazquez but rather play with columbians and oldies, and paraguayian s.head Romero is not even here. Pathetic.

    • In particular I like Zeballos, Molinas, Barco, and Avila. The others are good as well but I have not seen as much of. I think Molinas and Avila are pretty underrated and the fact that Avila got called up along with the other youngsters in November speaks a lot. From what I’ve seen Boca fans are very angry that Battaglia only seems to bring the youngsters on when they are losing or drawing at the end of the game. I fear that without gametime a few of them could end up in the MLS or Mexico within the next year or so, those are where the earliest offers come from with high wages especially for young players that are good but in these situations.

  7. Ohh liverpool hit the goal just after the substitution of lautaro. Inter controlled the 2nd half till lautaro substitution. Then all gave it away. I think it’s almost over for lautaro in UCL this season. It’s almost impossible to score 3 goals against liverpool in Anfield. Lautaro played his part well. And Atletico is going downhill. Their form is dipping. Might get affected in UCL also. That means one more team with argentines is on the blink of exit from UCL.😔

    • Inter fell apart immediately after Lautaro’s substitution indeed. The problem with inter is that they are very good in terms of defending but poor in creativity especially when it comes from midfield. That is why a player like De Paul with creativity, skills, pace and hustle would have been ideal in my opinion.

      Lautaro’s substitution made no sense, he was one of inter’s more active and dangerous players in my opinion.

  8. I dunno abt you but for me PSG win is fantastic. When u have the best goalie in the world, Donnarumma, the best right back in the world, Hakimi, one of the best DC in the world in Marquinhos, the best deep lying midfielder in the world, Veratti. And one of the scariest right winger in Di Maria, the best left winger in the world, Mbappe and the best player in the world, Messi. You don’t deserve lose in the second round.

    Also Madrid does not deserve to advance at all. They play girly futbol (park the bus) against PSG. There is no pride whatsoever on the team.

    I don’t care if Mbappe scores 10 or 0. I want them to win.

  9. The way some people make it sound whether on this site or stupid social media that Messi robbed a bank and ran over a pedestrian as he was trying to get away after his PK STOP!
    Said it before and I’ll say it again, Messi was GREAT just 6months ago, winning all individual awards in COPA and the trophy and was fine while with Barcelona and now all of the sudden he needs a Cane to walk! Give me a break.
    Messi came into PSG thinking he was going to get more support than what he has gotten thus far, POCH hands are tied because of management’s desire to keep Mbappe even though he made it abundantly CLEAR that he wants to go to RM and he will for FREE because of their stupidity. Neymar as usual in and out of rehab for as long as I remember, RAMOS played what, 1.5games since his move? and the rest of the defense is average and BELOW average considering the high profile name they have.
    Messi understood that he didn’t want to step on anybody’s toes, the golden child, the Brazilian or anybody else on that team.
    He doesn’t get much support, he passes the ball and almost never gets it back since the agenda is to pass it to you know who and watch him try to run passed defenders and try to cut inside……..sounds familiar? its what I do when I play FIFA, except I have MESSI in the middle and the other two on the wings.

    Messi is exactly where we want him to be, not carrying a club on his back and risking his health game in and game out………..ONE more shot is all we want and GOD WILLING a WC win and he can go work for Mickey dees after that for all I care.

    • Very true. Don’t care anything about critics, European media houses try very hard to downplay Leo and overhype their poster-boy.

      I just want Leo to score some so that he builds up his momentum and find his finishing boots once again.All that matters is we need the best Messi available for the NT and we are going to replicate our 1986 victory at Qatar.

    • Yeah I agree completely. I also believe it’s more mental than physical and as you mentioned its his playing style, where he expects pass backs which is essential part of his game . With Neymar back in the squad , hopefully things will get better for him. He has been consistently creating plenty of great chances every game but PSG strikers only capitalize on very few of them that is why his assist numbers are not as high. When it comes to scoring goals , his confidence is at all time low and banging some goals can only bring his confidence back up! March qualifiers will hopefully help him get back to his scoring form. Also I like that he is slowly starting to go directly at the goal instead of passing and expecting a pass back. He has never been criticized as badly as yesterday since the famous copa final penalty miss and this kind of extreme criticism could be a blessing in disguise as it should make him rethink his whole strategy again!

  10. Messi is not finished. But yes, Messi will not be able to dribble 4 or 5 men like in the past. This is because team play. In Barcelona, Alba and Roberto etc tried to pass the ball to Messi whenever possible and Suarez and other tend to make space for Messi in final third.

    Here is PSG, it is different story. Messi absorb as many defenders possible to release Mbappe. And two wing back Mendez and Hakimi never release the ball at the right time or never tried to cross back to Messi, who tend to stay deep outside the box. In this case, the final balls will always come from Mbappe or other players. Messi is more like play making AM than a false 9. Neymer back in action would somehow change this play because Neymar also like to hold the ball and draw players to him. But all I can say is , poch need to change how 2 wing back play. They like to hold up the ball rather than make off the ball movement.

    • Messi should stay in PSG, play on CL games, win WC with Arg and retire. He should not go to political club like PSG. Also i dont get Messi hate, he wants to win UCL and dont care about goals if he can help team in some other ways. I think he have no problem is Neymar and Mbappe steal the headline. He already have 7 ballon dor for his personal accolades. He even declined 2016 COPA AMERICA MVP. He is not like Ronaldo who play for Ronaldo and his glory.

    • Did you forget that even if Messi dropped his wage to $0, Barca still had wage ratio violations. But that wasn’t even possible at the time since liga prohibits salary decreases more that 50%. Maybe with Greiz gone, salary ratio might be compliant but….. So now Barca fucked him over, treated him trash and now he should go back? They even conned Agüero into joining knowing they couldn’t sign Messi. I also remember days when Barca management paid PR firm to publish trash about Messi. Maybe things are different Now with xavi but I’m skeptical to say the least

  11. People say Mbappe Haaland etc. have been the best player in the world in recent times…..I believe even last season messi was the best in the world ahead of mbappe and haaland…..those are just bullcrap arguments

  12. Lots of things to say on this PSG-Real, it was a tactical masterclass of Pochettino that allowed his team to have the full control of the midfield by pressing, counter-pressing and positions of their fullbacks, they almost played in 271 during the whole game. I like the partnership Paredes-Verratti-Danilo, it was quite hard for Paredes to play vertical so he should have used his powerful shoot. I hope he won’t hesitate in the next game. Difficult night for Di Maria, he helped defending a lot so that may explain why he didn’t finish well his actions when he attacked.

    Hard to comment on Messi’s match, on 1 hand, he participated much more and show much more enthusiasm before the penalty but on the other hand, some of his actions were either in bad timing or too predictable. Or maybe it is the best he can do with this PSG. Football is complicated, you can be a superstar in 1 team but can never be the same in another team which plays in a different style.

    • Maybe people expectation from him is too much. People have to understand that he’s not the Leo Messi of 2012 anymore. I found him walking much less during this match, touched much more ball than usual. If we forget who he used to be, to me he played his best match with PSG last night.

    • Excellent Goal from Mbappe but these french people are just sick in the Head. They are obsessed about having their own world world class player that whatever Leo does is never enough for them aside for the Pk miss. Leo was a beast yesterday he was bossing the midfield.

  13. Paredes is just as talented as like lo celso. He just needs to calm down a little bit. Today our main man lautaro is facing liverpool. They will press hard. It would be a good experience for lautaro. Keep on improving. All the best.

  14. Nico lacks the experience and cunningness to play good against big teams. When ever I saw him in the Argentine jersey I felt like he is over running himself and make mispass in the final third. His finishing should also improve. His headers are accurate.

  15. Have to admit mbappe is the best player in the world at the moment. The guy has pace, dribbling, tenacity. He is the perfect example why we need Nicolas Gonzalez’s pace in our team.

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