Video: Julián Álvarez scores hattrick for River Plate in 4-1 win vs. Patronato


Julián Álvarez has scored a hattrick for River Plate vs. Patronato.

Álvarez scored his first hattrick of 2022 with three different finishes. The reigning champions of the Argentine Primera were in the Monumental for their first match of the season and they did not disappoint.

The newly signed Manchester City player is still on loan at River Plate until July and after falling behind 1-0 after only six minutes, Álvarez scored three consecutive goals. A cross by Herrera into the penalty area found the Argentine who controlled it and headed the ball to draw River level.

His second goal of the match was from a difficult angle. A pass into the penalty area found the on running forward and his first time finish gave River the lead.

Making a run off the defender’s shoulder, a pass into the area and another first time finish by the 22 year old as he scored his third of the match.

@mundoalbiceleste Julián Álvarez with his first of 3 goals! #JulianAlvarez #Alvarez #RiverPlate #CARP #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ Vamos Vamos Millionario – River Plate FanChants & Canciones del Club Atlético River Plate

@mundoalbiceleste Julián Álvarez with his second of 3 goals! #JulianAlvarez #Alvarez #RiverPlate #CARP #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ Vamos Vamos Millionario – River Plate FanChants & Canciones del Club Atlético River Plate

@mundoalbiceleste Julián Álvarez scores his third of 3 goals! #JulianAlvarez #Alvarez #RiverPlate #CARP #Football #Futbol #Soccer #Argentina ♬ Vamos Vamos Millionario – River Plate FanChants & Canciones del Club Atlético River Plate


  1. Apart from penalty miss, Messi played very well. The probly as I stated before is Mbappe is spraying the pass back from this year. I’m not sure what has gone to Mbappes head.
    Just imagine if Mbappe would not have passed the ball back to Messi in the Man city match, world would have missed that fantastic first goal.
    Messi has realised this since last league match and now he is shooting from outside the area. This is very evident in Reals match where he had at least 3 shots blocked by Madrid defenders. So people who claim that PSG is wasting money on Messi, please sell him to another club and see how the team fares in Champions league.

  2. There’re not many alternatives for Messi to pick a club of his choice as Barca has pushed him out towards the end of the transfer window. MCity would’ve been ideal where they technically play at a pretty high-level as does Liverpool although people may’ve doubts.

    French & English football along with their pundits and the CR crew are outrageusly out of line and has no respect for the player he is. Repeatedly putting Mbappe as their focal point when you’ve a Messi on your team shows how skewed-up your thinking is. Both those leagues stand for hugely egotistical and toxic football environment b/c it’s their culture.

    Messi doesn’t need to prove himself at this point in diff. leagues. He’s beaten the best players out there all along and he’s 35. He’ll evolve into a diff. kind of a player and still will bang in goals and make impressive plays and assist his team mates when there’s support and camaraderie.

    Remember that France during ’02 and ’10 are a mess with players from those teams now being pundits on television.

    I am personally happy that he’s getting this flack despite his good game with the exception of the penalty miss b/c he’s only grow from here. I just want him to keep playing longer than CR and end-up with more overall goals so the history will never put the ass above the lion b/c it could kick hard (having more goals). Dumb football fans who’s no clue about the game or are too predujiced talk about whether Messi’s good enough. Utterly idiotic and the world is full of them as everyone of us has blindspots.

  3. Messi should have never gone to France.
    Paredes and di Maria just keep getting better.
    Alvarez has a big future ahead of him, I hope he keeps progressing. He seems to be our future after this year’s cup.

    • i will like to see Messi play in Italy to be honest. Inter ,Napoli or even Milan will be nice.
      personally i don t care whatever French or the others saying about Messi. i don t believe Leo has something to prove to anybody in this age. in same time he is wonderful with the national team so i don t give a damn for psg or that he is not score there.

      • My, friend we all know who is Messi and what he is made of and showed and prooved the whole world who is been the best and Still is allready for so many year’s that i have lost account allready, lol!

        Just like Diego did at his time so all in the end only Argentina matters, though personally i would have love to see him at Inter or Napoli, but honestly all i care about Argentina and what i see with my own eyes Messi was Still so evident and made a huge difference against Real, though he missed a penalty, but as we know he has missed also before as everyone has, so i don’t care and all those punnita and media’s and who and what so ever are trashing him honestly don’t jack shit about football etc., stay well Ricky

    • 30 million is peanuts compared to the money he has brought into PSG and French league and also his presence alone on the pitch has helped provide other players like Mbappe plenty of room to run and cut in. Messi has made the whole world so accustomed to his super high standards that creating 2-3 really good chances and supplying crucial passes means a failure if he doesn’t bang in at least one goal per match and a hattrick every 5 matches. However, if the same chances and passes are created by any other player then he is an undisputed MOM.

      Having said that he needs to understand that he is not going to get the same amount of chances to score that he is used to getting at Barcelona as he receives zero back passes at PSG inside the box or near the box. He must stop passing to other players in the box and go for the goal , he has to play a bit selfish. With that penalty miss in the most important game of the season for PSG, he has convinced his haters that he is finished, mentally and physically. Hopefully that the bottom of his poor run of form (again for his standards) as I am still not convinced that Messi is going to leave the Farmers league without shutting up those critics. With Neymar back in the team and Mbappe and Neymar competing against each other, Messi needs to take advantage of the cold war between those two.

      • Any fool with minimum football knowledge sees how Messi is not getting the support he deserves compared to Her Highness in ManU and Juve, where she is the point of attack.
        LET Frenchy talk all they want….adds fuel to his anger.

  4. Next two friendlys Scaloni has to start this guy and bring in Lautaro as a sub. My four strikers for the world cup are Lautaro, Dybala, A.Correa and J.Alvarez.

  5. I am sure Scaloni sees him as a 9 now. Not a classic one, but the emergence or Alvarez means Scaloni doesnt need to consider the likes of Icardi, Alario, or Simeone due to the injury/poor form.

  6. Nicolas Capaldo should be tested for NT especially as Palacios always getting injured. Also, I believe Capaldo is good in defense and have good stamina.

    • Capaldo & matias palacios look to have made intelligent moves. Didnt do the mls or russian league moves & get lost. Potentially they shld be able to make their way to serie a, laliga, pl or ligue1 in a couple of seasons. Interestingly none of the la liga divison 2 moves look to have worked well. Nahuel bustos, Gaich, lucas robertone etc seem pretty quiet

      • Totally agreed with amit. Austria’s Bundesliga and Swiss Super League are good leagues but not too different from the level of the current local league in Argentina. Moreover, if playeres go to top teams in those leagues, they can get a chance of playing in Europa or Champion League, thus making their talents more well-known than playing in a mid-table team in Ligue 1, La Liga,…

    • Since we have like 9-10 months until the WC I don’t think so because there are a lot of great players in a similar role to his that are already in the team. But I think he has what it takes to make the next Copa America squad and the following World Cup

  7. The future is bright baby with this Kid, Lautaro and hopefully Romero along with Dybala and the young talent already playing for the NT.
    He dispatched that 2nd goal with authority and I cant wait to see him play for ManCity

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