Angel Correa starts, Rodrigo De Paul on the bench for Atletico Madrid in draw vs. Manchester United


Angel Correa started the match for Atletico Madrid while Rodrigo De Paul was on the bench in their 1-1 draw vs. Manchester United.

Correa started for Atletico Madrid while Rodrigo De Paul remained on the bench. While Correa wasn’t able to score, the Argentine did speak to the media after the match. Here is what he had to say about his personal season:

“I’m happy on a personal level for continuing to grow and to help the team, I hope to continue improving in this way.”

Rodrigo De Paul was an unused substitute in the draw. He was not part of the team in their last league match against Osasuna and only played 65 minutes in the match prior to that against Levante.

The other match in the Champions League on Wednesday saw two Argentine players starting and one as a substitute. There was a clash of heads between Nicolás Otamendi and Lisandro Martínez, a match in which both players played the full 90 minutes. Nicolas Tagliafico was brought on as a substitute.


  1. It may be sentimental and subjective opinion; just my two cents but as i ponder the game i feel that it was the game between Arg vs Germany strategy. How Arg lose to Germany in an important game. Argentina coach is “prudent and mushy.” Football is a race to think smartly and quickly from the coach. Cholo represent the Pekerman’s way, leading 1-0 and then play defensive. He must be knowing the quote : “Best defence is attack” . Never give the opponents to consolidate and space to attack. Yes, ATM did missed a good chance and hit the woodwork twice.

    Agree, Manu was lucky with excellent subs of Elanka, an assist from Bruno and error at the back. That is football, a single mistake can convert a chance into a goal. Momentum!

    Unfortunately Cholo’s rich experience does not represent his quality. playing at the home ground, first leg, what to be afraid of. CR did not create any single chance, he is not playing for Madrid anymore. Manu cannot get through in the final third. He must be aware than all of us and knows better. But not using Suarez and RDP is not a good choice and a draw at home creates more problem than satisfaction.

    Manu vs ATM or Cholo vs Rangnick game is a good lesson for all as it shows how important to play in style and killed the game when you have the chance with good available player. The best player must not be kept safe in the bench. Tactical and the vision must be alive always and ready to deliver

  2. Mark518
    Amigo don’t worry other people ‘s reaction on your comments, just say as you see it in polite way . There always someone will be opposite to your opinion here in mundo some have legit arguments, have genuine knowledge about football and some are emotionaly attached certain players so you have to figure out who is who than you will relax and won’t bother about it.
    As much as love Argentina nt and Argentine players Doesn’t stop me to say this player or that had bad game they are human it will be up and downs for every player but with limit cuz some Argentine players are below average that is the truth, anyone Doesn’t eccept that don’t understand in life general .
    Come to Angel Correa, in my book he is very good player can reach higher level than he is now under attacking stlye manager not diego Simeone who I used love him as player and manager but not anymore … why I don’t like him? I think his style is outdated and it seems he doesn’t want change plus i can’t watch boring football.I like poch , Gallardo , Eduardo Coudet all play attacking football.

    • Ángel Correa Characteristics
      + Strengths
      Finishing Strong
      Long shots Strong
      Key passes Strong
      Passing Strong
      Dribbling Strong
      Defensive contribution Strong
      – Weaknesses
      Aerial Duels Weak
      Crossing Weak
      Ángel Correa’s Style of Play
      Counter attack threat
      Likes to tackle
      * Strengths, weaknesses and styles are calculated from statistics of each player’s latest two seasons

      • I found Correa best partner in attack is Felix, I saw him playing with Griezemann, with Suarez and with Cutner but with Felix they found each other easily and very compatible even though it wasn’t a great match against Man Utd, when you play against Varane-Maguire, you should score and make others score.

    • thx Godin

      I don’t really like posting here there’s always some guys who try arguing about anything… I think we should be able to talk about our players if they had a bad game…

      I know a little about football since I’ve followed Argentina since 86 and I used to play in the highest Swiss Football leauge for 2 seasons… I just don’t like some guys here that’s why I probably stop commenting again and only read like I used to…

      That is an awesome webpage for Argentinian Fans and there’s always great news on here

  3. It really makes me angry that Simeone does not trust De Paul that much. We are talking about De Paul, Argentina number 1 midfielder, a proven winner. Whatever his reason is, being an Argentine coach himself, it is unacceptable not to play him.

    I thought De Paul would be perfect for Simeone as he plays like the young and prime Simeone. Super hard working, everywhere on the pitch, good both defensively and offensively. I have no idea why Simeone seems to have no clue on how to maximize the potential of his countrymen.

    I am glad Correa gets the start, but if Correa had played for a coach that fully trusts his ability, he would have been a true world class player who scores at least 25-30 goals every season.

    • If he didn’t trust De Paul, he wouldn’t be playing him as much as he has, the issue here is that el Cholo is (at atleast for the moment) lost and is trying to figure things out, trying to balance all the plethora of attacking options with his defensive, no nonsense combative style and it’s proving be quite the challenge for him.
      De Paul and Lemar have been fixtures for Simeone, yet today he benched them both. Suarez was his leading striker/player last season but now he’s a rotation player at best, Felix is his most expensive signing, yet he has bench warmed more than he has played.

      All in all, Simeone is figuring things out and as such De Paul and Atletico may be in for some hard times but I’m personally not worried at all because Rodrigo is a world class midfielder who has been a huge asset for the NT and will continue to be so barring any injuries and whether he starts for Atletico or not ain’t gonna change that. No one puts an all rounded player like De Paul in a corner.

    • Out of every game where he has been available for Atleti, De Paul has gotten minutes since September 12 yet even with him they have had various embarrassing results. The problem at Atletico is far deeper than De Paul. Maybe there is a reason he didn’t play yesterday and he will play the next game. Although I do agree it would have been more interesting to see De Paul go to an upper Italian side like Inter or even Liverpool

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