Nicolás Otamendi and Lisandro Martínez clash of heads in Champions League


Nicolás Otamendi and Lisandro Martínez had a clash of heads as Benfica hosted Ajax in the Champions League.

With the final score ending 2-2 between both teams, the match on Wednesday could have ended much earlier than the 90 minutes for both Argentine players. A clash of heads between Otamendi and Martínez forced the match to stop.

Otamendi would end up wearing a swimming cap as both he and Martinez would continue the match. Both Otamendi and Martínez would finish the match with the most clearances out of all the players. Otamendi finished with five clearances and Martínez would finish with four clearances.


    • It is a sarcasm right? Yes Otamendi and Licha are good but Cuti is in a good form. All three of them have shown that they are all key players for their teams, the best defender for their team, and are in a good form. Pezzella is doing not bad either.

  1. When you played against the defense Maguire-Varane, it was like open bar and you were free to score as many goals as you want but unfortunately they were unable to kill the game. The biggest force of Atletico in the past was they were solid behind and clinical in the finishing, now it’s becoming their weak points.

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