Gio Lo Celso of Villarreal comments on the midfielder role in football


Gio Lo Celso of Villarreal commented on the role of the midfielder in football.

Lo Celso has been in great form since joining Villarreal from Tottenham Hotspur. The midfielder has often been one of Villarreal’s better players since joining them. Despite not scoring since joining the club, his form has been great and he commented on the role of a midfielder. Speaking in an interview with Marca, here is what he had to say:

“Pablito (Aimar) is a typical 10 as we call them in Argentina, from Riquelme’s era, who was also a ten. Sadly, that position is being lost because football in Europe has adapted to other positions and today, football is measured a lot in statistics.

“The ten is more the creator of the play, the one who plays the last pass or the one who makes the team play but he doesn’t score as much and it makes it seem like it doesn’t have much importance.

“But he has a big impact. I remember Benzema saying in an interview that when he is not on a good goal streak, they would criticize him because he wasn’t scoring and he said that sadly, today, football is measured in statistics. And we know that Benzema brings on the pitch, what he creates, the chances he creates for his team mates.”

In terms of things a midfielder can do which won’t show in a statistic:

“A midfiielder with one pass can break a line of three players but he is not the one that ends up scoring the header… But we know what football is about these days, statistics.”


  1. I wonder what would happen if Messi was just sitting Infront of the opponent’s goal like penaldo was placed last night!! doesn’t need much to get it but stupid is as stupid does to all the haters

  2. Love it when Cristina is out of UCL. Hopefully now from World cup then he will have enough time to give interview saying he is GOAT.

  3. Atletico Madrid finally found back their main force, being strong in both surfaces with the strikers very involved in defensive task, Griezemann played as 8 during 1st half and then fullback on the second. Although it’s not at all the kind of football I like, I admire the players’ effort. I found the pair De Paul-Herrera very interesting, the Mexican is an excellent player. I think the attack Correa-Felix should be the 1st option because they play really well together.

  4. I am happy for Otamendi. I am sad for Lisandro.

    In 2019 Champions league the “mediocre” Ajax made it to the semi final of the Champions league. As a result many players successfully advertised themselves. Next season we saw 3 major players of them moving to big clubs. De Light to Juventus. De Jong to Barca. Ziyech to City (2 years after).

    But that was the semi final of Champion league. The world took notice of that. I was hoping Ajax would go really far this in the Champions league so Licha Martinez would be on similar path to De Light: A big club will buy him next season.

    But losing in the second round of Champions league, no matter how promising you are as a player, is not good enough advertisement I think.

    Also happy for De Paul. Eat that shit CR7. I am sure Messi will have a great World Cup. As for Portugal? They have less than 50% chance to go to the World Cup. So next ballon d’or, most likely 2 years in a row there won’t be CR7 in top 5.

    • Messi still has league title to play, so hopefully he’d start scoring more so this season league victory will have more weight on resume.

      CR season is done, MU will be empty handed, and Portugal has a tough task to even reach the WC while Messi is already there since 2021.

      As I said before, never write out Cholo. He had history of upsetting teams like Bayern, prime Barca, Chelsea etc in CL. Now MU is his latest victim.

      He reached 2 CL finals despite limited resources compare to other giant clubs. Unlike Poch, Cholo has won multiple league titles, Europa, Copa del rey etc. He knows how to handle tough situation while Poch is basically a clueless manager like Bauza.

      • Since Sep-October I wrote here that Pochettino is clueless and some fans here was surprised to see my message because they may never watch a game of Pochettino before. But 5 months after I realized it’s impossible to coach this team, too much ego, poor management, the coach has no power. If he doesn’t play this or that player, the player’s agents or parents will go to talk to the president directly to complain, how can you do your job in that kind of environment? In PSG, the players are above the club, no hope.

        • Yea thats the problem when you have bunch of superstars at once. Even Barca after winning treble in 2015, the team started to implode the next season as Lucho started to lost the dressing room. Its never easy to handle starsudded team.

          Especially characters like Ibra, CR, Neymar & Mbappe who always wants to be the main guy at their club.

  5. i love how Simeone runs off the field as soon as final whistle blows instead of shaking hands with opposing manager and celebrating in front of cameras. I think he said something along the lines that it’s “fake sportsmanship”. I do prefer seeing the respectful handshake but i can respect Simeons stance. i think he meets with after in the opposing dressing room or managerial offices so all good.

  6. The very good thing is that, with E Martinez, Cuti R, N Molina, RDP, GLC, L Paredes, Lauturo M, there is a compact group around Messi, unlike PSG. The guys are getting better, fortunately

  7. De Paul is getting better and better. So Lo Celso is aiming to become the #10 playmaker like Aimar and Riquelme. Good! Arg need the classical playmaker to run the Tango dance. We have now a proper #5 and #7; #9 and perfect #10

      • They also booed Maguire when he was subbed out, if thats count. But it seems that Maguire always play for opposing team.

        He even headbutted CR on the face.

      • PSG fans boo players because of lack of effort.

        MU fans boo Simeone because Beckham.played for MU when Simeone got him a red card at the WC. They hate him ever since.

        • What you mean by lack want Messi play as defender for PSh!TAG. Give him ball instead of complaining. He has done the same way…all year.

          • What do I mean? The guy lets his opponent run by again and again. Neymar does the same. When they do not have the ball, PSG plays with 9 men.

            And age is no excuse. Look at how hard Modric and Benzema work.

            Don’t get me wrong. Messi is still an amazing player. His energy level and work ethic in PSG is just below par. Hence all the criticism.

        • Messi is a forward and 70% of the time he is either waiting for a pass or dropping deep to collect it. He has never ever had to constantly press or track back and defend. If PSG farmers aka supporters and team mates expect him to start doing that then he can shove it in their asses!!

        • Booing during 90 minutes each time he touched the ball means simply that they wanted him to leave. Think his father is talking to Barca for his come back but I don’t think it’s possible, unless he is willing to divide his salary by 5 and to give up some bonus included in his psg contract which is massive.

          • It would be funny if Messi leave then they buy Lewa and they crash out again in round 16 or QF, repeat that for eternity, same pattern each time lol.

            Remember they’ve bought the likes if Ibra, Neymar etc and they still have zero CL, ZERO..

        • That applies for Portugal more thab to Italy. The fact Portugal cant even win at home when they needs too shows they’re not in strong position to qualify. Team like Turkey might beat them.

    • Turkey’s performance at Euro was an accident. I think it’s a good team. Portugal has a lot of talented players but they cannot play as a team plus the coach is too conservative like all Portuguese coach. It’ll be 50-50.

      • Portugal reminds me of when Argentina was peppered with superstars who could not play together. Portugal has some of the finest players in the world who cannot play together. Huge pressure, A poor coach, Injuries to some key players, A massive ego in CR7 = trouble. Argentina has Messi but we also have a talented supporting cast who are doing it for the shirt.

      • Would you say Greece performance in 2004 was accident then? Beating Portugal twice and France…. That team never get anywhere before & after that tourney.

        Yea its pretty much 50:50 for all the 4 teams in that group.

  8. Now I see why it is so hard for anyone to score against this Argentina team . DePaul ☺️☺️☺️☺️ So underrated but today he showed simeone why atletico went and bought him

  9. The only concern is Ajax has knocked out from the UCL. Considering their first round performances they atleast deserved a semi final spot. Lisandro he deserved a bit more to play in this level😔. Now there is a great chance of getting teams eliminated with argentines before SF. Benfica is not a threat. Atletico is no match for other favourites. Villa real or juventus won’t go past the QF. So that means no argentines in the top 4 teams in this UCL. Any slim chance would go to Atletico.

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