Argentina to play Mexico in Los Angeles in September


Argentina will play Mexico in a friendly match in Los Angeles, California in September.

Lionel Scaloni’s team will play against a team from CONMEBOL and it appears to be Mexico. According to Gastón Edul, the match will take place in Los Angeles, California.

This would be one of the final matches for the Argentina national team prior to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.


  1. I will take foyth over lmq and montiel bcz I can 💯 trust foyth to deal with fast Dribbling wingers with cuti next to him, it will be unbreakable. I mean cuti Romero playing rcb. Foyth as rb when Argentina face big powerfull European team likes Germany, France and Spain
    Hey don’t twist i”m not saying drop the General otamendi in fact I love the new version of otamendi leader solid probably one of the best defenders in aerial dual actually I don’t know any defender better than otamendi in aerial dual please do share if you know. Some may say why now you used critisise otamendi before, well give where credit is due yes wasn’t bad defender at all but he was hot-headed, lack of concentration but that isn’t the case now, I’m not a loyal to any particular Arg player ,to me whoever deserves will play.

    • totally agree with the entire post!!!

      Foyth has the speed and resilience. And at RB he will give free kicks instead of penalties. What is a bigger issue is he trying extravagant dribbling or pass from the back. Foyth can also play in the midfield like Mourinho used Pepe sometimes. He does not go forward well, but if Di Maria is in the right wing then its fine.

      • I would love to think foyth had learned his past mistakes and coaching staff had educated him.
        Himself know the mistake against Colombia cost his place in copa squad, you can still see the coaching still likes him as they always call him.

  2. Match against Italy is a blessing. I am not sure we will be getting any friendly with UEFA teams. So having a match against Italy is very helpful. They are not in wc, so this is added bonus.

    If we can manage one friendly with second tier European team like Romania, Serbia or Norway, it will be a good preparation.

    Brazil will be playing friendlies with asian and north american teams. Probably no match against European team.

      • Hello Olive, hope you are doing well. I was a bit busy with my job, but world cup is coming, so it will be difficult to stay away from Mundo. 🙂

        I heard that Tapia is trying with Belgium and Denmark for a friendly. But nations league schedule makes it difficult. Nations league is a selfish tournament from Uefa, now non european teams can’t play friendly with uefa teams. Bad for football.

          • I think we should try our best for a Pot1 team since the chances are we won’t be facing them atleast until later stages in WC….that being said, if a European team did not play us, it means they are also not prepared to face us in the WC…yes we need the experience..but this is the bright side of not facing a particular team.. I think any team that does not approach us might be losing a chance to play a solid team that is still figuring out its best squad..

  3. I may be near LA in September.. I would love to go. Could be one of my last chances to see Messi with our shirt. I would have preferred a friendly vs the US or even Canada to test our defense against Davies, J David or Pulisic. Mexico is a very under performing team currently and we played them recently as well.

    • I wish I could go there. Where are you located?
      Won’t it be fun to be have mundo fans watching

      I agree, USA or Canada would have been better. More physical teams.

      • I live in Northern California and will probably be in the South during August and September. It would certainly be a great opportunity although they also might do it in Texas which I hope doesn’t happen

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