World Cup pots for 2022 draw confirmed, Argentina in pot 1, possible opponents


The pots have been announced for the 2022 Qatar World Cup draw.

Argentina will be on pot 1 as FIFA have announced the pots for Friday’s draw in Doha, Qatar. Lionel Scaloni’s team along with hosts Qatar, Brazil, Belgium, France, England, Spain and Portugal will be in the first pot.

In pot 2 it’s heavyweights Germany with Uruguay, Netherlands, Mexico, Denmark, Switzerland, United States and Croatia. Pot three has Senegal, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Serbia, Poland, Korea Republic and Tunisia.

Final pot four has Cameroon, Canada, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, European Playoff winners, Intercontinental Play-off 1 and Intercontinental Play-off 2 make up the final pot for Friday.

Pot 1:

Pot 2:

Pot 3:
Korea Republic

Pot 4:
Saudi Arabia
European Play-Off
Intercontinental Play-Off
Intercontinental Play-Off 2

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  1. *So we have many options. In midfield we have De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso, Guido, Palacios and Gomez. We are still strong. But the problem is defense. We have to focus on defense more. Because the defense will ultimately survive in the world cup and help win the World Cup.
    We have Otamendi ~ Romero duo is a great choice and their back up should be Lisandro Martinez and Pezzela. In full back we have Acuna/Tagliafico for LB and Molina/Montiel for RB. Now the thing is that we have been able to win with this defense against the teams that we have played against in Latin. But the question is, when we go to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with this defense, will we be able to beat them with this defense? Because there are some strong teams in Europe like Germany, Spain, England, Netherlands, is it possible to resist them? Because there are some strong teams in Europe like Germany, Spain, England, Netherlands, is it possible to resist them? Because these teams play a lot of fast football, especially Germany. Our full back is still weak. Germany could be able to break our defense by using their wide space to play fast football. I saw a few matches in Germany where they played a lot of crossing games and used the wide narrow space and they were successful.The last time we faced Germany, the match ended in a 2-2 draw and we still saw them score goals like this. Well, let’s talk about Germany. Now let’s come to the context of Spain. Spain is a team that dominates football with 60-70% possession and Luis Enrique’s team is a very promising team they can beat us with their strong midfield. Although we now have a much stronger midfield trio. (Lo Celso, Paredes, De Paul)Anyway, I am thinking a little about these two teams that if these two teams are in the group stage or after the knockout stage then I think it will be very difficult to lose them. Anyway, I said a lot. If you make a mistake, you will be forgiven. Because I’m a huge Argentine fan like you 🤗, I’m hoping for your reply, thank you.

    Vamoss Argentina 🇦🇷💙💯

  2. So, my opinion is that in attack we have Leonel Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Angel Di Maria, Paulo Dybala, J. Correa, A. Correa and Nicolas Gonzalez and more. So we h

  3. Hello guys. I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 and I support Argentine football association and a huge fan of it 🇦🇷💙. I love Argentine football and their playing style and the players like Diego Maradona, Leonel Messi, Mario Kempes, Daniel Passarella, Javier Mascherano and more. I have an opinion for you guys that last time we won Copa America against Brazil and Scaloni did a perfect job for us. He showed his mastermind tactical strategy for the team. Also we have many young talents like Lautaro Martinez, Cristian Romero, Giovanni Lol Celso, J. Correa, De Paul, Gonzalez and more. Besides we are on 31 match unbeaten streak 🔥🔥. So we have a very good team rather than 2018 world cup team and we have a very good chance of winning the world cup this time.

  4. I am willing to bet money, bit coin, PayPal, jerseys, a bag of weed etc….. that we will have the group of death.
    Or this cup it looks like two groups of death may be in the draw. How is Germany in the second pot? Wtf is that?????

    This is Argentina group prediction


    • At the end of the day, It doesn’t matter who Argentina get. If we are to win this whole thing then we’ll have to beat everyone anyway. There really aren’t any easy groups anymore anyway.

      • No need to beat all the big teams to win the WC. Let them cancel each other. Let’s get an easy path to the final. No Germany, No France, No Brazil, No Spain in our path will be great. If Germany or Netherlands coming in our group is okay as long as other two is easily beatable teams. I am concerned about the knock out path ..Let it be easy.

        • I would definitely prefer easier teams as I am sure they would but if they have realistic ambitions to be champions then who they play should be an almost non factor except for how they will line up against opponents but they can’t have thoughts about anyone being better than them….Remember too….No one wants to play us either

    • As Germany, and Netherlands are in the second pot…they will end up in the group of death of there is any…For them it will be a nightmare…

  5. @olive,
    Goycochea was third choice GK for the coach. Pumpido was first, Islas was second. Islas then refused to play the WC as second choice. Pumpido got injured. Goycochea became first choice and the rest is history.

  6. Gaston Edul wrote an interesting article about Argentina possible secured and questionable list.
    According to him 20 already secured his spots. They are
    GK: Emi Martinez and Franco Armani (2)
    DF: Molina, Montiel, Cuti, Otamendi, Pezzella, Lisandro, Acuna, Tagliafico (8)
    MF: Paredes, Lo Celso, De Paul, Papu, Guido (5)
    F: Messi, Di Maria, Lautaro, Nico Gonzales, J Correa (5)

    The remaining will fight for 3-6 spots (23 or 26 squad):

    If 23:
    1. GK: Rulli or Musso
    2. MC: Nico Dominguez or Palacios or MacAllister or Lanzini or Buendia
    3. F: A Correa, Dybala, J Alvarez, Lucas Ocampos

    If 26:
    4. DF: Foyth or LM Quarta
    5. 2 (or 1) of MC above
    6. 2 (or 3) of F above

    Also according to bookmakers, Argentina is the 6th favorite after: Brazil, France, England, Spain, and Germany.

    • Armani confirmed is a biggest joke..If he has big influence in dressing room..take him to WC like Aguero as supporting…not as a player.
      Rest agreed. Defenders set.

      • Insider, I just don’t think it would make sense to make him a non player role because he isn’t retired. He is still an active footballer. Either way Dibu will play. Do we remember the third goal keeper from all our world cups in the past? Probably not. Can we recall the third goal keeper from current clubs in Europe? Most likely not. No club fan get’s heated over who the 3rd keeper is but it happens with national teams. This is just my opinion but I think his inclusion is irrelevant on the pitch

        • Anybody can be taken as a non-playing member as long as the person is ready to take the role. I have been saying this for a long time.

          Armani is not the third choice, rather the second choice. And I won’t rule out him getting time in WC. There is a more than 50% chance he will play. And he has no skill or physical ability to play at that level. That is what is unfortunate.

        • Did you hear about Goycochea? The third choice Argentine GK(for the coach)…became first choice and included in all star team of the WC 1990.? Anything can happen just before the world cup or during. Include best players there… Injury/COVID/card/suspension/out of form…bad luck can come in anyway… should be prepared for anything.

          • In what way was Goycochea third choice? He immediately replaced Pumpido as second choice and it stayed like that. Unless an extraordinary situation were to occur realistically only 1st and 2nd matters in a NT, and there is no definitive reason to believe Armani is the second choice now. Again, Rulli wouldn’t have played the other day if this was the case. Not to mention Scaloni sometimes calls 4 keepers so I doubt there would be a situation where all other three get injured instead of Armani. Remember that clubs play many more games throughout whole seasons and yet third choice keepers play maybe once every several years. People also mention a River quota or a local quota but if this was the case Enzo Fernandez would be called instead. To clarify, I were to select the team right now I’d do Martinez, Musso, and a toss up between Benitez and Rulli. But I am not the coach, Scaloni is, and if the Copa America champion who played professional football throughout his career is doing something else I assume it must be for a reason. Know that I don’t entirely disagree with you but I don’t understand the importance some people place on the matter and the certainty they have that Armani will play games in the WC

      • Everyone in the ‘If’ section is deserved players. Let them work hard for the regular there in the first in a great that NT will be benefited from that.
        BTW only Palacios moved from Scaloni’s good list to doubt section.

      • J Correa is a special player..with speed, dribbling, control, height, hard working, able to play in different positions, helping defense etc..but he needs to improve his finishing…

          • When you say better, Dybala is better than anyone in that list. If he regain his form nobody can push him out of the WC team..even if the squad is 23.
            J.Correa is suitable to Scaloni’s system like Nicolas Gonzalez.

          • Insider yeah Dybala is better but he will never coexist with Messi and A correa can. With Messi on the field A Correa is better than Dybala. I really wish Messi and Dybala could coexist and play in highest form. If that happened probably nobody could stop us from winning WC with this system

          • even j correa club form is pathetic. 4 goal till now in a season. even his height is of no use if he can not score headers. also consider that out of those 4 goals he scored 2 in his first match.

        • you can not go in world cup with 2 forwards who have finishing issues. nico gonzalez and j correa has finishing issues. alvarez is raw. so who will score the goals?
          only one of nico gonzalez or j correa can go. if the quality you mentioned are so important then take one more midfielder rather than taking forwards who can not score.

          • both angel correa and dybala have much better stats this season than either nico gonzalez and j correa. finishing is a skill which you either have it or it takes too much time to master and we do not have time on our side. also we can not put all our eggs in messi basket. if messi forms dips in world cup we need someone with experience and age on his side that’s where dybala is required. pappu is also 34 and his club form has also dipped a bit.

    • Why should J.Correa be guaranteed a spot for doing nothing. That favoritism will hit us back. As long as dybala will be fit he will be automatically guaranteed. Apart from Messi, Dybala and Dimaria, Nico Gonzalez, A.Correa and Alvarez deserve remaining spot.

      Midfield: Depaul, Paredes,Locelso,Guido,Lanzini,Papu Gomez, and Enzo Fernandez are my favorite. McAllister is a complete joke.

      Defense : Romero, Otamedi,Lisandro Martinez,Acuna,Tagliafico, Foyth/Senesi, Molina,Montiel are good for me.

      Keeper: Emi Martinez,Musso,Rulli/Walter Benitez

    • Pressure on them will be huge. Same pressure will be there on current champion France.
      Germany and Spain will be playing without much pressure and expectations..!

    • Yeah, I don’t care if we aren’t first, in fact that just passes the pressure to someone else and makes us go more unnoticed. Let the Brazilians celebrate this like a trophy

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