Ariel Ortega on Lionel Messi whistled at by PSG fans: “It’s sad”


Ariel Ortega spoke about Lionel Messi and his situation at PSG.

Ortega was one of the best midfielders of his generation and had many highs and lows throughout his career. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, Ortega was asked about the PSG fans whistling Lionel Messi. Here is what he had to say:

“I hurt for Messi because he is the best there is in football. He represents all of us who like good football. I was a player, not at his level but one knows what he must be feeling when you see him with that face on the pitch.

“The truth is that it’s sad. What can the rest of us expect if he is whistled at?

“I don’t see him as happy as when he was at Barcelona, I don’t see him as fluid either. Everyone underestimates PSG but they lost to guys who have won 700 Champions League matches, not to a normal team. I think it was the form, Leo is great and surely now he has the World Cup as his dream.

“At Barcelona he had team mates with whom he played 15 years with but he has only been in France for seven months. He hasn’t adapted either. These players don’t need much adaptation but I don’t see him with the same ease as Barcelona or the Argentina national team. Surely, he will recover, they will have to find a way for the team to play for him.”


  1. well said choripan and cox4. if barca fans booed Messi that is cynical. sad to say so far Messi had not done enough to please the fans. well some might say due to Mbappe or.Poch. guys we are not talking abt and ordinary player, we are talking abt Messi. I ain’t expecting him to replicate Barca form. hope you will settle well next year if he still remains

  2. Brighton vs Spurs 0-2

    Cuti played the whole game and scored his first goal for the Spurs. I thought it was Kulusevski goal but the shot got heavy deflection from Cuti.
    Overall it was a near perfect performance from him.

    He played like Franz Beckenbauer, everywhere on the pitch. Dangerous going forward, very composed defensively. Man of the match for me. My rating for him 9.

    MacAllister? Shitty as always. Before everyone else realizing it, let me be the first here who will tell u: he is the worst number 10 Argentina have ever had.

    Maupay? Not impressed Dive a lot.

  3. I don’t think PSG fans owe Messi anything. I mean, why would they give a crap that he was worlds best at Barca / NT? Like many fans, their priority is PSG. So, I don’t think there’s anything wrong except that blame is misplaced and not consistent.

    Most blame goes towards Poch as he’s been unable implement a system since his start. I get he’s managing stars but his tactics clearly haven’t been cemented. Also, why weren’t they whistling at the defense??? marq and Don were directly responsible for defensive meltdown

    • my friend in all around the world the fans love their teams. they perform well? exist chearings bla bla bla. they perform bad? exist booo in best senario. (depend how big is the failure)
      this is the normal. this is how it is from before we even born.
      why suddenly is this strange really i can t follow the new age nonsense.
      in same time fans booo superstars because from them is expected to make the difference in the game. superstars lift the teams. is it normal to booo the secondary players of the teams?
      you will booo the subs OR Neymar, Messi and Mpape? as about Mpape be sure if he didn t score or play good in that game you should had listen from psg fans comments type ” look this shit bastard. in june he will go to Real madrid transfer and he sell us out on favor to his new team”. i am 100% sure about that. anyway. as i said i find those things very very normal.

  4. FU** PSG. Add that to Poch as clueless manager, you get two losers at the same team. Also Neymar is very toxic and never a team player.

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