Argentina U17 of Pablo Aimar win 3-2 vs. Uruguay


The Argentina U17 team scored two incredible goals in a 3-2 win vs. Uruguay.

Pablo Aimar’s team made it two wins in two matches this week. The first a 2-1 win vs. the United States and the second a 3-2 win.

Claudio “Diablito” Echeverri with an incredible assist for the first goal as he played a pass in to Alejo Sarco who was one on one with the goalkeeper with two Uruguayan players running behind him as he scored. That goal gave Argentina the 1-0 lead.

Gianluca Prestiani made it 2-1 for Argentina following a nice team goal. Echeverri once more was involved in it all. Alejo Sarco would make it 3-1 for Argentina.

Echeverri of River Plate had a great performance. His highlights below.

Argentina U20 coach Javier Mascherano and AFA president Claudio Tapia were both in attendance for the match.


  1. Back then when an ex player start his coaching career, everyone dreams to become the next Simeone or the next Pochettino (ex players who do most of their coaching career in Europe and become successful).

    Now the trend has shifted. Now everyone like Samuel, Ayala, Aimar, Mascherano wants to be like Scaloni (ex player who dedicates himself to the national team and become successful).

    People say the best coaches in the world usually play as DM. I kind of agree with that. Mascherano was a DM. The likes of Mascherano can easily be a good manager for a European club. That’s for sure. He’s got the passion, leadership, brain, toughness, experience, connections, knowledge from some of the great coaches (esp Pep and Sabella) basically everything to be successful, but he chooses to be a u-20 Argentina coach.

    Hope this trends continues because once u get a taste of being a coach of a good European team, most likely you would say “no” to manage the national team. That’s what happened to Simeone and Pochettino in the past.

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